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and popping in again to say the Spring Stitchettes are sold out now. Thanks so much to all you awesome stitchers!! and to those of you who were mentioning ballerina stitchettes… funny you should mention that, more on that later!

hey thanks for all the stitchette orders, you guys rock! just wanted to pop in and say all the orders from yesterday and the day before went out in the mail yesterday. I’ve got my fingers crossed my new post office is as efficient as my old one. and if you’re looking at your package thinking "oh my, she is harried" please know Oscar did a lot of the stamping!

19 thoughts on “outgoing

  1. Kristine says:

    Oh, no! Will there be more Spring Stitchettes available? Ballerinas would be fantastic. Have you thought about Stitchettes with their pets or favorite toys? I think they would be adorable, and not only because I want a Stitchette holding a stuffed panda bear like my little Lucy:)

  2. blop says:

    Wow, those are hot items, looking forward to receiving mine. Love the ballerinas idea and the pets too. Keep up the great work. Love it!

  3. Chris says:

    OH NO… I’ve been so busy…Will you be selling these again???? My daughters name is Georgia, she has crocs and finally flowers are blooming…Let me know I’ll buy extras!

  4. Beth says:

    oh no! I missed them.. darn it. Are you going to have more soon? Just when I was getting ready to make Em’s book bag for the library…. They sure are cute though!

  5. Barbara C. says:

    Oh, may I second, third, sixteenth the request for a reprint of the latest stitchettes. I’ve missed it also. Pleaseo!
    Barbara C.

  6. Carrie says:

    Wow! I was going to ask if there are going to be more of the stitchettes printed but I see everyone else already has! 🙂 Do you do multiple printings? I hope so because I just recently found you and I would LOVE some!! Your work is absolutely fabulous and congrats on the new house!

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