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Another balmy day here in Chicago. So weird when it gets warm but nothing has caught up, 70s and no green to be found anywhere. Why am I always talking about the weather. I’m getting old. And I feel like I’ve written those exact words before. Further evidence.

On to more important matters. These or these? (sorry I had to take those links out because that store kept spamming me.) I’m playing the this or that game quite a bit lately. Mostly about shelving and bedding. I’m obsessed with shelves and sheets. I’m trying to find the perfect shelving/toy storage solutions for Oscar’s room and for the playroom. And trying to figure out toddler bed or twin for Oscar. Make a quilt or buy bedding. I was stuck on these for a while but then yesterday I decided to make something myself and bought up a bunch of this fabric at reprodepot

And shelving. Seems so simple. Especially if you live in an Ikea area, which thank god, we do. But I can’t find anything that I want. Nothing’s just right. I’m trying to figure out a great Ikea hack and still not having much luck. I was hoping to have everything move in ready but I think it’s going to be a case of shopping garage sales and flea markets and sales all summer until I find the perfect things. Of course they sell all the perfect things at torturous places like Modern Seed… the $500 toddler bed, the $500 shelves, the $3,000 best napping chair. Jerks.

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  1. amy says:

    I like the Hippie Bus fabric a lot better. Now that my daughter loves to point out and name animals, cars, trains, etc on anything that she can, I am realizing that pictorial fabrics are more fun for her. My mom and I made her a doll quilt this weekend and when it came time to choose the backing, I went with a modern cat print. Not really my style, but I knew she’d get really excited by all the Cats! Cats! Cats! And I was right–she loved it, much more than the cool polka dot I would have otherwise gone with.

  2. stickchick says:

    OH man, my hubbo would love the vanagon fabric!!
    The chair isn’t the perfect napping chair- those three babies sitting in it were WIDE awake. See, I just saved you $3000!! (hehe)

  3. Carol says:

    Skip the toddler bed and go for the twin. If the height is an issue and a bed railing isn’t working, put the twin mattress on the floor.

  4. Kari says:

    We bought the lion shoes oh so long ago. They are REALLY cute, but they did look dingy after awhile (the light beige doesn’t hide the dirt). But I also agree: why not both?

  5. IamSusie says:

    We got one of those super cheap toddler beds at WalMart because they really don’t use it for very long. When the kids turned 3 that’s when they got the big kid bed as a birthday reward for toilet training.
    Alternatively, you could just get a twin mattress and use it on the floor until you choose the perfect bed.
    I vote cherries!

  6. Michelle says:

    I’d pass on the toddler bed, just do the twin and save yourself some money! So you can buy other things, that is… and did you see the end of the html code for the birdy Robeez? How funny!

  7. Heather says:

    I say go for both pair–they’re adorable and make me long for baby #3…
    On the bed issue, we lived in NYC at the time that we had Gus, our #2. Space was an issue so we put Owen in a toddler bed. We’ve since moved and, while our home is overall bigger, their room is actually smaller, so we kept Owen in the toddler bed (he’s going to be 5 in July and still fits in it just fine) and Gus in his crib. Well, Gus is now 2 and a half and ready to have a bed of his own, so he got the toddler bed and Owen got my old twin bed from when I was little. So basically, our plan is that we’re going to wait on investing in something we love until they are old enough for bunk beds. We are actually on year 3 with the toddler bed and expect to get another year or 2 out of it. I adore the modernseed todler bed–if you love it, I say go for it.

  8. sally says:

    Ha! I’ve been debating on whether to make a duvet cover for Big J or order that same bedding set. Love that HR fabric though. [And the lion shoes.]

  9. Alexis says:

    Been watching your posts waiting for the bunny pattern and thought I would pass on a small tidbit concerning the modern furniture pieces. I live in a modern Eichler home and have found many wonderful and useful plans from a book titled Hand Made Modern by Todd Oldham. There are shelves very similar to the ones you posted as well as directions for building everything from a platform bed, a daybed/library (think love seat with shelving at base), as well as many modern accessory ideas. If you or someone you love is handy with power tools this might be worth a look. It certainly wouldn’t take you any longer than shopping flea markets and garage sales all season.

  10. Jenn says:

    I found a toddler bed second hand for Cj and it is the first one I have used. I didn’t have one for my other two…it is true that they don’t use them for long but it is nice because you can use the crib mattress and don’t have to buy a new twin set. although, it is tough to find toddler sheet sets so he never has a flat sheet…hmm, i am not much help, am I? I see a lot of them in second hand shops and at yard sales. they are usually very easy to assemble or you can find directions on line for the brand. as for the shoes…I like the cherries. I have two boys and only one girl so I go as girly as a can with the girl stuff! pink all the way!

  11. Sonja says:

    I vote for the lion slippers. And I love the hippie bus fabric! We’ve moved four times over the last six years (exhausting just hearing about it, but at least with no kids), and my advice is to take it slow. Once you’ve lived in the new space for a couple of weeks, you’ll have a much better idea of what you need where. Unless of course that’s just me. 🙂
    Have fun!

  12. Chris says:

    I love the cherries. I did get tired of the Robeez look with my daughter and bought Pedipeds. They stayed on GREAT and got tons of compliments.
    I’ve recently decided not to do a toddler or twin and going to buy a full size for my toddler.

  13. amanda says:

    They grow out of toddler beds so quickly, it’s worth it to just go with the “big kid bed” and put it on the floor, or a low platform. My husband built the cutest platform for our daughter which has attatchments for pvc piping of all sizes to create different tents. It was very fun, and very frugal!

  14. jstar says:

    straight to twin i say….especially because it is nice to lay next to them for reading stories. we went from crib to twin on the floor and just did a 3rd move into a full bed on a high up antique bed frame. the twin had to go in soon-to-be baby brother’s room.
    and i looooooove the cherrys. i’m planning to buy a pair later today for a friend who had a baby girl. i’m glad someone had a girl so i could buy them…haven’t had an excuse of my own 🙂

  15. carol says:

    oh dear, that bed is just too cool- I could easily justify the purchase! I love our toddler bed (not as beautiful as your dream) still- it’s conveniently wedged in my son’s closet and he uses it when we have guests and I kick him out of his full sized bed. I’m debating to use it for my 3 year old…or just buy the twin so there is symmetry in the shared girls’ room.
    Love the Robeez- I couldn’t decide on what style to buy for Penny…I think the first pairs were chicks, then the choice were to cute so I stayed simple with pink mary janes, then black until she was 2…loved those things. WORTH the $30.

  16. capello says:

    okay, if i had to choose between the lions and cherries i would choose cherries. then again, those are *awfully* pink. it’s like cotton candy on crack.
    as for the furniture, yikes. what happen to days of ten dollar head boards and five dollar chairs? that’s what i want (hell, that’s the best i can afford).

  17. rachel says:

    oh my gosh. I laughed out loud at your post. you are living my life right now. I have a 2.5 y.o. daughter and am having a boy next month. I’ve been to Ikea a bazillion times hoping the perfect storage for the kid’s rooms will just appear. I’m finding it especially hard for our baby boy’s room. Of course, if I were willing to spend any amount of $$$, there would be no issue. good luck with the hunt. I look forward to seeing what you decide on.

  18. Rach says:

    Lions! I think little lion faces looking up at her when she looks at her feet will be cute! I adore cute animal faces on shoes. My daughter had pink kitty robeez. [She moved straight into a twin size bed when baby bro came along.]

  19. cristina says:

    For storage, we have had great luck with an Ikea Expedit bookcase. I bought these see-through mesh cubes with handles that fit perfectly into each of the squares (which are pretty deep). This way the kids can see what’s in the cube and pull it down. (I read some column from an organization expert that said not to put things in boxes they can’t see into because then they pull all them out to find something)

  20. Stacia says:

    I like the lions, for what it’s worth. =)
    The VW fabric is to die for. Also, we just hit Ikea this morning, and I had the same experience you did. Nothing was just right…especially the shelving. Although the bedding section is better this time than last.

  21. carin says:

    What is so fabulous about modern design is the clean simple lines, making it EASY to build, especially plain ole shelves. Make simple box shelves and then do some cool stencilling or use vintage contact paper or wall paper… as far as the bed goes, get a twin and do the Japanese futon thing on the floor–so cozy and modern, too. As far as Robeez go, I love my son’s pedipeds, as I’m a bit bored by the Robeez–too many people have them in my neck of the woods 🙂 They both are cute, though.

  22. erin says:

    cherries and lions! twin bed (or even better, full – it can double as a guest room and you don’t have to worry about him falling out).

  23. Amber says:

    eBay has some cute robeez lookalike shoes that a lady makes very cute my sister bought a pair very nice couldn’t tell the difference and who doesn’t like to support a little homemade cottage industry.

  24. Amy says:

    1. Lions. Definitely 🙂
    2. I saw a great (and cheap) modern toddler bed at which she had bought for her daughter at a very reasonable price, I believe less than $200 with free shipping. It’s in her archives. I saw it after we had already purchased one.

  25. mary says:

    The only perfect toy storage system is the one with a built in toy picker-upper. If you find one of those let us know I’d pay a fortune for one.
    If you skip the toddler bed you can spend the extra money on 2 pairs of robeez.

  26. Laura Duet says:

    Hello! I love your blog and find it to be so inspiring!! I “nominated” your blog for a Thinking Blog award. I know there are no real prizes or anything, but I just wanted you to know that I think so highly of your talent and every visit I make to your blog really makes me happy!

  27. Elisabeth says:

    I vote for the cherry shoes. I’d go straight to the twin bed myself. You can always get a rail for it. I love that bus fabric! I found the cutest fabric with old station wagons and other cars on it the other day, you’d love it. It was flannel, and actually from Joann’s. The background was a light green.I hope you can find some where you are. Have fun with your decorating. And, you might be surprised but Target actually has some really nice home things too.

  28. Cole says:

    A company close to me makes handcrafted eames chairs for under $1000. In fact, a couple of companies buy them and resell them as a store brand. If you are interested, I can get you a phone number.

  29. kendra says:

    I love the hippy bus fabric! I need to make sheets too for our new strange size toddler bed.
    This hand-me-down bunk toddler bed is slightly larger than a crib mattress and of course smaller than a twin, so custom sheets it is. I hope you don’t mind that a 2.5 year old boy in California also may have the hippy bus sheets!
    Robeez are so adorable aren’t they? I’d go for the cherries if I were expecting a girl.

  30. Nancy J. says:

    I would defineately go with the cherries. I have a three year old girl, and it’s really fun to dress them girly, so I’d do the cherries. Also I would definately skip the whole toddler bed thing. They need the twin before you know it anyway, just get a good bed rail and step stool. One bed, one set of bedding and you don’t have to upgrade in a few more months.

  31. raine says:

    i went for the green daisy robeeze myself. honestly, you can’t go wrong either way, because everyone who sees them will stop to say, “awwwwwww what cute slippers!”
    and they’ll be right!

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