14 thoughts on “vw love

  1. anna says:

    Hi Oscar!
    Lollopard here.
    we are so happy to hear that you like your new t-shirt!
    Best regards from Sweden
    Anna Rydén

  2. Caya says:

    Adorable!! But are you one of those kinds of parents that is able to have their kids keep white shirts for longer than 3 days, before it is hopelessly, irredeemably stained? I envy & admire you!

  3. Caroline says:

    Oscar looks great in the shirt!
    We are thrilled that he likes it – could not resist sending him one since he loves cars so much!

  4. Amy B. says:

    Such a cute shirt! No wonder Oscar loves it!
    Incidentally, where did you get that gorgeous landscape painting that’s on the wall behind him?

  5. kristin says:

    I just got mine in pink for my almost 4 year old daughter, who’s a maniac for cars. Thanks for the great birthday idea!! (They are on sale now!)

  6. cindy says:

    What a handsome little dude, in a super cool t-shirt. It’s wierd that kids don’t feel temperatures. Like he can wear a long sleeve shirt in the heat, and probably, like my kids, wear next to nothing in the freezing weather! Kids are funny.

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