47 thoughts on “a collection is brewing

  1. Nancy says:

    those are great
    my little guy is obsessed with my sewing machine
    i should get him one like this
    he’s a little young though… 19 months.

  2. holly says:

    Whoa! I found the same Holly Hobbie sewing machine at a thrift store in Minneapolis not too long ago. It was in the box with a needle and a bobbin and thread spool.
    I wish I has a new little girl!!!

  3. Peggy-Sue says:

    Oh my gosh – you’ll have a blast collecting these! I’ve been collecting little sewing machines for years (including the Playskool one you have above, my mom actually kept it from when I was little – my boys love to play with it) and I just had a daughter and I can’t wait to put them in her room.
    But watch out, it’s a slippery slope – soon you’ll discover doll-sized tin washing machines that work! And little tin fridges! And tiny stoves! I even found a tiny tin toy mangle.
    And belated congratulations your little puddin’ Phoebe – she’s simply beautiful.

  4. Heather Bailey says:

    I collect these too. I have the cutest little pink one. In fact, I almost photographed it with Amy Karol’s new book today, but opted for random sewing supplies instead. It looks like you’ve got a fun start with those two.

  5. raine says:

    Ooooohhhh SO CUTE!
    At christmas, Costco had the Sew Easy machine (obviously, not vintage, but still cute!) for kids, and even though both my kids are way too young for it, I bought it and have it packed away to bring out when they’re ready.

  6. tricia says:

    I love those! I just saw a toy sewing machine at our local toy shop that is pink and lavender, made of wood, and comes with an adorable sewing kit complete with pretend spools of thread and scissors. Too cute! I will have to go back and see who the maker is.

  7. Bex says:

    I just popped back here after a long absence. Congrats on your new wee one. She’s so lovely with all that velvety soft black hair… WELL DONE! XXxx

  8. Angela says:

    What a fun collection. I love the playskool one! I just finished stitching one of your elf stitchettes, such a fun pattern. Thanks for making them available! (a picture of the first one is up on my blog if you’d like to see)

  9. vanna says:

    so jealous! i love that playskool one, i remember it from when i was a little girl… though i may just be inventing memories, because i love it that much!!

  10. shelley davis says:

    I love your blog. I have a collection of 48 antique children’s sewing machines. They are wonderful!

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