yarn wrapped spool animals

supplies: spools, yarn, felt, button eyes, embroidery floss, pom for bunny tail.

cut out 2 circles for the face and behind, make sure to give the bunnyface some ears. cut out your beak or sheep ears and nose and tail out of felt.

wrap spool nice and fat with yarn and then weave in loose end between the rolls.

glue or sew features on to face and butt. (for sheep glue ears on to side of spool)

glue on face and butt.

an Oscar tip: find an incline somewhere and roll them down and laugh hysterically because they have no feet to stop them.

56 thoughts on “yarn wrapped spool animals

  1. Sarah says:

    These are SOOOO flippin’ adorable!!!! I’m going to make some of these with my kids this afternoon! Can’t wait! BTW- I linked your blog in my own blog this morning. Couldn’t help but share with my little group of friends!

  2. Cerri says:

    Oh, how sweet! I love these, and will be gathering the supplies shortly so that I may do this with my little niece this weekend! She will love them! Such a great idea!!

  3. kelli says:

    These would be excellent attached to a mobile above a crib. I just saw a movie with lovely mobiles full of different spools of brightly died thread. I thought it was such a simple and pretty idea.

  4. Toni says:

    What a fantastic idea! I have a big baggy full of old wooden spools from the thrift and I’ve been wondering what to do with them. Now I know… 🙂

  5. bethieee says:

    This is soo cute.
    I can’t get the mental image of them rolling down an incline out of my head and I’m at work, so I can’t bust up laughing like I want to…

  6. luckybeans says:

    Oh, brilliant! I have a feeling my house is going to be so full of these creatures (we’re allowed to digress, no? spool elephants, aardvarks, hippos, tigers…) I’ll struggle to walk!

  7. Kate says:

    How cute! I wonder if you could hook together multiples to make a fuzzy jointed snake or dragon or something like that. I have a ton of skinny spools from my gutermann thread that would make good snakes.

  8. Siri says:

    Love it. I wish I’d seen this before Easter, but still we can do it, I suppose. Great way to use up all those scraps of yarn and spools sitting around.

  9. Trish says:

    Oooohhhh! These are just too cute! They are going to be our homeschool art project today. This is going to be fun! Thanks for the great idea!

  10. Heather says:

    Very sweet. I may have to try this with my class (elementary school). I wish I didn’t have 850,000 things to do between now and Sunday or I’d whip some of these babies up myself. Love, love, love them.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    I know people say this to you all the time, but I don’t know how you get so much done. Are you planning on bringing some embroidery into the delivery room to help you pass the time while you’re in labor? It wouldn’t surprise me! Thanks for all of the fun projects. I just made my first Wee bunny and I just love it,

  12. lucykatecrafts says:

    i just wanted to say how much i like your stuff, i saw your piece in the crafters companion book too. i am new to the bogging side of things but have been designing crafts for years, is it ok to add a link to your blog from mine?

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