doll list continued, All Mine!

Unlike lists one and two, the dolls on this list live at my house instead of on my wishlist. Making these lists has brought up the collector in me and I decided it was finally time to snatch up a wawaya creation for myself. I was so excited to get this wonderful wawaya mini in the mail. It’s so clever and so tiny. I love tiny.

My next acquistion was something I spotted in my flickr stream. I gasped when I saw this guy, ran over to etsy and snatched it up for only $18! I love my pink furry, horned flummerie. And Phoebe is mesmerized by it.

The newest doll in the house is actually Oscar’s but I like to pretend that it’s mine. Super Oscar! Carol made this amazing superhero doll for Oscar to go along with the excellent “O” t-shirt with shiny cape that she also made for him. Besides being floored by her wonderful, creative and thoughtful gift (I love handmade!) I’m also relieved because making Oscar a cape was on my Christmas gift to-do list…check!

Ok, time to get off the computer and back to the sewing room for the latest doll, the one I’m making for Phoebe for Christmas.

17 thoughts on “doll list continued, All Mine!

  1. liz says:

    i love them all!
    sometimes i am just so astounded by all the talent out there. and so thankful for the blogging community and for all the sharing that is possible.
    thanks for sharing some of your collection with us!
    they are all so cute…

  2. carol says:

    I can’t wait to see what you come up for Phoebe!
    The Super Oscar makes me laugh- let’s just say I have a total admiration for those that can get away with believable creatures! It was a bit intimidating knowing who I was making a toy for, I mean son, but then again it’s like the cook who no one cooks for because of who he/she is…that ridiculous as well!

  3. Cindy says:

    You have been giving me such inspiration and fun to look forward to the last few weeks! I have loved all the info and tips that I have gotten here! I love the little pink horned fuzzy guy! Thank you for all the info, tips and tuts over the last few weeks!

  4. Angela says:

    Ok, I think I’ve seen the Incredibles too often. I keep hearing the words “No Capes” in my head! (not that one isn’t possibly on my list of things to do for dd)

  5. Vicki Riley says:

    I would like to send you one of my patterns to make a tiny doll. Just go to my website and choose the one you want. My favorite for you would be “Sparkle”. Let me know where to send it.

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