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Here’s Phoebe with the owner of the red shoe I posted the other day. I had to wait til they were both wearing their red shoes to snap a photo. I had My Friend Mandy when I was a girl and my Mom miraculously held on to her so I have her to hand down to Phoebe but I could not help myself from ebaying this Jenny doll for my dark haired girl. Phoebe loves her. She squeals when she sees her and starts smacking at her and gets all squinty. It is so cute! Of course right now all she wants to do is eat the shoes and gum her face. I’m sure I’ll have to put her up on a shelf for a few years until she’s really ready for Jenny. That’ll give me some time to work on outfits. Maybe even a cool camping outfit like Sadie’s Mandy has!

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  1. Elizabeth Mackey says:

    Oh those little red shoes!! My youngest daughter wore those very same ones and it just became her trade mark. I loved how cute they looked on her,they certainly look adorable on Phoebe.I love your blog by the way!!:)

  2. jstar says:

    i went up to my parents’ cabin in january and pulled out a box full of mandy, jenny, becky, mikey and all their clothes. it was so fun! jenny and mikey were mine and the other two were my sisters. my mom sewed them the hippest late 70s wardrobe and we had a few purchased outfits (including jenny’s roller skates). too cool for school
    that is so cute that phoebe gets so excited for jenny

  3. Nicole says:

    I had Jenny!! She was my favorite doll and I toted her around everywhere. As soon as I go the ultrasound and realized I was having a girl I got one on ebay. I still have all the clothes my grandmother made for her and now my daughter has them.

  4. Sarah says:

    You’ve just cleared up a big mystery from my childhood! I had a blonde version of that doll, but never remembered that she was called that on the box, so for years now I’ve been wondering what possessed me to call my doll mandy… She lives on in a box at my grandparents’ house. With most of her hair shorn, if I recall.

  5. Dawn says:

    My girls had that doll! We kept them… and when my granddaughter was old enough to play with her mom’s Jenny…I made an entire wardrobe – complete with a bride dress and veil – and gave it to her for Christmas one year. She loved it!
    The tradition continues…
    It hardly seems possible that your Phoebe is now playing with dollies.
    Sweet photo…

  6. Gretchen says:

    I’ve got Mandy and Jenny and some of their clothes and patterns stuffed on a shelf in my daughter’s room. If she’s anything like me, she’ll love looking at them and have no earthly idea how to play with them. But I still love them, and they’re the one set of dolls I might actually break down and make clothes for.

  7. Emily says:

    I thought that red shoe looked familiar! I had Mandy and Becky and my brother had Mikey. My Nana used to make beautiful clothes for them and that’s how I learned to sew, by helping her.. I remember she and I went to all the toy stores in town looking for a pair of white shoes- Becky had white shoes and Mandy had red ones and we needed two pairs of white shoes to go with the pretty Easter dresses my Nana had made for them.. we never found another pair of white shoes, of coures, that was pre-Ebay!

  8. elizabooth says:

    My three year old blondie daughter plays with her auntie’s Mandy doll (auntie was/is a total tomboy and never ever played with the doll herself) and loves her. The outfits are pretty awesome, but I hadn’t thought of making more myself. Hooray for Mandy/Jenny.

  9. Janelle says:

    Ooooohhhhh…I had a Mandy and my sister had a Jenny! My mom used to sew clothes for them–I’ll never forget having a dress and a nightgown that matched my Mandy doll.
    My mom still has them at home and now my nieces pull them out and play with them when they visit.
    Your Phoebe has the sweetest little face, I love seeing pics of her!

  10. Carrie says:

    Wow, blast from the past! I had the Mandy doll and my sister had Jenny. I wonder where those are…My mom probably sold them at a garage sale when I wasn’t looking.

  11. Kathy says:

    I found your blog a little bit back, and I love it! I also had a my friend Mandy and just recently found a picture of when I received it for Christmas!
    My daughter is also a brunette like me (so why Mandy, I don’t know!), and my mom has my Mandy doll and all the clothes we sewed for her waiting for my little girl. Wish she would hurry up and ship it, the memories of these dolls are just overwhelming! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Marisa says:

    I still have my Mandy and Jenny and you are the first person I’ve seen who knows them too. In fact, I still have their outfits and find myself drawn to clothes that look like Mandy’s – particularly peasant shirts and clogs! My grandmother and I used to make clothes for the dolls when we had sleepovers – some of my first experiences with a sewing machine Oh, I should have my mom send mine to me! Thanks for the lovely photo and memories.

  13. Amanda says:

    omg! I have my old Mandy doll. My daughter loves her. I have all the clothes and the patterns. So glad to see others enjoy Mandy as much as we do!

  14. kittycatalina says:

    Ha, I know that was a My Friend shoe! I was thinking the quilting trio looked very My Friend with their patterned bodies.
    I loved my Mandy and Jenny dolls and boy do they hold up well too! I think you can put them in the washing machine, or at least my mom did once when mine got gross.
    You two have fun!

  15. carol says:

    I bought Penny “Mandy” when she turned 2 on ebay. The funny thing, they look a lot alike!
    I have the patterns for all of the gangs clothes- bought that on ebay too. I think we need to have a clothes making marathon!

  16. happymamaof3 says:

    Oh!!! How sweet!!! I had/have Jenny and now my girls love her too! Your blog is too cute!!! I look forward to it daily!!Great stuff/ideas!!!

  17. Traci says:

    I had the Mandy and my sister the Jenny. I am brunette and she a blonde. Bro. had Mikey. We LOVED those dolls. Tried to get a few on ebay last year for my sister’s birthday. We even had a book that had patterns for the clothes and my mom would sew them. Oh, fine memories!

  18. Anna says:

    I have Mandy, Jenny and Becky from when I was little. My daughter who is 5, loves them. They are still at my parents house, and she plays the heck out of them when she is there. Poor Mandy’s hair has been brushed and brushed and washed and curled….and it still looks fabulous! They just don’t make dolls the way they used to.

  19. nan says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG! I SQUEEED with delight when I saw this picture! I HAVE THE SAME DOLL. It is hanging out with my “little huggums” doll downstairs and is missing her shoes! lol.
    OH THIS IS SOOO COOOL. *squee*

  20. alicia policia says:

    I had a Jenny doll too, but I don’t know if we hung onto her. She was a great doll, and as a brunette, I remember I always preferred having brunette dolls as well (and if not brunettes, then red heads were the next most desirable, then finally blondes). I’m sure you’ll make so top notch accessories for her.

  21. Moonbeam says:

    I knew what that red shoe was the second I saw it in your previous post! My sisters and I had three of these dolls growing up – we called them Ginger (red hair), Becky (blonde), and Darling (the Brunette in your photo). Those red shoes were my absolute favorite for the dolls to wear. That brings back such good memories! Thanks for posting!

  22. Moonbeam says:

    Come to think of it, Ginger, Becky and Darling remind me a lot of your new Kit, Chloe and Louise dolls 🙂 I can’t wait to see the clothes you come up with for them! Are you going to be selling these as patterns?

  23. oliver rain says:

    Jenny’s pretty cute, but she doesn’t hold a candle to darling Phoebe. My girl played with dolls when she was a very little girl. I miss dollies. Maybe I should just by myself one?

  24. Melissa says:

    Those dolls take me back to my childhood: I had Mandy and my sister had Jenny. I think I still have them somewhere in a box at my mom’s house, along with about 50 Cabbage Patch Kids!

  25. Jenn says:

    Oh! I had both Mandy and Jenny dolls growing up and loved them to pieces. My girls adore going to Grandmas and getting to play with them….I can’t figure out how my Mother ended up with them and not me.
    How can you not love these dolls!!!!

  26. Christine says:

    I had these dolls and loved them. But I never had any fun outfits for them. Maybe ’cause I only had them for a year or two before Cabbage Patch Kids took over.

  27. kristin says:

    those are so so so sweet 🙂
    Also wanted to let you know that I’m having a grand contest over at my blog, so if you get a chance, stop on by! 🙂

  28. Kristy says:

    I had Becky (red hair – to match mine) & my little sister had Jenny (to match her hair). And my mum made them FABULOUS outfits & they are all waiting until my monkey is old enough to play with them. Maybe in a couple of years!!!!! These dolls provided many hours of happiness.

  29. filambulle says:

    How my! Is really Phoebe already that big??!!!?? Well I can’t believe I have been away from your blog for sooo long.
    She is darling and has still the best hair I’ve ever seen on a baby.
    Now guess what? I long to put my red shoes on. Too bad it is raining today.
    xo from Switzerland

  30. Jenny says:

    I nearly flipped when I saw the My Friend Jenny doll in the pic! I had one just like her when I was little (cause my name is Jenny too, of course). She had a straw hat and different shoes – probably long gone now… She was my favorite doll. Thanks for the fun memory! Phoebe is adorable, by the way.

  31. Stacy says:

    Funny how so many of us thirty-somethings(?) had those old Fisher Price dolls. I adored my Mandy doll of course and still have her packed away along with all of her clothes. At least twice a year my husband asks me if I really need to keep that untouched box of dolls (I have sons only!) and of course I say yes. I love Mandy and imagine myself when I’m an extremely old lady taking her out and talking to her like we used to.

  32. MrsSteel says:

    I had that Jenny doll, too! My mom made some cute little dresses for her, but that calico jumper was my favorite. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  33. Juli says:

    I had that doll too! I got her when I had my adenoids taken out. That was a good trade…adenoids for lots of ice cream & my beautiful doll. Loved her!

  34. lynne says:

    My little 15 month one loves dolls right now too, mainly licking them.
    Thank goodness for baby jail, is another thing I have to say about this post! I never understood until I became a mother.

  35. eleni says:

    i had Jenny! she was my fave growing up. i wonder if i still have her.. hopefully she didnt go thru the punk phase like my barbies did!! they all ended up with chopped mullets and sticky food coloring in their hair!
    Horaaayy for long lost lovely dolls!

  36. Eva says:

    I just dug out Mandy and Jenny for my preschool daughter. I LOVED those dolls when I was young. I didn’t read through all the other comments, so if no one else has offered you copies of the original clothing pattern book for these dolls let me know and I’ll send along copies to you—not that you of all people need a pattern!

  37. nancy ross says:

    Me too, me too!! My daughter loved Mandy and Jenny and I still have the patterns and some fabric for their clothes that i never got around to using. Now I’m inspired again. Thanks!

  38. MandyGerth says:

    Since my name is Mandy I of course had the Mandy doll. My amazing grandmother made me and My Friend Mandy matching outfits and even a wee closet. I still have and cherish them.

  39. junieb says:

    I have both Mandy and Jennifer saved for my daughter. Who is 32 with no thoughts of reproducing. But when the dolls where first out they came with patterns which I have quite a few, if you want them let me know I can copy them for you 🙂

  40. jennifer says:

    I had them all too, and my girls are playing with them too. It’s just amazing They must have been made with such great quility. There hair still can be combed, it had to find good dolls now. To bad fisher price doesn’t come out with a new doll

  41. Denise says:

    Hey! I have Mandy and Jenny. I received Mandy first, then, as soon as Jenny came out, my mom bought her for me, because she had brown eyes and brown hair. They need clothes, that’s actually why I was searching Mandy and Jenny when I stumbled across you lovely walk down memory lane. Thank you!

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