31 thoughts on “it may look like a snow globe outside

  1. Katie says:

    That is really adorable. I love the idea of all the baby quilts. If only I had a baby with a room to decorate (oh wait I shouldn’t say that just yet).

  2. Sonya says:

    This is my first time commenting – and I felt I had to. You, my dear, have taken ric-rack to new heights! I love the flowers; the little viney embroidery – what a perfect marriage of colors and textures. OK I will turn off the gush.

  3. amy k. says:

    aw man!! look at you go! I wondered aloud if that was ric-rack and now from the comments-I assume it is. (but I still felt clever for about a minute for figuring that out.)
    this is looking so amazing! you should get snowed in more often! (kidding-kidding)

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