the boy’s got cute

So Oscar was exhibiting some very non-Oscar behavior this weekend. Perhaps in an effort to not be outdone by some hypothetical baby sister he spent all of Saturday afternoon deciding that teddy bears were very cute. That they needed to be collected and inspected and hugged and piled up under covers. That they needed to snuggle in. And that the tinier the bear the better. It was too much! When we tucked him and his bears into bed Saturday night I asked if I should make him a new tiny bear and he said “yes, while I’m sleeping.” So I eyeballed the pattern pieces in one of my Japanese bear making books and this is what I ended up with. He’s about 4″ tall, made from some hand dyed wool from Molly Chicken and has one too-tall ear.

Of course Oscar woke up on Sunday and gave me a yeah, mom look when I showed him the bear. I got a “cute” and then it was set aside for the melange of cars and trucks. Guess everyday is not bear day. But it’s nice to know it’ll pop up now and again.

It was a great weekend for crafting. (Crap for house hunting but thanks for the encouragement! I will not get discouraged) The yarn I’d ordered in December and had given up for lost miraculously arrived on my doorstep last week and this weekend I finished up knitting outfits for Olive and Archie. Also got a bit of snow around here on Sunday so I gave those snowsuits another shot. Should be some new make-a-long action around here soon.

And I’m trying a little something new, answering emails I get here just in case anyone else wanted to know…

– the magazines from the post before last are a Dutch childrens magazine called Ariadne At Home Kinderen. I got my copies in a trade and am not sure how to get them here in the U.S.

– I do have plans to make up patterns for the pull toys I made last Spring but I’m not sure when that will happen. Maybe Summer?

– Winter Stitchettes will be up in the shop soon. Maybe this week? Depends on how fast we can get the postcards back from the printer.

27 thoughts on “the boy’s got cute

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my golly do I love that bear. He’s darling and I’m very impressed at the timeline! I have a little girl (15 mos) and she spends a lot of time hugging and snuggling with her stuffed critters so if Oscar doesn’t get back to the bears you can hold out for your little girl. It’s so fun to see my daughter drag around the (very wonky) chenille bear I made her.

  2. Biscuitbear says:

    Wow, you made this bear in one evening? I’m such a slow worker, I don’t make many things for my daughter yet, as she’s too small to appreciate all the sweat, blood and tears that go into them!

  3. Amy says:

    The bear is so cute… and I’m not a bear person.
    I cannot WAIT for the pull-along toy pattern!! One of my all-time favorite things I’ve seen from you, and DEFINITELY something I’d like to duplicate if possible. YEA!!!

  4. Morgan says:

    The “one too tall ear” makes this bear all the more adorable. Made one of your bunnies for the first time this weekend for a 2 year-olds birthday party. She adored it (and who wouldn’t) and absolutely wouldn’t put it down! Thanks for making me look like some kind of freak sewing genius!

  5. Wilma says:

    I used to buy Ariadne when I lived in Amsterdam, and still have my well worn and loved Cross Stitch and Baby editions (from the early to mid eighties). Seeing your picture, got me excited about them again, so did a search. You can subscribe to it via Amazon. It’s the Ariadne at Home edition, so probably not just kids things. As of this weekend, I’m a subscriber!

  6. Bianca says:

    Wow the crappy house hunting thing must be a global epidemic, I’m hunting in Melbourne with no luck. We even went into one on Saturday with ridiculously cracked walls and floors sloping in 2 opposite directions. Of course they wanted an outrageous price for it. Geez.

  7. mijkimproves says:

    The Ariadne at home children is a 2 or 4 times a year special of ariadne at home (which is rather good too..) There is a website aswell Unfortunateluy all in dutch but it has pictures

  8. susan says:

    seriously cute bear. good to know boys play with bears too! mine is 3 mths. and my first. just feeling my way (mind he already has quite a few soft toys – just not sure if I am buying them for him or me?)

  9. SallyF says:

    oh yes please for the pull-alongs, they look so adorable, I’d love to have a go at one of those (if you get round to it will you add advice as to where we can get wheels from if you possibly can? I need all the help I can get!)

  10. Angie Grimm says:

    Oh what an adorable little bear. I have two little bear lovers, hoarders, pilers. I love seeing them very visible over the pile of critters tucked into their little beds! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lotta says:

    You do realize that all these wonderful things you just whip up overnight are treasures for Oscar to pass on to his wee ones someday? Oh to be as quick and talented as Mrs. Wee! Hope you are feeling great – be careful househunting out there it’s COLD!

  12. Azziria says:

    My son wasn’t really interested in soft toys at all (it was trains and trucks all the way) until his baby sister grew old enough to start playing with them (she now has the largest collection of soft toy animals imaginable – I guess it’s a girl thing). Then he started playing with them with her, and even now (at 9 and 7) they still play long involved games with their soft toys – expeditions or football matches, stuff like that. When we went sailing last Easter they even had to have special harnesses made for them so that they couldn’t fall overboard! I like the way these games have brought out a softer side in my son, and provided a bridge between siblings.
    So hang on to those teddy bears, they may yet become important 🙂

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