why I’m broke

Have you seen that superbuzzy has new stuff? Everyone always asks where I get my Japanese fabric. Here you go, but hurry, new stock doesn’t last long!

And have you seen that Jennifer Murphy is working with Midwest of Cannon Falls? The frozen charlottes are amazing and I think I bought one of each of the Christmas decorations.

And did you furthermore see over at Molly Chicken that Kitty-Craft has reopened?

Goodbye money, it was nice knowing ya.

17 thoughts on “why I’m broke

  1. kristen says:

    such cute fabric.. little babushka dolls! (not sure if I spelled that right… but i used to have so many growing up.)
    i’m new to the blog world and found yours and wanted to tell you how cute everything is. and congratulations on the girl! aw 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    I guess I didn’t already congratulate you on having a girl soon!
    And today I’m a really happy girl, because your card arrived in the mail today!
    So good!
    Thank you so very much.

  3. DianeM says:

    OK..well after your post I just had to a make a stop-off at Superbuzzy (love that cute new squirrel fabric they have & the owls & the little Japanese girls…oh yeah & the yo-yo maker)…I REFUSE to go to Kitty-Craft until I sell something to pay for all these indulgences LOL! My local craft store had 30% all regular priced items today so I already was there this morning…yikes! I need to spend less time shopping & more time creating ;P

  4. soph says:

    thanks for the heads up – i’ve been craving that russian doll fabric since i saw alex use it on moonstitches and now it will me mine mwah-hah-hah 😀
    and yay for kitty-craft being back up – at last someone on this side of the pond and sensible shipping costs!
    *happy dance*

  5. laura r. says:

    would you believe me if i told you i have fabric from the 80’s & still continue to purchase more?
    my new year’s resolution was (is) to use what i have & pay attention to what is present.
    O lust…

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