30 thoughts on “working on my correspondence

  1. Jude says:

    We don’t do the announcement thing here in Australia but it looks like a lovely way to introduce your baby – any excuse to; buy nice stationary, print multiples of your favourite picture and tell the world about a special new person sounds good to me.

  2. jen says:

    Longtime lurker here. I’m popping in to say as a mother of a three-month old, crazy-haired Lily June that the hair hasn’t changed over here yet…despite the fact that I was born bald and my husband and son had only a little bit of reddish-brown hair at birth.
    I have to agree with you- hairy babies are awesome. I am so enjoying buring my face in that softness…and the birth announcements.

  3. emma says:

    Hi Hilary, I just wanted to say thanks – I ordered the Space Boy & Robot Pattern as well as some stitchettes and I got them today! Super speedy postage – I have never received anything faster from the States. You mailed them the day after I ordered them, amazing – I am still sleepless due to my 8 month old (youngest of 3)…I could barely leave the house when he was 4 weeks old let alone get to the post office! I can’t wait to start on the patterns! Thanks again – Emma. PS: Your beautiful Phoebe and I share a birthday :). Love the announcements.

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