Some doll details, some identity crisis and a little give away!

So here’s a little more scoop on the dolls from yesterday. Here’s the process: I sketched them. Then Tim traced them in Illustrator. To print them out I ironed freezer paper to 8.5 x 11 sheets of muslin and then ran them through the printer. I didn’t treat the muslin with bubble jet set to make it permanent but I could and would in the future.

I made these dolls up initially for a swap package I’m getting together for my friend Jen. (Surprise ruined by my desperate need for blog fodder, sorry Jen!) Then I thought they’d do double duty as easter basket goodies for Phoebe and really haven’t thought of any plans for them beyond that.  I’m having trouble coming up with plans for anything right now. I’m actually having a little bit of an identity crisis right now. Not about where we are as wee wonderfuls but where we’re going. I’ve become very good at passing on opportunities… b/c of the move, the new baby, the old baby, etc but now I feel like I need to start making some decisions. My mind races with ideas, goals, possibilities and I’m determined to get cracking on some stuff and then someone wakes up from a nap or it’s time to go to a playdate or whatever and my brain totally erases. And then it starts all over again the next time I have a free moment…maybe I should try to write a book, no I should just stick with patterns, no I should have my toys manufactured, no I should start an etsy selling baby quilts… what? it’s lunch time. zap!

Today my identity crisis has got me looking back at all the old site designs. I promised Tim when he did this last, more simple look that he’d be off the hook and not have to think about redesign for a long time. But now I’m getting itchy.

Anyway! Thanks for reading all that. I’m printing up Jen’s set of dolls this weekend and I was thinking I’d print up another set for a give away. I’ll pick three commenters from this post and send them each one of the dolls. Sound fun? I think it’s time for some Spring folly. As far as comments go, of course feel free to say anything but if you wanted to send along ideas or insights re my identity crisis I’d love to hear them!

*** updated to add ***

thanks everyone! I’ve closed comments to improve the odds for those that already left comments. this feedback has been wonderful and I have lots more to say, lots more to ponder, and I think some things to clarify so I’ll try to check back in this weekend or for sure monday.

190 thoughts on “Some doll details, some identity crisis and a little give away!

  1. lily boot says:

    Hi Hilary! Well I’m impressed – thanks for explaining how you printed the dollies – sounds so much more cost efficient than buying that specialised cotton paper! I’m going to try your method today – but I haven’t heard of bubble jet set – I’ll have to do some research. BTW your old design of the wee girlie in the attic is sweet as – reminds me of my Fisher Price dolls house from the early 70s. I sympathise with your time issues – sometimes it can be like we’re on pogo sticks boinging around and anything we manage to grab and finish feels like sheer luck 🙂 But you’ll find your moment – you always do! warm regards, lily

  2. Hillarie says:

    Well….. whatever you decide to do, please don’t go away! You’re one of my daily surfing staples! Your ideas bound in a book on my sewing table sounds great to me!

  3. Erica says:

    I know exactly was you feel like. Creative ideas flood my mind at the most inopportune moments, and then when I get a moment to myself I am so exhausted my mind is blank. I love to read your blog, and I get so excited when I see a new post. Your creations are very inspiring. I love the dolls that you created for your daughter’s Easter basket. My two year old would love these. I have glanced at the inkjet kits to print on fabric, and I have been curious about how well it worked. I love the results that you were able to achieve.

  4. courtney says:

    Ugh I think I am right there with you on the identity crisis. Except we are on the not yet had kids side, but like practically standing on the line. Then I go wait! What am I thinking I can’t handle MY life what about kids, then its the we don’t have ROOM for kids, then it’s the I want to do this this and this BEFORE kids, and then I sit and rock in a corner.

  5. Danielle says:

    I love these dolls. It reminds me of ones that I had as a girl. My grandma used to make all us girls in the family a doll each year for Christmas, one year I remember getting the one where the skirt flipped up and you got a totally different look and then also get one like this. I don’t know what it was about that doll, maybe it was just the fact that Grandma made it for me but I always loved it. Now it’s somewhere ou there and I have no clue where it ever went, I guess between moves it just vanished. But now I know how to make it I’ll have to try my own!

  6. Kel says:

    These dolls are adorable. Great choice in going with the two colors only. It really adds to their appeal in my book!
    As far as the identity crisis, I say follow your heart. When the right opportunity presents itself you’ll know when to leap! I am certainly jealous of your options. I love my job, but would love more time to feed my creative side… I guess I could be worse off. I, at the very least, get to read what you and other creative people are up to on these fabulous blogs. It is very inspiring!

  7. coffeechris says:

    Thanks for posting more about the dolls – I too was one of the wonderers or is that wanderers — Identity Crisis seems to be in the air – could it be that Mother Nature is having one right now and that is the “root”?!? No huge advice her, just go with it — it may be taking you where you are to go but do not yet know. I would love to win one of you your dolls. Fellow Identity too many ideas whirling around gal.

  8. Lisa says:

    I know what it is like to suddenly realize you have to stop finding excuses and just get to work! The best advice I have is: One Step At A Time. And the first step should be something that will make you happy, not something you feel like you need to do. That way, when you finally find the time it will be easier to get started.
    That’s all from this peanut gallery.

  9. Jess says:

    I’m still blown away at the simplicity of using freezer paper with the muslin, I never would have thought of that! I’m just coming out of my rut that I was in with my new baby, it can be so hard! I wish you the best of luck in figuring out the things that you love!

  10. Sarah H. says:

    I love your patterns! I’m itching to make Kit, Louise, and Chloe dolls for my friend’s yet-to-arrive baby girl (and for myself).
    I embroidered Quilting Bee for my mom and she loved it.
    I would definitely buy any book you made!

  11. Shannon says:

    my vote is to finish up those patterns for the dollies… because I click every morning hoping and waiting. 🙂
    But yes, I hear the crisis too. I have also moved, had anotehr baby when I hadn’t recovered creativly from the last one. You’ve gotten a billion more things than I have. It’s inspiring.

  12. Kristen says:

    Well, as much as it might put some of us into severe withdrawals…I think some time off might actually help.
    I would take as much time off as I could afford–from all things professional–and focus on the “mommy,” “wifey,” and other things near to your heart. Then, when you just can’t stand it anymore, SOMETHING is sure to bubble to the surface! Let your subconscious work on it awhile, and you might be surprised.
    I know that’s easier said than done, especially with all of us who check you daily and are waiting *patiently* (?) for doll patterns, etc. But, I think we can manage for awhile without you while you let the steam out of the pressure cooker of your creative mind. I’d hate to see what happens if you don’t… 😉
    Just my two cents’–oh, heck, take a nickel!

  13. Sarah says:

    No matter what you do, it always ends up being stunningly creative and beautiful. I know that I, along with so many other of your readers follow what you do and only wish that we could do a fraction of what you’re able to do with your creative life. Whatever your next step is, even if it’s just another post on your blog, I’m sure it will be fabulous! 🙂

  14. cheryl says:

    I hear you on the crisis. For me, when I feel like I have too many ideas and plans in front of me, I look at the things I’m doing that get in the way of really trying out the new ideas. Do I feel obligated to do things that I really don’t need to? If so, I cut it out. I know how precious time becomes with babies around, so there’s absolutely no good reason to waste it on things we aren’t totally committed to and that bring us much joy. Hope that helps a little.
    Best wishes.

  15. Betsy says:

    I LOVE these dolls!
    And I finished “Quilting Bee” a week or so ago and loved every minute of it..So I’m sure that whatever direction you take, it’s going to be great and I’m going to love it..
    ..That’s a lot of love in one comment..

  16. susaninfrance says:

    I’ve often wondered if you were writing a book or designing fabric or dolls for mass production and just hadn’t told us yet…You just have such an amazing ability to translate images that really get people of our generation (broadly) right back in the early 70s feeling when we were kids/babies. Your style is so beautiful–I feel SO lucky to own some of your work. Go where your heart says–you’ll be happiest and don’t just get into something because everyone else does. You have to want it to make it work, but having said that, you may not have that feeling so you may just have to have the leap of faith and jump into something, if that makes sense, like having kids–I never had the maternal thing, and now 3 kids later, of course I see that I did want them, just did not have that feeling like other people. so that’s my 2 cents. I’d love to see a book of patterns from you AND a childrens’ book, which I’ve said before with all your cute little girls. we just love you, how you are, just how you are!!

  17. Tanya says:

    I love your site – I check it everyday and am always thrilled to see your new projects.
    LOVE love the dolls. You are so clever. 🙂

  18. Michelle says:

    You might feel as if you have identity issues, but as far as your blog designs go, they all have the same “feel” to me, and that’s what makes it great. It may look different, but I can tell it’s all still Wee Wonderfuls, and that’s what separates you from, say, me, who is all over the place with style, direction, and even crafting medium. Love love love the dollies. You and Tim have got to be the best team ever.

  19. Star says:

    Have an almost 10 month old. Sew. Think that’s my destiny. Bake. Then think that’s my destiny. Finish a paper for school, and think a career is my destiny. Haven’t finished a complete sentence since my little one was born. I totally identify with you!

  20. Robina says:

    In my world – rural, remote Scotland, – your experiences, patterns, pictures and style have provided me with daily solace and inspiration. I can imagine how frustrating it must be trying to develop ideas/projects within the constraints, however joyful, of family life. You’ll find the right way, for you, for now …
    (The dolls are charming, remind me of the ‘Clothkits’ dolls of the 1970s.(‘Clothkits’has recently been relaunced in the UK.)

  21. Carrie says:

    I love your blog! So many wonderful ideas. My favorite lately has been the snail. I am so drawn to him. I love the dolls too! Anything girly considering I am in a house of men (ages 38, 7 and 1).

  22. nancy heard says:

    wow – i totally understand the identity crisis. you gotta follow your muse! i’m totally with you on the kids/distraction thing too. i keep thinking i can get back to painting when they’re older than the current 2 and 4 but who am i kidding? i’ll just be transporting them to soccer and scouts won’t i???? holy moly….i’m scared. 🙂 whatever you choose, i hope your blog doesn’t go away! i love the variety of your projects and your creative mind…too much fun! but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!

  23. erika says:

    You are so talented and the dolls are so sweet. I think whatever you decide to do, there is no rush. Enjoy your children and your art and it will all come together! You really do have a gift and whatever you end up doing, I’m sure your talents will come out and you will be creating beautiful things!

  24. Carrie says:

    I am sorry for what you’re going through right now but you have to know that whatever it is you do decide to do-it will be wonderful,and not just a wee bit wonderful 😉

  25. deedeen says:

    I can’t understand these things with freezer paper… Maybe it’s because we don’t have freezer paper here in Switzerland? Anyway, I do love the dolls, and the poppy banner!

  26. alison says:

    ooo! enter me please!
    the past year has been a serious identity crisis for me. i was constantly burned out or felt like i was mass producing inferior items. i stopped making anything new for a few months, and then tried to see what i was naturally drawn to or what i felt like i just had to make. it really helped me to move out of the mindset of “making things to sell” and move more to “selling things i made”. now i’m WAY happier.

  27. Sara says:

    Ahhh… motherhood. What a great description of that time when naptime is YOUR most precious time.
    As to what to do… it’s simple. Do whatever will make you the happiest. That will ultimately be the best for both your family and your business.

  28. meimeicrafts says:

    Well, who says you can’t do it all? You just don’t have to do it all at once. For example, you could work on a book that includes patterns for more of your your utterly fabulous softies and original doll/baby quilt patterns. Then, as a way to “launch” the book you could start an etsy shoppe that would sell baby quilts highlighted in your book. Then when the book takes off (as it will of course), you will have more capital/know-how/connections to get your softies made for everyone who wants one. And I imagine that would be a LOT of peeps! Good luck on all your endeavors. You’ve been such an insipration for me (and my 5 nieces have all benefitted!) thank you!

  29. raquel says:

    If I could have any super power it would be not needing sleep. Ever. I could be Super Sexy Nocturnal Mama! (Ok, I threw in the sexy because I could probably use that too[especially if I didn’t need sleep! Ha!]) This is the only way a woman/mother could possibly get everything done to feel content and satisfied. Only then I would be able to sleep, I just wouldn’t need to.
    I will work on acquiring this power, Hillary, and then I’ll get back to you.
    (do you want the sexy part as well?)

  30. Sarah says:

    A Wee Wonderfuls book! What a wonderful idea…but then again we’d probably be without your near daily blogging for awhile.
    And I was going thru withdrawl during your recent bout of the flu!

  31. Nancy Cook says:

    I know how you feel with the interruptions. Now that my second child has entered the realm a whole new spin has been put on my crafty time. Currently, we are set to move and I won’t pack my sewing machine (my husband wants to pack it but I will sew to the end if I can) and all my craft goods are in bins around me so I can still dip in if needed. Am I crazy?
    I also like to play around with so many crafty mediums that I begin to wonder if I should try to stick with one or two so that I could excel more. Then there is the dilemna about making stuff to sell vs. making stuff for me, friends and family.
    I have a Etsy shop and a local store selling my stuff .
    Anyway, that said. I love your site header and your patterns. Whatever you decide I’ll be there to support you. A book would be a great idea on your own time. Oh, and quilts. I would really want to buy one of your quilts because they are amazing and so inspirational just like you and all of your crafts.
    Have a great weekend

  32. Kim says:

    Gosh I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but I just had to laugh when reading about your plans, then nap time is done, or it’s time for lunch, or a playdate…sounds so much like my life!
    I have to say though, I love your blog. Your creations are so inspiring, truly one of my favorite blogs to read.
    Whatever you do, just remember to breathe 😉

  33. Suzanne says:

    Well, no matter what direction you decide to take…I’ll follow along since I always find you to be an incredible inspiration. Trust your gut and have fun with it whatever you do!

  34. Amber says:

    Yipee-those dolls are too cute!
    I think anything you do that can still let you create and not have too much chaos with small kiddos around is a good idea (but when has anything involving branching out or going to the next level not added more chaos?).
    You really are just so creative -maybe a book of dolls/embroidery patterns? You really do blow me away by all the things you come up with! Keep up the amazing work (and I know it is work even thought it’s fun too!)!

  35. michelle says:

    i love taking a stroll down memory lane with the old banners, the top one i didn’t recognize… they’re so cute! i look foward to seeing a new one (soon). 🙂
    keep up the great blog 🙂

  36. Lisa says:

    Really? My little girly girl could actually get her own set of these adorable dolls??? Of course I have to comment again. On the future side of things, keep it in such a place that you can’t help but love it at all times. Don’t let it get too crazy (at least while you have little ones) – but I would love a book that had everything Wee Wonderfuls in one place! I just keep coming back to you for inspiration over and over again.

  37. DarcyAlaska says:

    Oh, my gosh. I totally get your frustrations. Since my daughter was born 6 months ago, I have been in such a push & pull between an intensifying creative urge and the exhaustion of the day-to-day. I want to do more than ever, but often find that it is very difficult to just get through the basics.
    I am sure there is a lot of pressure on you to keep this blog going & ever new, ever bountiful. I know I love checking in on you very regularly. You have been such an inspiration to me. I made the little pig on wheels & the world opened up for me: I can really do this! And doll clothes: I can do that too!
    Whatever direction you end up focusing on, I look forward to seeing what you are up to. You are an amazing creative force. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  38. Carol says:

    Whatever you do, you do it so well. Of all the crafters I live vicariously through, your style really stands out and speaks to me. I so enjoy reading about and looking at your projects. I hope you figure out what you want to do and where you want to go without too much agonizing. Trust your instincts.

  39. RC says:

    You are so crafty. I love coming to your blog to see your latest creations. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  40. Julianna says:

    New babies are wonderful and a lot of work. We just had our 3rd girl, 3 months ago and since then, I only ever feel like I accomplish making dinner. This long drawn out Chicago winter hasn’t helped make things easier.
    You’re designs are so delightful and I love the dolls you made.

  41. Sarah says:

    I love all of your creative ideas, but if I had to choose one it would be the dolls with their matching quilts. Oh, and Kit, Chloe, and Louise. And all your doll quilts. Oh, heck, everything you do is great, so whatever direction you go will be the right one. You will make it through the baby brain freeze, my advice is to watch out for the ‘my kids and in their teens and 20s brain fog’!

  42. Laurie says:

    Welcome to being creative and having babies. It’s a hard balance. And, I’m not sure that there is a “right” balance, either. Be thankful for a hubby who understands (mostly!) and supports you! What a blessing! I have 8 kiddos, 12 to 2 years old, 4 adopted and heavy on the 4 and under set. I have so many dreams, ideas, and desires, and no time…. 🙂 Hang in there. You do a lovely job and you brighten the days of many!

  43. Rebecca says:

    Hi Hillary
    I love, love, love your new three little dollies! As soon as I read that you were going to create three of these little treasures I couldn’t wait to see them. There are 3 girls in my family (including me), I love getting my mom & my sister precious things that represent our dear friendship! When I saw these that’s the first thing that came to my mind (I do hope your going to sell the pattern). They are so simple & so sweet; the “antiquing” color completes them & makes them oh so unique!
    I am so sorry to hear that you are having a hard time right now. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through(I have been going through my own “identity crisis” for about a year but it’s so different for everyone). I might have some ideas to help with the interruption of your creative “flow”… I keep a sketchbook, or journal with me all the time, that way when or where -ever- I have an idea strike me I have my sketchbook to write or draw it in (you could also use a voice recorder if that would be more practical). Another quick idea… I carry my camera with me everywhere, not my big camera, just my regular digital camera. This way when I see something that inspires me I just take a picture, sometimes after I turn my camera to movie mode & record what I found to be so inspiring. I hope one of those ideas helps you out. Your work is amazing and so are you!
    I have read some amazing books that have helped me out so MUCH. If you want to know the titles please feel free to e-mail me!

  44. Amber says:

    I am always amazed at how much you seem to get accomplished with two kids, to this very overwhelmed mother of one! Sorry that you’re going through an identity crisis of sorts, but I’m always blown away with how much beautiful stuff you’re up to. Oh, and I really love and miss the dollhouse banner. That was my favorite!!

  45. Dawn says:

    I don’t know if you are having an identity crisis or just spontaneous inspiration. As a mother it’s hard to settle with not doing it all right now. As the children get older, it will happen that you can and you will probably do all those things you are interested in now plus more. Just keep a book filled with you ideas. It’s when they stop coming that you should be worried.

  46. Michele says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog daily. I’m going to jump on the band wagon and say that if you did decided to write a book…I would definately buy it! You are so creative in your designs and projects…it would be a fabulous read and resource.

  47. skinimini says:

    Well, first of all, I think you should feel proud that you’re able to accomplish so much creatively, given that you do have 2 wee ones. You have set the bar high! You must know that if you wrote a book, it would be a bestseller – you do know that, don’t you? I would personally love it if it included Olive & Archie, and Kit, Chloe and Louise. Having your toys manufactured?! Man, you’d really be in the big leagues then! How exciting! Might you be able to rest a bit then? Whatever you decide, or don’t decide, we’re all here for you.

  48. risa says:

    i was just talking to my social worker co-worker about identity crisises and existentialism. it made me feel a little better about my own little identity crisis (stick with public health work and get a PhD or do something more creative and how to do all of this while also wanting to start a family) when i think of it as something as intellectual as existentialism.
    i think what you are going through is quite normal for anyone with multiple interests and talents. i admire you greatly for all you have managed to accomplish! and for being a great mom (at least from what i can see from your blog).
    i can’t wait to see where the decision-making takes you…
    i’m sure it will be some place full of inspiration and smiles. 🙂

  49. SpiderWomanKnits says:

    Ah, we just transitioned from a one baby family to a two baby family nine months ago. I completely relate to your post as time slips by each day quicker and quicker with two children. While I fully embrace my role as a mother I struggle to maintain my-self. The creative urge is so strong and time is so preciously limited. It’s a conflict.
    For me, when I get really stressed out about not having enough of my own time I find it actually helps to step outside myself and read other peoples creative stories, crafty momma blogs like yours, and the stories of other mothers/writers/artists/politicians who accomplished great things while keeping it all together. Just so I know it can be done. Somehow. Other times I find it helpful to actually help someone else who is struggling with something far greater than my own problems. It puts it all in perspective.
    Whatever you choose to do, like all the other commenters have said, I am sure it will be just as beautiful if not more so than the space you’ve created here in blogland. You have to do what feels right and if that means taking time to figure that out. So be it.

  50. Georgia says:

    Having your toys manufactured might solve the copying dilemma (Alimrose style), but I really love that you sell your patterns, and doing both might not work. So…I’m no help at all really! 😉
    Thanks for showing your old banners, there are a few there that I hadn’t seen before. The wagon is great!
    The dolls, of course, are gorgeous. 😀

  51. skinimini says:

    Well, first of all, I think you should feel proud that you’re able to accomplish so much creatively, given that you do have 2 wee ones. You have set the bar high! You must know that if you wrote a book, it would be a bestseller – you do know that, don’t you? I would personally love it if it included Olive & Archie, and Kit, Chloe and Louise. Having your toys manufactured?! Man, you’d really be in the big leagues then! How exciting! Might you be able to rest a bit then? Whatever you decide, or don’t decide, we’re all here for you.

  52. Amy says:

    I love these old headers.
    I’d think you’d do quite well with an etsy shop full of doll quilts. Being small and relatively quick to sew, it would give you space for a lot of variety and experimenting. And of course they would all sell instantaneously…

  53. Emily says:

    I’m not much help with the identity crisis. I feel like am at a crossroads right now, too and I just can’t figure out which path to take.
    I love your look back at your blog banners. They are all so wonderful.
    Good luck!

  54. Miss Sassy says:

    I’m at a crossroads, too. *sigh*
    I really love your dolls -they do look old-fashioned. Reminds me of the feeling I would get with my Holly Hobbie doll. So sweet and vintage-y.

  55. Jude says:

    Well Hillary – I hear ya girl! It’s the motherhood dilemma…you have great, creative ideas and then the effort involved in following through is sooo taxing while you scamper about after your children it overwhelms you. I feel like this everyday! You will have time again one day and incidentally – you are doing such a terrific job, your blog and your patterns are fantastic. I have just this weekend been asked to make a very demanding 4 year old another ‘Olive.’ Thank you!

  56. kelli says:

    Your site is so inspiring! I know I can hardly keep a thought about crafts in my head these days (3 kids: 4, 2, and nearly 3 months)… I have so many ideas in my head and I just don’t have a place to put them.
    I love the dolls, the needlework, the fun ideas, the decorating for the holidays… I’d love to see a book (though that would be a big project, I’m sure!)

  57. Stacey says:

    Hello, I am new to your blog. I just stumbled across it recently. The designs you make are absolutely adorable. I wish I was more creative. I am a sahm to four kids (girls ages 9 & 5, boys ages 2 & 3 months) and there are days when I ask myself ‘What was I thinking!’ It is very hard. Some days more than others but lately it seems like everyday. My daughter is always sick (poor child, she has a very weak immune system) and she loves to play with dolls. I have not purchased a pattern yet because my husband was laid off from work and the money for patterns is not there right now. More important things are needed. Keep up the good job though, and I will be ordering soon.

  58. laurie of liquid paper says:

    So glad you wrote about this. I have the same problem — I’m alternately ambitious and content (i.e. lazy) at times. And I get completely overwhelmed with all of the “possibilities” for the future and growth. I’m torn between wanting to do something amazing and difficult like taking my shop and talents in a totally new direction, and thinking, “What’s wrong with just having a really great blog that I (and hopefully others) enjoy?” Sorry, I think I’ve muddled things and didn’t answer your question at all. But what I can tell you is that… I loved the new dolls, I’ve been following your work for years, it’s too bad you don’t live nearby so I had someone to chat with about these things, and mostly I wish you all the best in whatever you do! xo

  59. Kristi Van Os says:

    Hillary – Keep up the good work. Just remember everything comes with time. As soon as you have time, it will come.
    I loved your look back at your blog banners.

  60. Crisanne says:

    Your creative inspiration is well, inspirational! And your honesty about life and kids and all is great too. I always know that what I read here will be real.
    I’m still loving the dolls. I know my littlest one would love to hug one in her bed at night.

  61. Courtney says:

    I’ll always remember that girl in the attic fondly, that’s when I found you. For a while I even made you my computer’s homepage (how embarrassing). Must have really mucked up your stats.

  62. liz says:

    i know that no matter what you choose, it will be awesome!
    but i also think the identity crisis is a common thread among new-ish moms – even second or third-timers. i’ve been feeling the same way… not having enough time to do it all, and wishing i could just decide on the ‘right’ direction to focus my energy on.
    anyway, you still rock. love the dolls. they are super-cute, as always!

  63. Louise says:

    Long-time reader, first-time poster here. I am about to graduate from college with a somewhat obtuse degree (“Design Studies”) that I am realizing could take me in a number of different directions– and its terrifying and exciting trying to decide which one to pursue, or even trying to decide how to decide. I am sure you will be successful in any endeavor, but I can totally relate to being unsure of which to pursue– and to having only brief moments of time to yourself in which to brainstorm/dream/plan. Though I don’t have any little one’s around to complicate things, working and going to school makes it really hard to think about the future–especially a future that is not the one prescribed by my degree. I love your site, and I would love to read a book of yours, but I would also LOVE to be able to buy your toys for my little nieces and nephews. Isn’t it strange how having an abundance of ideas/options is almost more paralyzing than having none?
    PS. LOVE the dolls– I am going to try that method out to make a gift for an upcoming baby shower!

  64. Shana says:

    Very cute dolls! I have to say this give away finally got me to comment here, even though I’ve been enjoying your blog since last year when I was pregnant and searching for baby/kid sewing inspiration. My daughter is now 3 month and didn’t get an Easter basket (oops)so I really hear you about things falling by the wayside. . .

  65. Laurie says:

    The dolls are so cute! You guys are so good at all you do that I am sure whatever road you take, I am sure it will be awesome…Everytime I visit, you inspire me.

  66. Valerie says:

    Those dolls are the cutest thing, thank you for sharing them with us. Whatever you decide to do will be fine with me because everything you do is awesome! Good luck figuring things out.

  67. Brynne says:

    I love the dolls! No help on the crisis, but since my two are close in age to your two I’m betting it will get a little better when the second baby grows up a little.

  68. Annika says:

    I’ve been working on a book proposal for six months and it is hard work! I would love to see a wee wonderfuls book but I am also so happy buying individual patterns from you, and if that is the easiest way for you to create then I am all for it.

  69. Michelle says:

    Identity crisis never seem to end, do they? There’s always an excuse to keep it going. Whatever you decide, I think you’ll know pretty quickly if it was right. PS – I’d buy a book of Wee embroidery patterns. 🙂

  70. beetlegirl says:

    The dolls, as is everything you create, are lovely. As I am currently in a state of crafter’s block myself, I don’t know that I am one to advise, but I always seem to choose the creative route that combines both excitement and challenge for myself.

  71. lynne says:

    Hillary – I add my voice to the chorus of women who sing your praises. Thank you for sharing big and little bits of your creative self with us! It is truly one of the highlights of my day to pop in here and see the wonderful things you are doing and thinking about.
    I also add my voice to the chorus of women who can relate to the dilemma of balancing family life (particularly with very little ones) and creative ambition. Melissa and I have been trying to figure out the answer to that one for the past year and I have no wisdom for you at all… but I am SURE that you will figure out an elegant and creative solution to make your dreams come true. Both for your vision of your family, and for your amazing crafty self. The marriage of the two will be your ultimate masterpiece! 🙂

  72. Emily says:

    I think that this in-between time of year sometimes makes us all feel a bit lost and confused… one foot stuck in winter, and one in spring! Good luck on figuring things out, I have a feeling that once spring comes your mind may clear!

  73. Danna says:

    Being a mama can produce an identity crisis right on it’s own, add to that an artistic mind and a bussiness, and well yea there are up swings and there are down swings. Eventually they will even out and you will be found under it all you just have to make it through…sane!
    I really enjoy your art work, and wish for more talent or at least more time to develop talent. I have never left a comment because well hey when there are 77 comments whats number 78?!? But I wanted to put my two cents in on idenity and being a mama! 🙂

  74. Joy says:

    Love the little dolls they are very cute!!! Thanks for explaining the process!
    Your work is wonderful and there is definitely a balance to find in there somewhere between the things of life, little ones and your creative work. There is also a season for everything some seasons are intense with family life and others work life etc. Don’t loose site of your dreams, those things that always seem to come back to your heart, they are there for a reason. 😉

  75. Lisa Boyer says:

    I love the little dollhouse attic for a header! I think, if you can, you should change identities as often as possible! Thanks for this giveaway..

  76. Dayna says:

    There are always going to be those “life things” that intrude on our creative juices. Even with a new baby or an old baby you can set aside a time just for you. The same time each day and no one intrudes unless they are dying or bleeding to death. Make your own time. I went back to school when my six were all in school. Study time for me was from 4am – 6:30 am. Then everyone started getting up and ready for school. Make the time!

  77. Dana says:

    dear hillary,
    i simply adore your blog… and clearly i am one of many! whenever i start to feel that overwhelming feeling, you know the one, where there is too much to do and the anxiety is creeping up on me, i journey into wee wonderfuls and i get a sense of calm – i find it a bit strange but i am going to continue to use your blog as a relaxation technique. it helps me so much and i feel so inspired by you – it helps to get my creativity from the land of thought and anxiety to my butt in the chair DOING…
    i appreciate you so much,
    dana in BC

  78. madmommy says:

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I feel the same way lately. Between trying to be more creative at work, and then more creative with my munchkin at home, it seems that there isn’t much left to fuel my own identity crisis, although it feels like something should be called my own. Let us know how it goes!

  79. Leigh says:

    Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be wonderful. You have to take care of yourself first, then all else will fall in place. Just know that you are appreciated!

  80. michelle says:

    Well as you can see from all these comments you are not alone in this struggle. As for me, I seem to always be trying to find a way to spend the time my kids need an soak up the little bits of extra for my stuff. Usually late at night. Not ideal but it is working for me for the little bits I do and I need the creative outlet. Although I don’t want to miss the time while my kids are little, I mean they will only want me around for a little while right? Good luck, I am sure you will find what works for you! Oh, and I would love to win a doll, we are doll crazy over here!

  81. Nancy says:

    Sometime in the past year, you wrote something to this effect: “I feel like there’s a prom for crafty bloggers. And I’ve been invited to the big, cool party — yet, I just can’t pull myself together enough to find a dress and go.” (Well, that’s the vague gist.) I remember really pausing in my reading at the point, thinking that you play a role in this whole groovy craft blog thing — and man, the pressure that brings! Please, goodness, don’t ever put me in the craft ring with Amanda Soule. She’d knock us all out, with grace (and look good doing it, I have a feeling). Anyhoo, I see the dilemma. Aside from the pressure, you have these big amazing ideas and these little wonderful humans at the same time. So my advice, since you asked, would be to pick one really marvelous project and go with it. One modest, contained thing. And the rest? I trust you’ve heard about sequencing and motherhood i.e. not trying to do it all at once, but trusting there is time for all of it — for all facets of you — over the years and decades. You’ve got lots of open time ahead, mama, though it’s tough to see it stretching out past those stacks of diapers and piles of dishes. I really dig your blog and hope you find some peace, whatever direction you set your sites on. xo Nancy in NC

  82. Jessie B. says:

    I loved your dollhouse header, although the wagon of yarn is also very sweet. Unfortunately I have *no* advice on the career direction front, except to say that everything you’re doing now is wonderful and you should be sure not to lose track of that as you think about the future. I can’t wait for the Chloe, Kit and Louise pattern so I hope that’s still part of the plan!

  83. Jen says:

    This is my mantra since having Lily (close in age to Phoebe and also sharing the middle name June!)-
    Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.
    -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
    Now, this is my mantra because I’m not being very productive and need to remember to live in the moment and enjoy what I do get done (not much of the crafty nature right now…but editing work for a publisher here and there, house fix ups,etc). You on the other hand are rocking it out. YOu seem pretty darn creative and productive from over here dude! I don’t think your opportunities are going to be going away any time soon either!
    Jen-Stories from the mouth
    Lub the dolls- so very charming!

  84. Stacey Ann says:

    Next time, you could do a little quilting on the dolls (top piece of fabric only) and then sew that piece onto the backing and VERY lightly stuff it. That might be a nice way of finishing the dolls. – CHeery-O

  85. Irene says:

    At least you’re starting and completing things. I think and think all day long of project, ideas and crafts I want to sew, but that’s about all I get to. With three, there’s always someone interrupting and just like you said- BAM, it’s gone!

  86. Jeni says:

    I would love a book by you, but I really, really love the patterns you put out. I ask for them for every birthday and every Christmas gift! 🙂
    Whatever you decide, I’m sure there will be lots of us paying close attention!

  87. Jhoanna says:

    The doll stuffies came out beautifully and the colour combinations are just perfect!
    I recently came to the same fork in the road with two little ones (4 and 1&1/2), overwhelmed by all the things I want to do but can’t because there is never enough time in the day! What has worked for me is to accept the limitations I have on my time and to decide what it was from all the things I really wanted to do that could be done now, that could fit within the daily routine.
    I am now putting all my effort and focus on this one priority, meaning that all the other things I would love to work on/create will be pushed aside for a few months. But I’ve accepted the fact that that is okay and that overwhelming feeling has happily left me, replaced instead with a sense of peace and excitement with the one thing I know I can focus on and see to completion.
    As with all the comments above, your work in whatever form continues to inspire and delight and there is no doubt that you will have great success with whatever it is you turn your hand, heart and mind too. Best wishes on the decision-making!

  88. Kathryn says:

    As I was looking through today’s blog I loved all the pictures I was seeing and thought at first you were thinking of seasonal headers. All your stuff is gorgeous though, I’m sure that even if you just threw a dart (a foam one of course, what with the kiddies) whatever it landed on would be lovely. Just keep creating, it’s so necessary.

  89. Valerie says:

    I love the dolls! As far as advice, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When the time is right to figure out the next step, it will happen. And make sure whatever you do it doesn’t “steal your joy” in creating. 🙂

  90. Kit Knitty says:

    I just bought a groovy little gadget for my organizational woes. It’s an iPod Touch and it surfs the web, takes notes, and plays my favorite music. The best part is that it’s so small that I can use it with my free-ish hand while holding my sleeping three month old.
    Best of luck on your crisis. I suspect that you’ll be one of those people who can do it all just not as quickly as you’d like.

  91. erinn Johnson says:

    sometimes the diversions are good, they can take you on an unexpected path. my house is full of them with the four kids. i am finally able to do a tiny bit for myself now, but sometimes i think it is only getting harder as they are gettting older. i am trying to enjoy them and the diversions in the moment. the time is passing by so fast, so they will not need me as much, and then i will have all the time that i need.
    your site and work have inspired me to start working on some stuff for myself as well as blogging. i am sure that whatever direction you decide to go you will be successful.

  92. Andrea says:

    Such an intimate post. Yet as a fellow mother I absolutely understand. We strive to be good wives and mothers and sometimes that takes alot of our time and energy. I am so inspired by all that you do and encourage you to keep looking for what makes you smile. Of course, the doll quilts on etsy or the toys sound great! Maybe just pick one for now and keep a journal of all your ideas to come back to. Good luck from one mom to another.

  93. Asha says:

    I have the same problem as you, the exact, except I’m not successful like you. I never have time to even finish a thought and there is so much I want to do, I marvel at how much you accomplish in one day when there are some days I don’t get one darn thing done!! Anyway, when I saw those dolls, I thought, I need one for my daughter Isla, she’s 18 months now. How thoughtful your doing this giveaway! take care

  94. Lindsey says:

    I think once you get into a grove, whatever it may be, it’s hard to get out. I love your blog, and I love looking at your work; your quilts on flickr are so beautiful!! And I love the past designs – the flower logo is stunning. I agree though, and sometimes a change is good. It can be something as simple as a change of pace even. Whatever you do I wish you the best!

  95. Marianne says:

    I hear ya, I feel the same way. Remember, you have time. And your kids won’t wait…the projects will! 🙂

  96. Rachel says:

    Oy, I get the identity crisis thing. I’m 23. That should be enough said, haha! I’m working on ANOTHER college degree, and I am just not sure what I want to do with my life. Well, I mean, I know I want to get married and have kids and live in a sweet house and be totally awesome, but…between now and then? I dunno. I recently started researching degrees relating to textiles and folk art and all this great stuff that no one told me about 5 years ago when I was a senior in high school. Uhhhhgggg, I am never going to make it to self actualization. I’m gonna go work on my chicken scratch table runner and mull this over some more. (Sorry…I didn’t offer any advice and I just cluttered your wall with my venting. 🙁 ). I am a huge fan of your site and your work, and I wish you great success in whatever you decide to do.

  97. Bonney says:

    Your identity crisis is just the “rustling” before the change. Hang in there; it’s all good!!

  98. Myssie says:

    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Reading your blog helps me to get off my tush while the kid is napping and bust out a small project.

  99. Anne Marie says:

    I can relate! My kids are similar ages as yours and I find time slipping away each day, many times with just “survival” tasks (dressed, fed) completed!

  100. Sarah says:

    Oh man, I had to scroll for a long time to get to the bottom of the comments. LOL
    Thanks for that freezer paper tip. My second mom was asking me about making a memory quilt for her niece, and I couldn’t figure out a better way than iron on transfers for using her photos, even though I knew I had something deep in my mind I couldn’t retrieve. Bubble jet set is what I couldnt seem to remember! LOL

  101. Sarah says:

    Before I had kids, I used to make books by hand: I made the paper; I set my type letter by letter in lead; I printed by hand on an old Vandercook proof press; I often wrote the words in my books. Each process gave me a chance to learn, to make mistakes, to show my own talents and quirks. It seems to me that sewing is a similar undertaking: you make the patterns; you choose colors and fabric; you sew by hand or on your machine; you struggle and you learn. The magic of your creations comes from your hands; it’s hard for me to imagine how that magic would get translated in a setting that “manufactured” your designs. Clearly your work strikes a chord with other women who appreciate that you find the time to create. Those of us who also have kids (mine are 4 years and 4 months, respectively) struggle, and often do not succeed, at getting our creative work done.
    I think you could take a two-pronged approach: continue to work on the patterns, while gathering your favorites (plus a few new ones) for a book. The best of both worlds: the “hand of the maker” remains central to your work, and your work gets wider distribution in print.
    Thanks for such a lovely and lively site.

  102. Kath says:

    Your site, your ideas, your creativy’s all pumpkin-sweet. Keep up the good work, & good luck with your identity crisis 😉

  103. Ellen says:

    I’m itching too. Need a new banner myself but sometimes it’s hard to get anything done when you have little ones (or big ones). I moved into a new home and new state recently and feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up. I’m sure this will pass and it will for you. Your designs are lovely.

  104. odd dotty says:

    I have no real advice for your identity crises as I am only starting out in this crazy crafty world, but I do know that you are an inspiration to me and will continue to be no matter where your identity takes you. So, thank you!

  105. Molly says:

    You’re not having an identity crisis, you’re just a creative person who is constantly wanting to grow and evolve. I love all the looks of your site, and can’t wait to see more!

  106. Veronica says:

    Hi, Hilary, I’m a fan of your website and it’s one of my favorite things to read on my free time.

  107. emily says:

    that first banner – the one with the delicate flowers – i adore it. but this look is wonderful, too. (no pun intended.) identity. so much wrapped up in that word.

  108. paper stories says:

    I love your blog and all your super cute goodies but didn’t really put two and two together until all your recent posts about the snow, that you only live a handful of miles from me. I am just a few bits north of O’Hare. It is just funny to think I could have crossed paths with one of my design crushes and not even known it. 😉

  109. Elizabeth@Twig says:

    I’m always impressed with the clever projects you come up with! I love these little dolls. I’m going to have to get out my needle and thread and try some of your stitchettes. I love the little snail you posted this week.

  110. mushroommeadows says:

    I think the dolls are fantastic. I’m sorry to hear about your identity crisis though. If this is any consolation, I think that no matter which direction you take, you’ll do a great job. Your stuff is just amazing, honest; end of story. 😀
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  111. Jenn : ) says:

    Well of course your new site design is simple and beautiful… but I did so like the last one, too : )
    The dollies are so pretty, I esp. like the blond one : )
    Best, Jenn

  112. Ren says:

    i think any of the designs you have shown are gorgeous. they are all pretty “simple” (your words, not mine!) and would keep the feel of the site. my personal favorite is the first one with the flowers, though. : )

  113. Kate says:

    I love the patterns, but really you should just do what you are most inspired by at the moment. If you’re excited about a book, that will be more fun for you than doing something you’re less excited about. So, I guess what I’m saying is to just go with your gut. And if your gut is telling you to take it slow and enjoy play dates, etc, that’s OK too!

  114. Sharmyn says:

    I love the things that come out of your creative mind. The book seems to be the “thing” of the moment, but your books would be a definite standout. You have a gift – now listen to that inner voice and move forward with faith!

  115. analilia says:

    I know what you mean! I have so many ideas of things I’d like to do, but get distracted so much with the things I HAVE to do. I still think you’re amazing with all the things that you create, while raising a family. You’re a great inspiration to many of us! Thank you!

  116. Jenn H. says:

    I think no matter what you decide, you will have utmost support from your wee fans. I love the variety of projects that you show. My husband says I come up with a new hobby every week. What can I say, doing the same thing all the time can get boring. You just do whatever makes you happy and I’ll just keep buying whatever you have :o)

  117. Shelley says:

    I don’t think I can offer any useful advise so I’ll just go for support. I love to see your patterns and your crafting adventures here on your blog and I’ll continue to love them however they are manifest in the future. 🙂

  118. Sarah says:

    just keep on keepin’ on in any little (or big) way you can! you are a constant source of inspiration for many of us.

  119. Liz Harvatine says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I go through the same thing all of the time and I don’t even have kids! Even today, I have been excitedly making elaborate plans with a friend for a new project, knowing in the back of my mind that they will most likely be abandoned. I just try to remind myself that I can’t do everything and the best ideas are the ones that stick.

  120. Jenna says:

    What I’ve found most inspiring about the craft blogs is the huge variety of ways that your “identity crisis” has been worked through by many other women. You have done such a great job with your blog and patterns, I really think doors will be open for you no matter what you decide.
    I hope my comment yesterday (about making millions of the dolls) did not hit a sore spot, I was truly kidding. I have a baby girl the same age as Phoebe. I can relate to how difficult it can be to have the ideas, but not a single minute to follow through.

  121. Amanda says:

    Oh, stick with the patterns!! Everyone writes a book, everyone has an etsy, your patterns are unique!! In design and presentation, I haven’t seen anything like them. They are a joy to sew and to just look at and make plans.
    Good luck finding the right path!

  122. meg says:

    dear lord! look at all those comments!
    I think the springtime explosion banner is the best (second to last). And I think you could do wonders with a book about toys. Something that combines the sweet stories you write about your dolls and the patterns as well. It would sell like hotcakes and be more fun to write than a simple how to book. That’s what I think.
    Now pick my name for those freakin cute dolls.

  123. avelinelow says:

    Hi, I’m from the sunny island of singapore & i really love all the hand-made dolls that u’re making. i would love to get my hand on one of your printed dolls if I can 🙂 keep up the nice girly crafts *_*

  124. Sally McEntire says:

    I know exactly how you feel, having two small children of my own. But its funny that how we perceive our own lives and how others see it can be entirely different. I look at your life, through your blog, and I’m jealous of all you accomplish. Anyway, its hard to focus with the constant demands of our children, and its hard to remember that they wont always need/want so much from us.
    I vote for the wee girl in the attic.

  125. cindy says:

    I love everything you make and you would be successful in what ever venture you decide to try. Thanks for the printing tips, I never imagined that my little printer could do that!

  126. Beth H says:

    oh Hilary, I love the dolls and the look back at all your banners. I’m thinking I need to start tapping my web design hubby for a new banner too!! He’ll thank you later.

  127. kari says:

    Love the dolls – reminds me of my 3 girls, each so different. I try to remember that there are different ‘seasons’ in life, and that it is ok not to try to do everything all at once. And the seasons eventually change on their own, right? That being said, I too have a flurry of ideas, what ifs, etc (usually as I’m trying to fall asleep!) and zap! they’re gone in the morning!

  128. Rachel says:

    You’re just a wellspring of talent, aren’t you? Sometimes I feel a little contrary and put off projects that I really should work on… Those dolls are precious. I really like the old layouts, too!

  129. IamSusie says:

    I fear that I have no chance at all at getting those precious pdf’s! It’s okay to just stay home and be crafty with your children if it feels right. There is plenty of time for lofty book deal goals and toy manufacturing contracts because your tremendous talent and creativity aren’t going away! Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s still fun and creative!

  130. Angela says:

    Let me just say this…everyone out there loves your stuff! I have a 10-month old so I am going through the same feelings. The creativity bubbles up for me when we are on a walk in the stroller, then when we get back home, it’s back to diaper change and on the floor playing. All my ideas have evaporated. I am envious of the amount you are able to accomplish.

  131. carol says:

    hey- I have to say, watching all of your work evolve from when I first started reading you has been an inspiration. EVERYTHING you do is SO. WELL. DONE. and original…keep on having your identity crisis and from the looks of it, you have a big fan club!

  132. Jill says:

    Whew! That was some scrolling! I don’t think you need to hear this but I think whatever it is you choose to do you’re going to have many, many people lined up at your proverbial door. We love your designs, your ideas and Tim’s too. It’s a lovely place to be.

  133. Stefanie says:

    Oh write a book! That is one book I can PROMISE I would buy!
    Good luck, and whatever path you choose I have a feeling will be perfect and great for you!

  134. Nicole says:

    Oh the age old question of how to balance the mom thing with personal (and professional) pursuits. There really are no easy answers, but you have a lot of people who value you and your work and I know you will be successful in any endeavors you embark on!
    The dolls are adorable! You really are incredibly talented!

  135. Lisa says:

    I’m with you on the poof! brain thing. I have so many great and inspiring ideas and then “real” life gets in the way. You definately get more done than I do though, so please continue, if only to inspire the creativity in others!

  136. Claudia says:

    Hilary, I can very much relate to your woes (mommy of 2 little ones, juggling my job as a self-employed designer, my fierce desire to craft and create and the things I do with my kids. That’s a lot of hats to wear and not enough time to get it all done)…
    I feel that sometimes, we just need to simmer in our creative juices, and whenever we feel most like “nothing gets accomplished” or “no concrete decisions are made”, it is really a sign that something new is probably brewing within us that’s just not quite ready to hatch.
    My best friend – turned stay at home mom from being a designer – was all worried about where her creative side had gone (erased by mommie-brain? obliterated by all the daily things that needed to be taken care of?) while in the middle of spending all her time with the new baby…but I could see all along that it was all there – just pouring out of her in a different way, through different channels…and before she new it, her son was 3, fascinated by the beautiful paintings she started creating and sewing over on her sewing machine, and “working” on something amazing right alongside with her…
    When the time is right, your “thing” – whatever it is you will do next – will probably reveal itself, naturally, when you are good and ready for it.
    Sit back, relax and let yourself be surprised. I don’t doubt that it will be something beautiful and amazing!
    Good luck with your journey – I hope you will let all of us have a peek!!!

  137. Allison says:

    Yes, thanks for posting more about the dolls, this is one toymaking project that I could actually possibly manage with my iffy sewing skills.
    I always love to see the redesigns!

  138. Lola says:

    weeelllll….I can totally understand how you feel – I take a ride on the identity crisis train daily! I have flip flopped between so many things it makes my head spin! (fabric shop owner, children’s clothing designer, doula, sommelier, full time stay at home mama….i am sure the list will continue to grow!) but, the constant through it all – i have LOVED every minute with my kiddies. I used to think that I had lost my direction once my son (2nd child) was born (and still do sometimes) but then I get online and get some well needed creative inspiration and life goes on! so, thank you – your blog is one that I read regularly!

  139. Kelli Lusk says:

    Hi Hilary,
    I think you are a wonderful artist and I absolutely love your patterns so much. I can’t wait till I can buy some more patterns from you. My children love the patterns and look forward till I make them one of each.
    God Bless you and your family,

  140. Elizabeth says:

    i’m a newer reader so i appreciated seeing the other banners. :>
    i’d list out the ideas so you could mull them over while you run about your day. how would following each idea to it’s conclusion impact your life in the next 2 years? which life is the most appealing? that’s where i’d start. happy pondering!

  141. Heather says:

    I read your blog every day and love every second. I have two daughters, one is 4 and the other is 10 months, and I feel very much like you. I think it is just the hormonal slurry running around my body that makes me feel like I do. I am trying to be patient while I wait for the end of it to appear and trying not to think about how long it took last time for it to go away. In the meantime, I am trying to remember to enjoy the waiting time in all its mushy-brained glory.

  142. Laura H. says:

    It is hard when you have children to do all you want. I try to remember that it is just a season of my life, and that there will be time later for trying out all the ideas that wander into my mind. I think you do a great job managing it all. At least better than me…

  143. Natalie says:

    Oh wow!!! I want you to know that you have always been an inspiration to me. I too have been having a bit of an identity crisis. It is hard being so much all of the time. I wish I could give you some advice. But, really all I can say is go and do what feels right. Normally we know what is best for ourselves. And I know you are amazing and will do what is right for you.

  144. kathy says:

    Let me know when you figure it out, I could use a few ideas myself 😉
    I know one thing, if you printed those doll images on fabric and sold them I’d buy them in a heartbeat! Check out Color Textiles for pre-treated fabric on a roll.

  145. jenny says:

    Hi Hilary,
    I could hear myself channeling through your words about the tug between mothering and crafting. Unfortunately (for me!) I constantly put things like ironing, cooking and dusting ahead of crafting. I am sure that I have forgotten more good ideas than I will EVER have again! I do just love these dolls. There is something Golden Book – a – licious about them but I don’t know exactly what it is….I just know you should make more! Thanks for your lovely lovely blog. It makes all the ironing, cooking and dusting fall by the wayside! – Jen

  146. Kat says:

    I wish I could get to the point you are now. I have some of the same problems, so many ideas that I have but the times goes – snap!
    My 2 cents, I love the 2nd design with the red wagon. Reminds me of my younger days pulling mine with my doll (My Friend Jenny by the way – we brunettes had to stick together!) in the fall through my leaf piles. Oh to go back to the simplicity of those days! Good luck!

  147. amy says:

    I’m a Wee Wonderfuls blurker and have been for quite some time but the possibility of winning one of your cute dolls has drawn me out. I’d personally really love to see you start an Etsy store where you could sell all of your wonderful things and as your interests evolve over time you could incorporate more things.
    p.s. I really need one of your dolls to keep my company in my office 🙂

  148. Stacey says:

    Enjoy your hectic life with your kids. Do what you can. I personally would love to see more patterns. Your an inspiration.

  149. Liz says:

    The dolls are so so cute.
    I completely get the dillema you are having. I feel that when you have children the time to work is limited so you feel more pressure to get things right. It will come – all your work is fab so I wouldn’t worry too much!

  150. Heather says:

    I love those simple dolls! Of course, I love all your work. You have a very lucky family! Remember that you can have it all…just not usually all at the same time! Whatever you decide for the future of wee wonderfuls…it will be brilliant and I’ll be there!

  151. Malin says:

    I’m in it for the dolls. Lovely dolls! Haven’t got much input on the crisis, sorry. I have a baby in my belly and too little time to have or even think of having a crisis.. got to make the apartment ready! So much to do and so little time! And sooo looking forward to having a wee one ..and perhaps a doll or two? 🙂

  152. Katy says:

    Whatever you do, don’t burn out! But a book, with lots of photos of beautiful things. I don’t think I’d ever get anything done, I’d just be sat flicking through it all day every day!!!

  153. Desiree says:

    I know how tough it is getting stuff done with small children in the picture, but I would be among the first if you came out with a book or etsy store!

  154. Christina says:

    I love you work! Completely understand how it is trying to find time for various crafts and projects with young children in the house. I have a 2 year old and there are days I wish I could just have some quiet to be able to get projects done that I am lately only dreaming about. But, they’ll grow fast and soon will want more independence and we will all have time for our projects again. Then we’ll all be wishing for the days again where we could cuddle and sing sweet nursery songs. 🙂

  155. R Amour says:

    All your ideas are GREAT! Things always seem to get crazy…then fall into place. Keep up the “WONDERFUL” work!

  156. purple petunia says:

    love your old banners; love that your husband is involved in wee wonderfuls. Mine would rather die than work with me . I think your fan base is strong enough that you have quite a while to decide what’s next. You’re not missing an opportunity window.

  157. Camilla says:

    Wow a million comments! I hope you don’t get too stressed out and overwhelmed by everyone posting about how much they like what you do. I saw the Spring 05 banner on my flickr photostream and thought it was totally charming. And, like and earlier commenter said, your dolls really remind me of the old ‘Clothkits’ dolls from my childhood.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  158. sarah says:

    sounds like you need an outlet for quick output (could be doll quilts) so you can have some non-deadline time and space for the more process-y things, like patterns, book-writing, doll-making. Doing something you can do fast and well, is really cathartic when you have so many ideas and so little time. you are an inspiration! thanks!!

  159. Julie says:

    I love your site and admire that you get anything done. I can hardly get this comment done because of a two year old trying to climb on my lap. Thank you for sharing with us!

  160. Michelle says:

    I think that a doll quilt book would be very neat. Especially for those of us mothers who don’t get too much sewing time in and need bite sized projects. It is crazy how when we are pregnant and then in the newborn stage we are so focused and exciting how then we get to transition back to thinking to where we are going. It will be fun to see where this leads for you!

  161. Susan says:

    Yours is the very first blog I started reading on a regular basis. It was around Christmastime, and I thought, “Wow, someone who likes all the stuff I do!” Keep it up!

  162. Jo Marcellino says:

    No need for an identity crisis dear Hillary. Just look inside and be yourself. Prioritize what’s important to you and follow that path.We will all still be right there with you.

  163. Laura says:

    I have 2 children and 10 and 12.I go through an identity crisis quite often.I call mine a “funk”.I think it is natural when you are home with your children all day.(I’m homeschooling mine.)
    What helps me is alone time.Even for an hour.I usually have to leave my house otherwise the phone rings and the messy house distracts me.
    Another thing that helps is getting together with my girlfriends that are also creative…this I also do without kids.
    As soon as I drive away my mind relaxes and ideas start to flow.Sometimes just Barnes and Noble for a few hours recharges me for the whole week.
    I love all your ideas,dolls etc.I think whatever direction you choose will be sucessful!
    XO Laura

  164. Laura says:

    I love the banner with the girl and the squirrel sitting in the attic! I probably have 1% of your ideas and it makes my brain race to the point of never really finishing anything – plus I don’t even have children. Everything you do is lovely and very much yours.

  165. katrina grace craig says:

    too much brain, not enough time — it’s the story of my life, along with too much stuff, not enough room. so i try to remain grateful for the too much and try not to worry about the not enough and instead wait for that one perfect idea that somehow magically transcends all of the above. it doesn’t come often but when it does, it is totally worth it.

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