grandmother’s flower garden

Here’s doll quilt number two for baby’s room. I thought it might be actually fun to do some paper piecing if it was on a much smaller scale than the other ongoing paper piecing project I’ve got going. I used some perfect pink jumbo ric-rac I’ve been hoarding to make petals and embroidered stems and leaves to create a daisy chain. I’m having over-ambitious fantasies of making another set of patchwork set girls with 3 of these quilts having coordinating dolls. We’ll see how that shakes out.

I used some thrifted gold velvet for the binding and the pink polka dots from Maggie’s bedding for the backing.

Have a great day celebrating your favorite president!

26 thoughts on “grandmother’s flower garden

  1. SallyF says:

    Oh the quilt is so beautiful, my baby would be honoured to have something so exquisite to snuggle under (as it is it’ll have to settle for my less impressive efforts). Thank you for being such a constant source of inspiration.

  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve been inspired to try a matching doll and quilt project! In fact, I may have left-over fabric from my Olive and Archie dolls that I made…ooooh.

  3. cat says:

    i really love what you’re doing!!! did you happen to see the newest issue of m.s. living:ribbon embroidery? i can just see your quilts growing into beautiful gardens!

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