What are Olive and Archie up to now!

Hey make-a-longers, long time no action. That’s all about to change. Today the latest chapter has been released along with pattern number 6 for a sweet little jumper for Olive and a pair of jazzy overalls for Archie.

handmade dolls

The make-a-long resolution along with one final pattern (for pjs!) is just around the corner.

15 thoughts on “What are Olive and Archie up to now!

  1. purple petunia says:

    Will there be a copy of the finished book available? Or even a sweet little booklet, like your patterns. A please!/suggestion.
    My daughter had me check for updates just last night. She will be so excited!

  2. debra cooper says:

    ohmystinkingoodness, this really is the coolest idea ever. I have so enjoyed every chapter–and I haven’t even MADE anything yet! BUT, I have the patterns, for when the time comes 😉 I wouldn’t miss out on this for the world…not that my kids would even let me…. Thanks so much for this fun journey!

  3. brandy says:

    I’m a tad behind but I just got my O&A doll patterns. Not sure when I’m gonna squeeze them in, but I can’t wait to get started!

  4. suzuki says:

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  5. Jude says:

    I’ve just read my Lily the story three times. I’ll be kind of sad when this finishes Hillary. I’ve really enjoyed it. I have made one for set for Lily and another for a daughter of one of my friends. Thanks for the fun.

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