Big Footed Bunny pattern books are here!

Put-together Book #3 is up in the shop! The stinkin UPS guy was trying to drive me bonkers by driving by the apartment fifty times this morning and never stopping. Finally he stopped and here they are! And aren’t they beautiful…Tim kicked ass yet again. They’re like big yummy mocha chocolate treats. Thanks Timmy!

oh, and if you are ordering one, please check to make sure your shipping address in paypal is correct. I’ve added a little bit to that effect on the shop page but just wanted to mention it again, thanks!

32 thoughts on “Big Footed Bunny pattern books are here!

  1. Judi says:

    OOOoohhh……. I’m on my way! These are just the cutest and just in time for my Amelia’s Easter Basket! I can’t wait to pick out the fabric! Judi

  2. Sara says:

    Ordered it! I’ll have to make one for my niece for easter! (I also splurged and FINALLY got around to ordering the winter stitchettes and the Spaceboy book.) Someday these things will be collector’s items. Of course, this will be long after I’ve worn out my first copies and had to have ordered a second. Thanks Hillary.

  3. Krista says:

    This is a wonderful pattern for a very wonderful bunny. Very exciting news! I’m sure the blogland and Flickr land are going to be hopping like mad soon with all sorts of these cuties, just in time for Easter! You’ve done it again.

  4. Abby says:

    Had to rush over to the store and pick it up immediately! (and finally give in and get the robot book too) This will tide me over until that animal train pattern comes along 😉
    Thanks for the amazing inspiration as always!

  5. Stephanie Cullison says:

    I just ordered one! I was so excited when I saw they weren’t sold out!!! Woohoo! I haven’t wanted to make one of these since the first time I saw them. Now….you need to add that Fox you made as well :o) I *loved* that one too!!!

  6. Catherine says:

    I just ordered the book and I am happy it was not sold out as of yet. I can’t wait to do a bunny rabbit and keep one for myself and make another one for a family member. Your website inspire me to saw. I like the energy, the good vibes.
    Congratulations on the good work!!!
    This is amazing.
    All the best.

  7. Lorien says:

    I have been obsessed, and not so patiently waiting for this pattern. I plan to make one for my daughter’s Spring Basket! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.

  8. Miss Bliss says:

    I just ordered mine, CAN’T wait to get stared….Thanks Hillary for the push to get it done before Easter. Hey, ya never know maybe I will make a undead one of these too….

  9. Miss Fae says:

    Do you think someone without much sewing experience could manage this pattern? I’m totally excited about it, but for the most part have only made things out of next ties and victorian underthings

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