one in ten

Amazingly I’ve been able to squeeze in some doll making lately. I’ve got the craft room set up with the baby amusements (bouncy chair, activity mat, swing, etc) and enough projects for Oscar that we can all hang out together happily for a few moments a day. Making some new dolls has been high on my post-move list for quite a while now and after seeing Teresa‘s brilliant fruit and ice cream dolls I got all itchy and had to jump in on some perfectly round head action.

Ivy here is part of a trio. Imogene, Ivy and Ingrid are going to help me with some Hand Sewing For Fun promotional materials. When Ivy’s finished with her duties she’ll be off to the winner of the one in ten auction which will take place August 19-24 on ebay.

33 thoughts on “one in ten

  1. maggie Smith says:

    OH MY she is just too cute for words!! When do we get to see all three??? (love that blue hair sneak-peak) can’t wait!!!
    xx, maggie

  2. kerflop says:

    This is, by far, my most favorite thing you’ve ever sewn to date. Well, the road quilt is up there too, I keep trying to find the time to make one.
    I love her.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I love her! Adorable. She actually reminds me of a doll my sister had, that was given to her by our grandma. Not necessarily the way she looks…but just that I know she will be a loved, dragged around everywhere doll.

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