haul out the holly!

handmade felt christmas stocking

our new family stockings! BAM! I am so flippin excited to have these done. These were my must do Christmas project because we only had 3 matching stockings and that wouldn’t do since we now have our fourth. I knew I wanted them to be vintage looking, made of felt, put together with glue and very glittery. Then I came up with the train idea and it all came together. I used the illustrations from Train to Timbuctoo, by Margaret Wise Brown with illustrations by Art Seiden, as a guide and made an engine, a tender, a passenger car and a caboose.

handmade felt christmas stocking

Already these stockings have the feel of old family heirlooms. Already there has been unrest. Lots of whiny “I want to be the engine!” from Oscar. Lots of jokes about how Tim shouldn’t be the engine since he admittedly kinda never knows what’s going on around here. Some debate about the car assignment and traditional family roles. Laughing at Mom who made a passenger car for a boy whose nickname is boxcar. And Tim had me rolling out of bed doing a 16 year old Phoebe asking why she has to be the ass of the train?!

I have lots more to say about these but no more computer time so here are the pics… One last thing, I LOVE glitter!

handmade felt christmas stocking

handmade felt christmas stocking

handmade felt christmas stocking

handmade felt christmas stocking

42 thoughts on “haul out the holly!

  1. Amy Hodge says:

    Holy cow, these are so unbelievably adorable! You definitely got the vintage feel right on these. Hard to say which part I like best, but I do really love the style of the lettering. Awesome job!!

  2. Sarah Adamson says:

    I actually Love Dad as the engine. To me, it’s a respectful but fun way to honor his hard work (…Assuming he’s bringing home some bacon bits from a boring-ass job. Of course; I know assuming makes an ass of me, so be nice).
    [FYI: My husband works, while I lay around at home, trying to be crafty, but mostly wearing jammies through my chronic pelvic pain. I have a sad-life perspective.]
    Love, Sarah

  3. carol says:

    beyond adorable…and your commentary is great! I wonder what I was thinking when I put myself at the end of our stocking row…thinking of others besides myself?! I wish I were that pious!

  4. bethany says:

    These are so cute!!! We grew up with felt stockings my mom had made… each had a tree that was made from writing our name in cursive up the center line and it was reflected on both sides, if that makes sense??
    Ah, we’re nearing those teenage years sooner than later with my daughter and I hate to say it, but your husband is absolutely right!!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the recommendation for “The Train to Timbuctoo”. I found it on amazon.ca, a used one for $5 and it only has to come from PEI, I am in Nova Scotia! My 3 year old grandson is a train fanatic and it will be nice to have a “new” train other than Thomas (we love Thomas!).
    Thanks for your blog! And have a very Merry Christmas!
    Barbara in Nova Scotia

  6. autismtymz2 says:

    Ooo! Such lovely stockings! Love the glitteriness (is that a word, lol)!
    You have inspired me 🙂 Perfect for our 13yodd and 10yods to accomplish this weekend.
    Merry Christmas indeed! Think snow!

  7. Kayte says:

    The stockings are FANTASTIC!!! I just finished making new ones for our family too and it is such a sense of accomplishment! So BRAVO!!!

  8. Margolis says:

    so whimsical! Love them and the garland over them. Good for you for getting that off your list, too – bet it feels great.

  9. Kristin says:

    Oh my goodness…I love these!! We need to redo our stockings too, I don’t like our unmatchy ones. I am so looking forward to taking on this project…for next Christmas!
    P.S. Love your Advent calendar…we have a similar one. I had to have one just like the one we used to open at my grandmother’s!

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