free pig!

This little piggie was whispering in my ear… “So you didn’t get us all done, so what. I’m done! Let me out into the world. It’s Christmas, there are trees waiting for me.” Ok pig.

So here‘s a new freebie wee wonderfuls pattern. Hope you like it 🙂

109 thoughts on “free pig!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you thank you thank you indeed. It feels like…Christmas. Christmas plus my birthday. Sweet. I love that someone is making this for her mother-in-law. I’m afraid it might be misconstrued if I did that.
    At any rate, You Rock.

  2. Jacqui says:

    Oh so gorgeous! Could be a perfect thing to do while we’re away for Xmas and I don’t have a sewing machine. I was going to try a tiny felt teddy but this pig has so much style!

  3. bethany says:

    LOVE it!!! I might try him for my nephew’s ornament! I was going to do your wee robot from the softies book and make him into an ornament… but the pig looks so cute on the tree!

  4. bethany says:

    LOVE it!!! I might try him for my nephew’s ornament! I was going to do your wee robot from the softies book and make him into an ornament… but the pig looks so cute on the tree!

  5. sooz says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you SO much for sharing this pattern – I’ve been in a non-crafting fug for far too long and wanted so badly to create something for gifts for nearest and dearest and your little pig is perfect for that! I’m going to be busy tomorrow 😀

  6. margaret says:

    My two year olds favorite movie is *Babe*. So very perfect. Thanks for the free patterns and all the inspiration you provide regularly.

  7. Meg says:

    Awesome oinkers! Thanks for putting it together, Hillary! I’ll be making this one shortly!
    btw – I just posted my gnomes to the flickr group. The pattern was fabulous, and I’m loving the result!

  8. Jo says:

    Thanks Hilary! It must be the day for free patterns. I just uploaded a free pattern for a christmas crown to my blog today for all to enjoy 🙂
    Now that’s the Christmas spirit – have a wonderful season!

  9. nwnonna says:

    Hillary, your generousity just tipped me into that good ole’ Christmas spirit. Thank you so very much for the Pink Porcine pattern. This old Nonna loves the handmade gifts.

  10. Claudia says:

    Hi, Hillary!
    I´ve just discovered your blog and it´s already in my “Favorites”!! Your embroidery projects are amazing! So delicate and adorable! I´ve posted a note talking about your beautiful work and inviting people to visit your blog. I hope you don´t mind…
    I´ve loved the elf stitchette freebie! It´s my next project!!!
    Take a look at my place whenever you can! (Despite the fact it´s in Portuguese, I can translate anything to you; just leave me a message!)

  11. Siri says:

    I like to give my mom a marzipan pig for her birthday that falls the week before Christmas. Maybe this year she’ll get a felt one instead, since I can’t find a marzipan one anywhere this year.

  12. april s says:

    Oh I LOVE it! When the page first loaded and I saw the pig ornament I was freaking out – but then to get the pattern too! Thank you 🙂

  13. Holly in Virginia, USA says:

    OInK, OINK,
    My adult worked on an organic vegetable, flower, poultry & piggie farm this summer. I am making this pattern for the farmer & his wife! Thanks ever so much,
    Holly, mom to Patrick, the wanna-be-farmer someday
    You are just too kind to provide us with these wonderful wee patterns!

  14. Meg says:

    This is so sweet and thank you for posting the free pattern! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to pull it up. Is the pattern still available?

  15. Hannah says:

    This little pig is so darling, I would just love to make one of my own. Unfortunately, I too am having difficulties accessing the pattern. I hope I didn’t miss my opportunity to download it..?

  16. hillary says:

    check your downloads folder. when you click the link it takes you right to the pdf which is most browsers will automatically download the file and/or open it with preview.

  17. craftyannie says:

    thankyou so much iv been looking for a pig pattern for ages but then again im always looking for patterns as im a passionate crafter

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