teeny tiny polka dots

Thanks for all the gardening advice! I’ve been visiting all your links and putting books on hold at the library and my head is spinning. I feel I actually may be narrowing in on some things. I’m collecting photos and I think there may be theme. A theme! I actually need to get back to my scouring of the internet for my garden but first a new photo. Tim’s crabby that I put up such awful pics of our yard so here’s something cuter to look at in the meanwhile.

I’m hoping these gals will be ready for the shop next week. They may have been a little delayed by my garden obsession.

21 thoughts on “teeny tiny polka dots

  1. Dawn says:

    So cute! Tim really shouldn’t be crabby because my yard looks 10 times worse! We haven’t been able to mow and the weeds are taking over!

  2. inti says:

    I really like your blog but when I read it with my google reader I can’t see the pictures you post… any ideas? Is there an option I should be choosing that i am missing? I can see other blogs… anyone out there who could suggest a solution? thanks and thanks for your blog!

  3. Melanie says:

    Inti, the feed from Hillary’s blog is a ‘partial feed’, which means all feed readers only view the first paragraph (or so) of text from each post, and no pictures. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Linnea says:

    That paper doll is so cute :o) I love the yellow polka dots – so cheery. Good luck with the gardening. Hope the weather’s nice and it’s a joy to be outside. xox

  5. Julie says:

    Oh, you just made me remember how much I loved paperdolls as a child. Thank you for the generous free downloads! I need to look through your store, but I hope you have some boy paperdolls! I know my son would love the robot and spaceboy version:)

  6. leslie says:

    ARe you kidding me? your yard looks so much better than our weed filled flower beds (this is the first year in 4 years where I’ve finally given up and decided I may let them just grow this year)… and also looks SO much better than our neighbors yard which is filled with dog tracks and unfinished wood projects (a tree house, a skate board 1/2 pipe, a swing set…)

  7. Rosalind says:

    The paper doll is way, way too cute. Can’t wait to see the full set. Good luck with the garden and planting. Such a good project and so rewarding to see it grow over time.

  8. sue says:

    Great looking doll, so very cute!, she looks so fresh and clean, like she’s just come out of the bath! I love her!
    But back to the garden, it takes time to plan & grow a garden, a bit like decorating a house or changing your wardrobe. You browse frequently & all the time for new clothes new wallpaper etc & sometimes you buy something & never wear it, & other times you may buy some paint & then decide you don’t like it after all! Well gardens are the same, you kinda have to live with it as you slowly get it how you want it and you don’t really know how you want it until it’s almost done.
    Just do it slowly taking one area at a time and stagger your planting, so you can see the effects & then think what else will go with that(just like you would if you were buying a new top)
    Enjoy it though!!

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