peppermint stitchettes in the shop!

Happy Cyber Monday folks. We’re doing our part by adding a new holiday offering to the Wee Wonderfuls shop today. Peppermint Fairy Stitchettes (new and improved with wings!)…
peppermint fairy
Thank god for online shopping. I’ve done about half my holiday shopping and need to finish up tonight. All online. I’m going to have to add the UPS man to my Christmas list.  I wasn’t a big fan of holiday shopping before I had 2 kids in tow and now I dread it so much that I’ll pay just about anything in shipping to avoid the stores in December. Although I noticed last year that avoiding all those crowds also meant missing some of the Christmasness of the season, being out at night with the lights and the seeing all the decorations in the shops, etc. Maybe we’ll hit some stores but without the to-buy list. Festive without the stress, perfect!

25 thoughts on “peppermint stitchettes in the shop!

  1. Miss Sassy says:

    Working on my gnome now. My little one saw a picture of it online and thought it was Santa! So, he confirmed my purchase and my little gnome will be wearing red.
    Cute new shop items!

  2. Michelle U says:

    Yay peppermint fairy! I’m so excited….this is going to be a Wee Wonderful’s Christmas I’m making my 2 year old nephew,Wesley, spaceboy and robot…My Mema& Papa are getting Mr. & Mrs. Gnome…And some lucky dog is gonna get something with the peppermint fairy on it…maybe i’ll make it for myself! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your talent with the world Hillary!

  3. Michelle says:

    Definitely leave the pocketbook at home, and just take the family out at night to look at lights and window displays. Well maybe bring a couple of bucks for hot cider or chocolate…? I just love hearing my two and five year olds ooh and ahh and use multiple exclamation marks upon seeing every. single. string. of Christmas lights. Makes me smile every time. Just like your Peppermint Stitchettes!

  4. bethany says:

    My Christmas shopping is exactly the same! I hit 3 stores today in a major way and checked off half my list with a couple clicks of the mouse! Just wait until the kids get older… my nine year old actually adds the links to what he wants and I just follow them and I’m done! Brilliant!

  5. Emily Cole says:

    So cute! I have really got to do some embroidery for Christmas this year! I was planning on doing some of the flour sack towels, but think my skills need some fine tuning first… I guess we’ll see. I love to see what you’re stitching! Em

  6. melissa says:

    wasn’t there a cute post here yesterday about some great little ornaments and a wish for a white feathered tree??? am i losin’ it? where did that go? and is the pdf in process???
    ps love the stitchettes!!!

  7. Marcy says:

    I just got done stitching an acorn fairy for my mum. The whole time I was working on it and eyeing her little friends I kept thinking how much I would adore having that grouping in a clear stamp set. I’m primarily a paper crafter and would love those images to make cards, embellish scrapbooks and alter projects. I know you have a lot on your plate, but might you consider it? Pretty please?

  8. Cece Marie says:

    That is the cutest stitchette yet!
    I’ve asked Santa (Hubby) for some of your patterns and I made sure he really heard me. I can’t wait!
    Do you sell wholesale to shops? Just curious. If yes than I know of 2 fabulous stores in Northern CA that should absolutely carry your designs!

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