Oliver Observes

Oliver here is Spring Stitchette number 2. He was inspired by Oscar’s newfound fascination with binoculars. The big fat curls were a repeat suggestion from the readers and they’re awfully cute. thanks guys!

Last night I was working on his partner in crime, Miles Mows, and after nearly erasing through the paper to get it right realized that his carefully rendered push mower just ended up looking like he was riding a segway! Not really what I was going for so I scrapped it and started over. Turns out I’m so much happier with what I ended up with. Can’t wait to stitch it up. Funny how that works.

Happy Spring everyone!

20 thoughts on “Oliver Observes

  1. Nicole says:

    Adorable… I agree, the big fat curls are the way to go.
    I don’t suppose you are making a Delanie? Or a ‘D’ name, with a girl as your subject? Thought I might just check…

  2. Bethany says:

    Oh, he looks exactly like my little blue-eyed, curly-haired blond boy! (who was an amateur ornithologist at age two — completely obsessed with birds.) Perfect!

  3. Colleen says:

    Oliver is so adorable! And its my FAVORITE boys name! So adorable , im sure oscar will look like that in a few years 🙂

  4. hilde says:

    thank you hillary for the quick sending of the big footed bunny pattern! As usual a very beautiful little booklet! thanx!

  5. Taryn Domingos says:

    How did you just channel my friend Oliver to your stitching?? I knew a boy back in highschool who was named Oliver (we called him Ollie) and he had the biggest, fattest curls you could imagine! I was always jealous of him for having natural corkscrew curls.
    This is absolutely perfect!

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