Picnic Fairy Stitchette up in the Shop

The Picnic Fairy Stitchette has made her way to the shop this morning.

I’m kicking around some ideas for what I’m going to do with my finished embroideries this time. I think it’d be so cute to make some sort of picnic basket cover out of them but I don’t have a nice basket yet. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll make another garland or apron.

So a note on the pattern: all the detail in the samples I made up is not on the pattern. This way you’re free to add detail but don’t have to get all teeny tiny nitpicking if you’re not feeling it. The gingham pattern on the wings is not on the pattern. That I did with criss crossing running stitches. Same with the details inside the squares on the quilt. I think that’s it. Oh, I did some dots on her dress, those aren’t on the pattern. Again, a running stitch. Everything else is done in my usual split stitch or backstitch for tiny details. French knots for the eyes and dots. Oh and detached chain stitches worked well for the watermelon seeds. More info: I stitch mine up on muslin with half a strand of DMC floss (3 out of the 6 threads) and as I mentioned before, with whatever needle is on hand, you know.. the one that’s not too big or too small. Shoot me an email (hillarylang at gmail) if you have any other questions. Thanks!!

24 thoughts on “Picnic Fairy Stitchette up in the Shop

  1. Ravenhill says:

    As usual I am perfectly enchanted by your sweet embroideries! I just love how you put them on a garland! Thank you for the wonderful eye-candy!
    ~Emily in Norway

  2. Lemon Tree Tami says:

    These are cute. I bet you could use them to make one of those nice fabric/basket bags. You know the kind where you sew on a lining and fabric drawstring top to a basket. Cheers!

  3. Andrea says:

    I like the use of the embroidery hoop for a frame. The wood hoops are so cheap, and you can change the images whenever you want.
    I run the Flickr group, Stitched by Hand, and it is always great to come across people who have embroidered your designs.

  4. Iona says:

    Suddenly I feel the need to make a fairy picnic quilt, with cushions for sitting on, little napkins and a lunch bag for holding a little thermos, picnic crockery, fairy bread…
    My 6yo daughter and 4 yo niece would love this. I’ve just found their Christmas presents!
    Thanks for the always beautiful.

  5. ellen Crimi-Trent says:

    very cute I love the watermelon bug, that would look great on a pocket of a little girls dress!
    I am soo wanting to do some embroidery and get away from my computer and not design Xmas and Halloween. Maybe during vacation I will get to do some.

  6. Naomi says:

    I just had to see what all the hullabaloo is about seeing the fact I keep spotting your blog so very often on other weblogs 😛
    They’re right: you really make amazing stuff…

  7. Folksie Linda says:

    Hi Hillary, Your picnic fairy set is adorable and I just had to purchase it.. have to get my embroidery hand going..this is just a very sweet set. Thanks for creating it!

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