reversible jumper

More baby clothes today. I made a little reversible jumper for Phoebe. It was inspired by this one by Makie. I made mine out of a linen Japanese print and a solid cotton poplin. I made the test pattern out of muslin and was so excited when I tried it on her. Thought this would make the perfect baby outfit. Something to throw over her one gazillion onesies. And it turned out great and I do love it, on the hanger. It’s a little stiff and a little big. The big is okay but I think I’ll try the next one in a lighter fabric. It’s hard to outfit these squirmy babies. I really should be making things out of knits but knits scare the bejesus out of me. Me and my 20 year old sewing machine.

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  1. hollyoski says:

    Knits are easy and you don’t have to finish the seams! Just make sure you buy a sewing machine needle with a yellow band (those are ballpoints for knits!) Knits are great, and not to fear! They are super stretchy for hard to fit babies!

  2. Andrea says:

    maybe it will soften up a bit after washing a few times.
    Its really cute I saw a great pattern for a kimono dress yesterday. Its NewLook # 6333 at
    I thought it was really cute and great for fall. Phoebe has the prettiest hair!

  3. Emily says:

    I love how P (aka B.B.F.H.) is looking at the smock…it’s like curious + skeptical all a the same time. 😉
    Knits are scary, but I alter knit clothes all the time…I just am terrified of building from the ground up. And I can’t justify a serger, since I, um, don’t ever sew with knits. See that circular logic there?

  4. dearcaralou says:

    That jumper is so darling. And I love all of Phoebe’s hair!
    Think I can get away with putting a jumper like that on my baby boy who’s due in 4 weeks? Probably not, huh? Maybe for the next baby… 🙂

  5. amy k. says:

    oh, I hear you on the stiff fabric–I have never made anything but head stuff for babies under a year for that reason-too stiff. . .and knits, they are so unfun. I know there are cool ones out there, but. . .

  6. madmommy says:

    I would never have pegged you as the type to be scared of knits! You seem so on top of sewing! Trust me, if I can make little kids stuff with knits, anyone can, lol. I have the Kwik Sew book for toddlers (there’s also a baby one), and I consider it the end-all-be-all of knits. Love the jumper, adorable baby!

  7. Mary Ellen says:

    Your baby is perfection!!! The only tricks to working with knits are careful pattern cutting and (more importantly) the proper machine needle. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love!

  8. Wendy says:

    Knits scare me, too! Something to look forward to though is that it gets easier to make clothes for girls as they get older. I tried a couple things for Cosette early on and was always frustrated and discouraged, plus they fit for like a week. Now that she’s a year I can make a dress and it’ll fit for quite a while.

  9. Christina says:

    You are so talented! To be able to just look at something cute and then to turn around and make it! Phoebe is such a cutie and so lucky to have such a cute dress! My due date is Sept. 21st, I’m having a little girl too, can’t wait!

  10. susaninfrance says:

    what a cute dress and baby! i was searching for a little jumper/smock thing to make my lucie which would also be reversible (inspired from all those adorable Japanese children’s clothing books) and after using tons of hand-drawn patterns based on your jumper with the bunny pattern, i found an old vintage reversible smock pattern! yea!! now i just need to make the smock for the 7th time.

  11. Heather G says:

    ha ha ha! so glad i’m not the only knit-scared seamstress out there! i avoid that shizz like the plague. phoebe is so cute. i want to borrow her just to have a little baby girl to dress again! alas, my girl is 8 and we live in boytown with her 6y, 3y, and 9 mo. old brothers.

  12. Angela says:

    Lovely little outfit. Have you tried quilting cottons? They tend to wash up as very soft — and would be lighter and less stiff than the linen but not as scary as knits.

  13. mom2fur says:

    What a cute little baby! I love the dress, too! Don’t be afraid of knits. One thing I find helps is to put a little piece of paper, or tearaway stabilizer, under the seam for the first few stitches. My machine (and it is way younger than 20, LOL) tends to push knits down into the place where the bobbin is, unless I stabilize the start of each seam.
    A baby jumper seems (I almost wrote ‘seams’) like a good place to start with knits!

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