sugarplum fairy giveaway

handmade fairy doll

It’s not really sugarplum fairy season but maybe the abundance of smore making around here has brought about this early visit. Or maybe she’s just hanging out waiting for Gum-Drop and Lolli-Pop to make it out of the craft room. Either way, she’s only here for a brief stay. I’ve been trying for a while to make something fun for a giveaway (maybe the good giveaway karma will help my odds in winning some of the amazing fabric giveaways that I keep entering!) but things kept getting in the way (popped seams, sloppy stitching, people needing presents, etc) but (I hope) this gal is good to go! If you need a smore eating companion leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. I’ll close comments on Monday or Tuesday and pick a winner. Fun!

*** I closed up comments now. I’m going to go hunt down that random number generator and I’ll have the winner later this afternoon. thanks! ***

706 thoughts on “sugarplum fairy giveaway

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I can’t wait until you put a set of the embroidery fairies up for sale, but until then, I’ll drool over your sugarplum fairy. We’ve been making smores outside, and this would be just the friend my two little girls would share with.
    It’s always fun to watch your creative process – thanks for sharing it!

  2. April says:

    This has got to be the most darling thing I have ever seen! My daughter saw it and asked me to make her one…yeah right! You are a creative genius! We would love to give her a warm, loving home!

  3. Antonella says:

    …she’s simply delightful, with that adorable polka dots dress and those pretty striped tights…would you like to fly here in Italy, lovely fairy? ;o)

  4. Kellie@LaVidaDulce says:

    I’ve been a lurker for a long, long time. Since before the baby was born, so awhile.
    But I cannot refuse this giveaway.
    How you can stand to give her away, i do not know. But if she is to come stay with me, she will live a good, and happy life.

  5. nancy says:

    oooh! putting my name in the ring and crossing my fingers. i’m out of marshmallows but I did eat a graham cracker with melted chocolate on it today…

  6. Lynn Y says:

    She is so cute! Pick me !!
    Thank you for a regular source of inspiration and fun activies.

  7. Kristine says:

    Yum! S’mores. My family and I are going to have a bonfire at the beach in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to make S’mores with my girls. The fabric is so cute! The colors are so cheerful. Would you please let us know the name of the fabric and where you purchased it, if possible?

  8. deborah says:

    Oh, I adore stripes and polka dots together! SOOOO cute. Love her yarn hair and flowery cheeks, too. I so hope I win this doll! Even if I don’t it was a joy to see this photo. Thx!

  9. Chris Fleming says:

    She is so cute — I promise to share my smores with her. I love her stripey-ness legs.

  10. Emily says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me! My little 14 mo. Ella will LOVE her, she is sure to be the recipient of LOTS of kisses and suffocating hugs!

  11. Jennifer M says:

    Oh, my daughter would just go nuts over this doll. It could join the slumber party of dolls we have on our living room floor every night. (Each doll has their own blanket, of course.)

  12. Allison says:

    wow, she is so cute! My daughter would want her… but if won her, I might have to keep her up on some high shelf where only *I* would get to play with her….

  13. Sarah says:

    Maybe I’ll boost my chances of adopting this fairy if I throw an idea your way? Of course, you’ve probably already thought of this, but I’ve always imagined your dolls to be the centerpiece of a photo storybook, similar in concept to The Lonely Doll books by Dare Wright (with the doll patterns included, perhaps?) I’d buy it!

  14. Bonney says:

    She’s adorable!! I’d love someone to be toasting the marshmallows while I assemble the treats!!

  15. Kim says:

    Oh my gosh, my kids would LOVE her!!! Even though I never win anything, I am crossing my fingers that we win this one!!! She is SO cute!

  16. Kristi says:

    Aak! So cute! I can’t wait for the new fairy embroideries to get here so I can stitch them onto a little apron for my daughter.

  17. Beth says:

    so cute! I love the polka dot fabric. Now I want to make smores. maybe a surgarplum fairy will visit me if I do.

  18. Melanie says:

    She is just gorgeous but of course she is….all your creations are gorgeous. I so wanna share some Smores with her.
    *yes, I’m a lurker too*

  19. eesh says:

    I keep entering giveaways too but so far no luck! Hopefully I’ll win this one, she’s a beauty! My daughter would just love her to pieces..and me too of course ! πŸ™‚

  20. Heather says:

    How sweet! After a truly horrific day, she really helped lift my spirits.
    Who doesn’t need a sugarplum fairy to sprinkle sweetness when things start going sour?

  21. Colleen says:

    It is so ironic, I have just been making Olive today for my daughter’s 3rd b-day on Sunday. Your sugar plum fairy is truly adorable. I am very envious of the hair.

  22. Hilary says:

    Sugar plumbs dancing in my head and soon to be dancing on my daughter’s bed!?
    You know…the power of positive thinking…
    Plus we have the same name and I live locally!That’s got to be good for something…right?

  23. Angela James says:

    We’re taking my daughter camping for the first time ever in July (she’s three) but I’d be afraid to take the sugarplum fairy with us because, well, she’s three! But still, she’d be smashing to eat cereal with in the morning. And drink milk with at night. And all other assortment of things a three-year-old (and her mommy) can come up with.

  24. Anamaria says:

    I can’t resist the call of the Sugarplum Fairy. Even though I don’t often comment, I’ve been reading you for three years now! I’ve made a lot of kitties from your pattern, too–Sugarplum would feel right at home. Thanks for chance!

  25. Lorien says:

    I may the only person in the world who doesn’t like s’mores, however, fairies are in my top 5.

  26. Emily says:

    She is cute, cute, and — did I say — cute?
    I’m a big fan of any combination of marshmallows, stripes, and little fairy wings πŸ™‚

  27. Jacqueline says:

    I’m going camping (for the first time… eek!) with my husband next week. I could use a sugarplum smores fairy!

  28. Jacqueline says:

    I’m going camping (for the first time… eek!) with my husband next week. I could use a sugarplum smores fairy!

  29. Jacqueline says:

    I’m going camping (for the first time… eek!) with my husband next week. I could use a sugarplum smores fairy!

  30. Rita says:

    SheΒ΄s absolute adorable!
    Me & my little girl would just love to have her πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on this one – itΒ΄s amazing πŸ™‚

  31. Maria says:

    I am going to keep my fingers crossed for the next 3 days! Well, not really but I so would like the sugarplum fairy for my wee girls!

  32. Adriana P. says:

    I love her sweet polka-dot dress. The girls would love to welcome your sugarplum fairy to our farm. Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway.

  33. dorre says:

    the little girl (who will be needing a sugarplum fairy at the rate she’s been raiding the candy jar!) would be so happy to have a new friend and candy benefactor. your fairy is soo scrumptious!! fingers, toes, arms and legs are crossed…

  34. anne says:

    Love her. I love all the sweet little dolls you have made! πŸ™‚ Some day I’ll try to make one of my own, but for now, I’m happy to droll over all of yours.

  35. Sara says:

    Oh, she is just wonderful. I love all of your stuff. In fact you were the one who inspired me to start sewing. This is my favorite blog!

  36. Sarah says:

    Oh, I am not usually very lucky, but s’mores are most favorite thing, so maybe this one was meant to be?
    πŸ˜‰ (And I just found strawberry marshmellows today, yummy!)

  37. Andrea says:

    OMG, my daughter would go nuts for her! She loves her Olive doll and my son almost never gets a chance to play with his Archie, she won’t let him!

  38. Siew says:

    Would it be bad to keep this for myself and hidden away from my 3.5 year old daughter? I love it!

  39. fiona says:

    she must come and live on melbourne!we need some suger plum fairy action here!i love her cheeks and those tight!does she come complete with marshmellows??

  40. jenn says:

    ohhh! she is super rad. my son (and i) would be tickled to make s’mores with her.
    yay for give-aways!

  41. Carey says:

    There is only one thing my daughter loves more than matching up her outfits and that is pigtails. This would be perfect for her.

  42. Wendy says:

    She’s adorable. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is next week, and I’m sure she would love a new baby, and we’d love to have one of your creations in our home!

  43. Emily says:

    Yours was the first blog I ever read, and then I made Wee Wonderfuls for all my friends – the ones who loved them are still my friends πŸ™‚ I love little Miss Sugarplum Fairy! She’s adorable,

  44. Kate says:

    How cute! I would love to have that cute little fairy – I’ll be crossing my fingers from now until Tuesday!

  45. maura says:

    ack! she’s so cute! i’m a longtime reader – first-time posted, and i had to delurk for this! she’s just the sweetest ever! πŸ™‚ thanks for all your cool posts! i love checking in here!

  46. Stacey says:

    Mmmmm. I love s’mores. When I read your post it occurred to me that I haven’t introduced my two-year old to s’mores. Boy is he in for a treat. They join the other summertime treats of the ice cream truck, snow cones, and fair food (especially elephant ears!).

  47. courtney says:

    Oh the only thing that could make this better is if she could actually make me warm and gooey s’mores.

  48. Melissa says:

    Oh, what a sweet dearie! I know a little girl who would love it (my honorary niece). She can’t decide if she’s a princess or a fairy. (I think she’s settled on fairy princess.)

  49. Kim says:

    She’s beautiful! I’d love to win her for my daughter. Okay, I’d enjoy her just as much if not more too. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  50. Kathleen says:

    What a perfect little s’more companion! Such a generous giveaway – our family is enjoying lots of s’more making as well! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Sending lots of good fabric winning karma your way!

  51. kgh says:

    So adorable. Been following your blog for a long time, such wonderful work and life balance. Huge s’mores fans.

  52. Kellie H says:

    I just bought things to make smores.=) This sweet fairy knows how to make them…with all that chocolate. She is after my own heart!! But if I was lucky enough to have her I would give her to my daughter Avery for her 2nd birthday. Oh & stripes and polka dots are the best!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  53. Katie says:

    She’s so adorable. I would to have her sweetness on my craft table to inspire me to create!

  54. Georgia says:

    Oh, she’s a sweetie. I’ve no idea what a smore is, but it looks like it involves chocolate and ,marshmallow, so it’s got to be a good thing!

  55. mamie says:

    sugar plums are good and so is she. and so are you. now i yearn for twirly dresses and gum drops. what are you doing to me?

  56. Jenny says:

    They keep getting cuter and cuter πŸ™‚ I’m in love with her thick, thick pigtails and polka dots.

  57. Alissa says:

    Once again-a truly adorable doll. My newly made Olive could use a fairy friend! Love your stuff.

  58. Nancy says:

    We’ve got the s’mores covered. And while we’re at it, I think that little fairy should be introduced to the world of Jiffy Pop. Happy contest! –Nancy in NC

  59. Michelle says:

    I adore the cheeks and the wings! And the hair looks perfect – my dolls always have VERY questionable hair! My daughter saw this and we’re both in love with her – especially since in our house sugar plums are the things you steal with kisses from another person’s neck!

  60. Leona says:

    Aww, she is super cute! And the smore looks good too. πŸ™‚ I’d love to have her live with me.

  61. Sarah Pringle says:

    ah, it might not be sugarplum fairy season where you are, but here in oz, it is! we’ve been having brr-chilly mornings and the girls sure would love this sugarplum fairy to warm them up a bit πŸ™‚

  62. Kristy says:

    Hmmm, I have a little smore-eatin’ sugar plum who would love a doll just like that. (Her name is Olive. High time I made an Olive doll for her).

  63. Lisa says:

    A Wee Wonderfuls giveaway! How sweet is that? Oh, about as sweet as that amazing little fairy that my daughter would just go bananas for! Thanks for sharing…

  64. BaileyBea says:

    Hillary, WOW! She’s beautiful, great taste in clothes and not at all worried about calories. She’s fun and likes accessories. You did a lovely work of art and love.

  65. ToddleBits says:

    I would love to say that I’m hoping to win this little fairy for one of my daughters…but it just isn’t so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m the lucky winner!

  66. Ami says:

    I believe our little girls share a birthday. I would love to have a wee wonderful sugarplum fairy for my babe. She’s adorable.

  67. Carrie says:

    She is even sweeter than that s’more she’s making!
    Your characters have such a lovely vintage look about them. B-E-A-utiful!

  68. JIll Dortch says:

    I would LOVE to have a WeeWonderfuls original in my collections of goodies. I read your blog everyday and have ordered many of your projects. I admire what you do and how you balance your business and your family! I’m working on that balance right now and you inspire me that it really CAN work out!! Thank you for that!

  69. Beth says:

    How cute! She looks just like my little girl, who would adore her. Thanks for sharing your talent and your imagination…I so love this blog.

  70. sadira says:

    Oh…I love her more non-traditional brown and white striped stockings (you know? Rather than the ole’ red and white or black and white!!)

  71. Jeana says:

    Oh! I miss smores! They just don’t have anything close enough to graham crackers in Oz to substitute and make it taste smorish (can that be a word?) enough. My 3 yr old and I have been ‘ballet’ dancing to the sugarplum fairy music for a few weeks now. The latest craze I guess!

  72. Karmela says:

    Whoa! 255 comments already! I LOVE the sugarplum fairy! Ever since I saw you make them as a gift for the holidays I have been coveting them!

  73. Kristie says:

    Oh what SWEET SWEETNESS she is!!!! I’d be so tickled to get her and so would my two girls…

  74. Marly says:

    She’s lovely! So cute and the perfect campfire companion! I bet she loves s’mores, especially ones made with peanut butter cups!

  75. Barbara says:

    Oh what a delightful little fairy. Stipes and Polkadots….what more could one ask for!

  76. Julianna says:

    I’m in FL next week but I had to enter anyway because I LOVE her hair! What a cute, cute, doll!

  77. Darci says:

    Ohhh, just returned from a great camping with the hubby and enjoyed some amazing smores. She is meant to come home to live at my home.

  78. Amy H says:

    Oh what a beautiful little thing! I think she needs to come sit next to my Stitchettes! She would look so darling in the empty shadowbox just waiting for the perfect adornment. Thanks for such a fun giveaway.

  79. natana says:

    After a long drawn out battle with 2yr old twin girls and my 8 year old son, I would re-gain my rightful place as owner/cuddler of the adorable Sugar Plum.

  80. Emma says:

    She’s cute! I just finished making the paper doll craft for my daughter when we take a 12 hour car ride! I put velcro on her and on the back of her clothes so my girls can switch clothes easily…very cute!

  81. Lily says:

    Oh how I would like to call her my own!! She’s simply adorable.I can’t get enough of your work.

  82. Erin L says:

    Those tights are the best! Even though we would be eating college student poverty- style smores, it would be grand! Thanks for the chance to win her!

  83. Tine says:

    Oohh my she is the cutest thing ever, my two little girlsΒ΄ would love her (and so would i) She could be such wonderful company for the Olive dols iΒ΄ve made them.

  84. Siri says:

    Oh my! I was just thinking yesterday about those two Sugarplum Fairies that you made and how fabulous they are, then went poking around on Flickr to get a look at them again.
    I thought when I saw this one that you’d certainly made one for Phoebe.
    Got my bag of marshmallows at the ready, just in case.

  85. Denise F. says:

    The dolly is precious. S’mores – one of my favorite desserts! I have a place of honor chosen for her already when she comes to live with me!

  86. dublincanuck says:

    We’re Canadians living in Ireland and I was just explaining to my son and daughter what s’mores are and promised we would make some to try this summer… if we can find graham crackers! Your fairy would be the perfect companion!

  87. Cele says:

    Beautiful ! Love her antenae ( hope thats the right spelling). Would love her to come and live with us in Ireland πŸ™‚

  88. Sandy Jean says:

    I think this darling Sugarplum Fairy needs to come to my little house to cheer up my daughter’s dolls. They are so lonesome since she graduated from college and took a job far away. This would lift their spirits and mine! The tea table is already set!

  89. Cass Ward says:

    What a darling little fairy. I know 2 girls who would fight over her. As I’m Down Under I’m just about to make my first s’mores, can you believe it from a Donna Hay recipe

  90. Cass Ward says:

    What a darling little fairy. I know 2 girls who would fight over her. As I’m Down Under I’m just about to make my first s’mores, can you believe it from a Donna Hay recipe

  91. Steph says:

    She is so damn cute! I’ve never had smores, wouldn’t even know how to make them right and so I definitely need a companion to teach me the tricks of making them.

  92. Gemma says:

    She is beautiful, and personally I don’t see how it can ever not be the season for fairies, sugar plum or otherwise!

  93. Liz says:

    Oooh, pick me pick me! She will be very happy here, Brighton is a very diverse place and I hear it has a good doll social scene x

  94. Polly says:

    We have a sweet little 2 yo here who would LOVE that little fairy doll. You are very talented

  95. Alinta Fidzewicz says:

    Ooohh she is gorgeous!! So very cute, and so nice of you to have such a lovely give away!

  96. christina(apronstrings) says:

    i would love her! i am expecting a baby girl-cate-after two years of trying. and while i have had time to make dozens of your dolls for allmy nieces and nephews, i haven’t had the time-yet-to make one for my little arrival in 8 weeks.

  97. nikkapotamus says:

    Oh how cute! I would have to give her to MY little sugarplum fairy. On the day we left the hospital with our new baby girl, the church across the street played that song (it’s a tradition in the small town we had her) as we went home. That was almost 3 years ago and I can’t help but think of that day with all it’s wonder every time I hear “Sugarplum Fairy.”

  98. jenn says:

    How adorable! I can’t wait for that time of the year and it makes it even more fun thinking about it now!
    Love your Sugarplum Fairy!

  99. Katheryn says:

    She’s adorable. My baby is turning one in a week, and this would be the perfect doll to give her.

  100. Lor says:

    ooohh I’d love the chance to win her for my daughter. She is just precious and I am sure that she would love to live in Scotland…. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  101. Tracey says:

    Oh, she is precious and my daughter wants one too…. We have been making a ton of smores too!! Even in 90 degree weather! Can’t wait for the new embroidery items to hit your store!! Been going around thinking of what I can put those cute bees and butterflies on for days!

  102. R Amour says:

    Oh my…she looks like my middle child. I don’t know how it is that all you dolls end up looking like one of my chilren?! Too much!!! I’m wishing!!!…

  103. oona says:

    My daughter Ramona would burst with joy if I won the SugarPlum Smores fairy for her. She would spend the summer camping out with her in the backyard (and she even has a tiny pink sleeping bag for her already) Thanks!

  104. Shannon says:

    Wonderful little sweetie. I love brunettes! She would have a wonderful home with my little brunette if you would grace us with her presence. Please with sugar plums on top?!!

  105. mel says:

    super cute! my dolly- and polka dot-obsessed two year old, Isabel, would cherish Sugarplum immediately! pick me! pick me!

  106. Tonya says:

    Gorgeousness! My kiddo would probably really love her, but if not, I surely would! From where I’m sitting everything you make is gold, but I love that you share your frustrations with us; it makes me fell a bit (OK a LOT) better about my own. Keep up the amazing work!

  107. Natch says:

    oh she is way too charming. I really should leave her to the ones with kids, but I can’t resist leaving a comment and giving it a go. Besides, I’m currently having one of those, “I don’t want to grow up” identity crises… faeries are good friends for that πŸ˜‰ haha. Good luck to all, and thanks for making this- so sweet of you! πŸ™‚

  108. laura says:

    oh, i’d love some sugarplum fairy magic around here. regardless if she helps rip carpet to expose hardwood floors or not.
    (but she totally does, right?)

  109. fillyjonk says:

    I’m number 368, so I probably don’t have a prayer of winning, but I’ll still enter…
    She would be so cute in my house with all of its 30s-40s inspired decor. I’d be happy to give her a home.

  110. Rory says:

    I am pregnant and can’t get enough marshmallows…I hadn’t even thought of s’mores. I’m in trouble now!! Her striped legs are my favorite part!!

  111. debra cooper says:

    I’d love a chance in a thousand at winning that little beauty! And thanks for mentioning my blog tutorial. I usually don’t wash my fabric projects (purses & pillows, etc.) but I have gotten a few comments saying that the paint may bleed when washed. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that in case you want to save your trims for projects that won’t be laundered. xo,debra

  112. makaya says:

    my 2 year old is just finding her love for dolls, her favorites are named Charlotte and Denny so the Sugarplum fairy would have friends to play with:)

  113. Suzanne says:

    Smores is the most perfect food. And sharing them with this little cutie would be too too much fun!

  114. Mikki says:

    I have a feisty little girl who has just discovered the wonders of faeries. I love the stripey stockings – they would match her mommies tights.

  115. janet says:

    Oh I most definitely need a smore eating companion! Especially one who is both a fairy and just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    Hubby and I were so desperate for smores the other night that we used the creme brulee torch to make them…it took forever and we had to eat them over the kitchen sink they were so messy but so so so very worth it.
    Viva la Smores!!! πŸ˜‰

  116. Violet says:

    What a beautiful little fairy! I-er, uh, my daughter would love to cuddle this little gem.

  117. Sarah says:

    Dear Wee Wonderfuls,
    This is the first time I have left a comment although your blog is at the top of my blog list and has been for a long time. Your work is so beautiful and inspirational! Anyway, your Sugarplum fairy is gorgeous and would be perfect for my best friends newborn baby who I have yet to meet. So wish me luck in the draw and thanks.

  118. Kirstin says:

    Oh, I have a little girl with an upcoming fairy birthday party who would be thrilled to have this little friend at our house! Fingers crossed!

  119. Becca says:

    I am about to do this for reals with my nieces at a gorgeous lake and this sweet doll would be an excellent treat for the one headed to Kindergarten this Fall.
    Love her!

  120. Penny says:

    LOVE HER !! My 4y/o Daughter would love a little fairy companion to sit out with and enjoy S’Mores around the fire.

  121. leslie says:

    Too cool! This gal is cute! Not a give-away for an upcoming pattern is it??
    If I can ever get my sewing machine to quit jamming up on me, we’ll have a very lucky little girl (due in 1 month). She’ll get all sorts of dresses and dolls made for her… I can’t wait!

  122. Michelle says:

    Beautiful, and with so much character, as always. I can’t wait for your dolly patterns to be released! You’re being so prolific lately, summer must be good for you.

  123. Amy O says:

    Oh, she’s just adorable — I love how you used the tape on her cheeks!! I’ve been stopping by to admire those bees drinking lemonade!! πŸ™‚

  124. Tracy says:

    She’s too cute! i never enter giveaways, but I couldn’t resist this one! I just started collecting fairies for my 1 yr-old daughter!! πŸ™‚

  125. Amy says:

    OMG She is so adorable. I’d have to keep a nice soft napkin close so she doesn’t get chocolate on her clothes.

  126. Emily says:

    i have a little fairy-wannabe that would adore miss sugarplum! i love reading your blog and getting inspired to let my creative process run free again. thanks for sharing~

  127. Tracy says:

    I’m a long-time reader of your blog, and a stitcher of your fairy stitchettes, but this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog. We are fairy-crazed in our house, so this fairy would have a very, very good home with us. My birthday is on Tuesday, so this would be a great gift for me! I am planning my own give-away for my birthday, nothing nearly as cute as this, but pop by if you are interested.

  128. Emily says:

    She is the cutest – I would love to give her a good home, as would my own little dark-haired sugarplum! Thanks for creating her!

  129. Em says:

    We LOVE S’mores around here! The sugar plum fairy would fit in VERY well at our house! I have been entering a few giveaways lately, but seem to have krappy karma too… good luck to you!

  130. Roseanne says:

    This is FUN! I think your dolls are so lovable. They are just waiting to be some little girls bestest friend!

  131. KIM says:

    Microwave smores are the best..I a weird but I hate the burnt stuuf on the marshmallows:)

  132. KTBB says:

    She’s plum-gorgeous!
    The best UK-variant on the good ‘ol American s’more? Plain chocolate digestive biscuits (I know), turned chocolate-side-in, with a melted marshmallow smooshed between them. Very more-ish!

  133. Michelle says:

    She is just beautiful. I’m probably too far away for the competition (Australia) but wanted to tell you how cute she is. I am making your space boy and robot for my son at the moment. Love your stuff!

  134. meg says:

    My daughter is so in love with your dolls – only 14 months old but squeals when she sees them none the less.
    *fingers crossed*

  135. samm says:

    Wow! Four hundred something messages ahead of me!!! But if I don’t make a comment I won’t ever have even a teeny chance to have the fairy come live here. πŸ™‚ She’s adorable!

  136. Judi says:

    Oh my she is lovely….she IS a smores fairy which is so appropriate for me this week. I’ve blogged about my 2 day mini cottage vacation this week with family. We built a firepit and made smores…they were yummy. She would have been perfect there with us and certainly would make a nice memory of the lovely outting I had. I can’t wait to see her friends….

  137. helen conrad says:

    love the doll. my finger fell off while reading all the comments! you do have the best blogs with the best ideas.

  138. Amy Ragland says:

    She is so sweet!! I’d love to give her a home. I am guessing my daughter would steal her from me. πŸ™‚

  139. Concha says:

    I now realise that although I read your blog everyday I almost never leave a comment… sorry for that! I love this fairy!!

  140. Juli says:

    Wow, 449 comments at this time! Though my chances are low, I have hope. Charlotte (7 yrs) would adore this little gal!

  141. lala says:

    i JUST made smores cupcakes and i’m sure she would have loved to be my taste tester. i know my chances are slim(452 comments!!) but she’s so wonderful and would make the perfect gift to my best friend’s newborn. ^_^

  142. Anne says:

    Over 450 comments??!!!! If you make your way all the way down the list to me, then enter my name, I’d love to give Sugar a home.

  143. Christy says:

    Oh..the visions of her are dancing in my head already…she would be perfect for one of my daughters!

  144. Marianne says:

    I eat s’mores alone or in company…this little cutie looks like good company! πŸ˜‰

  145. Michelle says:

    I WANT her! If I can’t have her, I at least want a pattern so I can make her. I want to learn how to do yarn hair. Your dolls are so incredible.

  146. kate says:

    You are amazingly popular – granted, we all love free swag, especially swag as beautiful and sweet as everything you make.
    I would love to give this to my daughter one day – a tiny bit of artistic history.

  147. amy h says:

    Whew, my scrolling finger is tired. That’s a lot of comments. πŸ™‚
    Dots! Stripes! S’mores! Perfect. Count me in, please.

  148. Christina R says:

    So beautiful. I’m in the process of making my first doll and it’s NOTHING compared to this one. I’d love to have it for my girls to fight over. πŸ™‚

  149. kimberly says:

    Ohhhhh such cuteness. My kiddo will have to wrestle me for her. We would love to share sweet treats and tea with her every day!

  150. Holly says:

    SO cute! S’mores are known to bring out sugar plum fairies, so I think her timing is just perfect. Can’t wait to see her friends!

  151. Michelle says:

    So cute! I’m so happy I decided to log on one last time before I move tomorrow or I would have missed my chance to enter!
    Who couldn’t use a s’more eating partner?

  152. Rachel says:

    Absolutely, positively adorable. I really need to get my new machine to use and start more sewing. I just hope I can create cute things like this!

  153. Chris says:

    Super sweet. This made me remember reciting some sugar plum fairy poem in grammar school for a speech contest. My mom still has the 3rd place trophy. : )

  154. Tabitha says:

    Since I cannot turn down this offer to comment, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I really adore your dolls πŸ™‚

  155. Judith says:

    I’m up past my bedtime, so I read smore eating competition (instead of smore eating companion). Perhaps she’ll wave her magic marshmallow wand and the calories won’t count ;-).

  156. Karen says:

    I feel really sad now – all this talk of Summer and s’mores… It’s Winter here in Melbourne, and I don’t even know what a s’more is.
    I do know a beautiful doll when I see it, though.
    Love your work, Hillary!

  157. Pamela says:

    What a cutie. I really love how you’ve done her hair. I always longed to have such lovely thick hair when I was little, but mine was horribly thin and could never hold any kind of style. Now I’m older, of course, I long for even the whispy hair of my youth. Whoever said that only men lose their hair???

  158. Amy says:

    Wow!! She is absolutely delightful!! I know a 5-year-old, s’more-loving, fairy-story-telling girl who could give this doll a very happy home.

  159. kimberlee ent says:

    Oh my ! If she can come live with me I will make her a tent and sleeping bag and take her camping. She is just perfect!

  160. Felicia says:

    Super cute!!!!! And who doesn’t love S’mores?! My five year old thinks you should go to jail if you don’t like them

  161. Callie says:

    I can only repeat what others have said…so, so cute! Adorable! I want her for my very own! Er, can Sugarplum Fairies live in Jewish houses? I hope so! πŸ˜‰

  162. aprilm says:

    Isn’t it always sugarplum fairy season? Spacegirl and Pointy Kitty have just gotten the marshmallows and chocolate out at our house, so she would feel right at home.

  163. Karen says:

    The Sugar Plum fairy is so darling! And your latest stitch designs are wonderful … the watermelon butterfly … fantastic

  164. stephanie says:

    I feel like I’m entering the sugar plum lottery at entery number 529 I better contact my fairy godmother for a good luck spell ;)!! She is precious as a peach and just as sweet!

  165. Amy says:

    I am in love with your work and I would feel so special if the lil fairy came to live in my artroom with me.
    Have a great weekend!

  166. carol says:

    We love your sugarplum fairy and would enjoy having her come to live with us. This is my first time commenting on your blog so while I’m at it I just wanted to say that we love your dolls – you’ve been making some exceptional creations of late.

  167. Erin says:

    Swoon!! My daughter would love to play with her as she’s been sporting a sugar plum fairy costume of her own. And I can’t get it off her. πŸ™‚

  168. Shelly says:

    hum…who doesn’t love a sweet fairy friend? She can help me eat watermelon berries, until our tummies ache!! It is fairy season here!! Good luck to everyone, we all have our fingers crossed.

  169. Margie says:

    She is soo sweet! My daughter is in love with her (but she wants to know if we win, do we also get the marshmellow?)

  170. Greta says:

    I saw the picure, and decided to leave a comment, and then I read the text…
    She is adorable! I made a bear once. Didn’t have a pattern; I made it myself. He turned out more like a cross between a bumble bee and a bear (because of his bee butt). But I have decided to try again. I see there is hope!

  171. becky says:

    OOOhhh, pick me! pick me! She’s beautiful as always and all these comments are an awesome testament to how much we all love your style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. Jen says:

    She is sooo cute! Reminds me of the best part of Summer – sitting around a campfire at a cottage toasting marshmallows, snuggling close because it’s a bit cool, looking at the millions of stars in the sky that you can’t see in the city, and just enjoying the family time with my husband and daughter!

  173. Marisa says:

    Odds could be better to play the lotto at this point…w/ mine being almost the 600th comment! Anyhow, a good time to comment, since I’ve a bit less than commenty lately. Beautiful fairy! I would definitely give her a bit of my smore!

  174. Laura says:

    She’s just beautiful. I’ve been dreaming about your sugarplum fairies! Is there a pattern on the way?

  175. suzie says:

    I’m such a huge fan of your fairies. Their hair is so delightful-a pattern, or hair hints would be snapped up in a second!

  176. Leigh Vashey says:

    So fun! She looks like a character off the Candyland game! I adore your creative style and appreciate the inspiration your blog gives me!

  177. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness she is so darling! My sweet laila is turning 3 in august she would be the perfect present! I’m sure the fairy would be treated to many tea partys, camp outs, snuggles, love and much much more.

  178. Lori says:

    Oh, she’s so cute! I just love her! I wanted to thank you for the free downloads of the little embroidered bunny and bear. I was looking for some little things I could make for my daughter (3 years) for Christmas. I’m already working on them, and I plan to make her the little kitty, too. That was really nice of you to give those designs away.
    Thanks again!

  179. susaninfrance says:

    so so cute–loved them the first time you showed them! So happy you are doing them again.

  180. Christina Coghill says:

    I think she is just too adorable!!! I love her poka dot dress and the sriped leggins!!!

  181. APlaceInTheFrog says:

    This is so adorable! I love all of the beautiful creations you come up with and I know my daughter would love something like this!

  182. PattySmatty says:

    I’ve been making your amazing kitty and giving them away to young ones at a children’s hospital. (Giving them away, not selling!) It’s my way of teaching my 3 year old to give. I would love to have someone give her a sweet treat!

  183. AmyinAlaska says:

    My daughter would love her. Of course, she would live with Olive and Archie and they would have amazing adventures together!

  184. Bobbi says:

    Oh my! This is beautiful! Found your blog by happy coincidence and I am so happy. The sugar plumb fairy is a bonus!
    My 3.5 yr old would absolutely love this doll. She would fit just perfectly into her room that we are re-doing.

  185. Jennifer says:

    Loyal loyal lurker looking to win some sugarplum love!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to Wee Wonderful for all her fabulous and lovely creations, and for this generous giveaway.

  186. Gina says:

    I am inspired to serve smores at my 2 yr old’s birthday party. I can only hope she will look as cute eating them while wearing her wings!

  187. kurlykrissy says:


  188. Lisa says:

    Darling doll! Like you, I always have a multitude of things getting in the way of sewing time. You have encouraged me to get busy.

  189. Emily says:

    Love the polka dot fabric!!!!! And the stripes look great as well.
    She is so sweet – and would look perfect in my room πŸ˜€
    please count me in for the draw!
    Emily xoxo

  190. PhaedraPhoenix says:

    I suppose I should say something really gushy and sickly sweet nice to try and win the blasted doll. Yes she’s smoringly sweet, too good to be true, never win anything anyway, but I secretly lurk around here anyhow….ta ta

  191. Elise says:

    So sweet! I hope the great Random Number Generator in the computer picks me: I have a lovely little niece about to turn two and giving her a fairy doll would make me the best aunty in the world.

  192. Z. says:

    Oh she’s so lovely. I’m trying to make a doll for someone and it’s NOT going well. And ooh, I need a doll. The Sugerplum Fairy would be perfect.

  193. Jenni says:

    She is fantastic! And I know a little s’more maker who would love to pal around with her!

  194. Kellie says:

    I love this doll. It reminds me of my favorite holiday and my girls dancing in the Nutcracker.

  195. water works says:

    We’re on our way to visit family up north and smore making is definitely on the menu for fun. Thanks for hosting a give away!

  196. Jane Compeau says:

    I hope I’m in time. My granddaughter would love this little fairy. She is adorable.

  197. Misschell & Kennedy says:

    My daughter keeps praying for a baby sister & even though this one isn’t from China, we’d love to have her join us! We smores!!!
    You inspire me, so glad i found your blog!!!!
    Misschell & Kennedy

  198. Moonbeam says:

    oh oh oh! I hope I’m not too late! You should check out my most recent post – It’s about smores! No joke…I could totally use a companion to help eat them πŸ™‚

  199. Hannah Beisang says:

    mmm She makes me feel a little better about not being able to camp this summer.. ( pregnant) Love her!

  200. Nora says:

    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway! I know a little girl who would very much enjoy her friendship. πŸ™‚ Have a good day and thanks again!

  201. lavina says:

    Dear Sugarplum Fairy
    We would love to invite you to our cosy home all the way to SINGAPORE and have a great time sharing smores with a little cheeky and fun loving 4 year old girl who is totally smitten with fairies…
    We will cross our fingers and PRAY real hard!! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.

  202. Aurore says:

    Your dolls are so adorable that I went out and bought a sewing machine a few months ago. As a new sewer, who is slightly discouraged by some seriously crooked seams, I know that actually having one of your amazing creations, would refuel the creative flames. Please send the s’more loving fairy our way!

  203. Gail says:

    Oh I ADORE her! Smore’s were my big craving through both pregnancys. I hope to be picked, she would be soooo LoVed πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  204. Christina says:

    OH! She’s just darling! Just the perfect thing to sit on my bed for me to cuddle while my MIL is here. And S’Mores! YUM! She’d be the best friend to help me make them!

  205. Katie says:

    What a sweet s’more fairy! I fully intend to introduce my 19 mo daughter to s’mores this summer. A lovely s’more fairy as a snacking chum would be the perfect companion. Thank you for offering her companionship in your giveaway!

  206. claudia says:

    The competition is stiff! But i’ll try my luck here because I think I now a little girl who would love this fairy! And maybe I’ll help you transfering some luck so you can have more chances in the fabrics giveaways.

  207. Mary M says:

    Could that doll be any cuter? Polka dots? Chocolate stripes?? Fairy wings????
    I know 2 little girls who’d love to have her but they may have to arm wrestle me for her!

  208. Chelsie says:

    She is the cutest thing! I too have a dark-haired Junebug that just turned 1 year old on June 11th and I know Sadie would just adore this sugarplum fairy.
    Thanks so much for all your creative sharing on this blog, it is always so inspiring and fun to read.

  209. joy says:

    You are so talented – – wait a minute – do you hear that too much? Well, too bad – I have to add my voice to the chorus. Thanks for brightening my day once again – your fairy is the cutest! (Don’t tell my daughter I used the word “cute” – I’ll be killed.)

  210. Heather J says:

    She is adorable!! Love the dots paired with the stripes. Smores – I think my diet can wait yet another day. πŸ™‚

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