it’s a barn

We’ve got some new covers in the house! The coveree is still many months away but I couldn’t help myself.

kids quilt

How is it that the projects that seem so simple in your mind turn out to be so tricky. I found that fabric, had a color scheme in mind and then thought oh some farm animals would be cute. I’d applique a few farmy silhouettes on the background and call it a day. But then the tricky started. The fabric was too busy to be a background. And the animal shapes were harder than I thought. The sheep was way too big and the chicken not roundy enough. So I just went with the pig and
chicks. Simple, better. But then I saw this photo and wanted to do a barn too. After I had the barn I thought it needed to be outlined so there was lots of bias trim made in all sorts of wrong fabrics until I decided to go with twill tape. Now here it is done and out-of-the-dryer-crinkled and I
love it. See, easy peasy. ha.

I’ve been trying for two days to get some decent photos to share. There is no sun anywhere in the 10 day forecast so guess this is the best it’s going to get.

kids quilt

kids quilt

kids quilt

The yellow dot chick fabric is leftover from Oscar’s bedding. I made his bedskirt out of so now I don’t have to make another of those! And the sheets I made for his crib were all in this yellow family so I can still use those and am pleased as punch as I hate making fitted crib sheets.

So we’re all set. Of course, who knows. I’m so certain it’s a boy but if it does turn out to be a girl maybe I’ll have a fit of the pinkies and chuck the whole thing.

40 thoughts on “it’s a barn

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow – that is so gorgeous. Girl or boy would absolutely love to have something so beautiful. You are an amazingly, talented person and I love to watch the lovely things that you envision and then bring to life.

  2. martha in mobile says:

    That is some pig!
    “Fit of the pinkies!” I love that expression! Truth to tell, I’ve never been a pink person, so I assumed my daughter wouldn’t be, either. But as soon as she could point, it was pink and/or ruffles. She had more pairs of “rhumba panties” that I could shake a stick at.

  3. biscuitbear says:

    Isn’t that how the best projects come together? You start with a simple idea, then you embellish on it and you end up with a wonderful end product. The blanket is fantastic!

  4. Megan says:

    Really thrilled to see quilts back on the menu, you have such a unique style.
    I have to say that I get pink vibes coming from out of the computer screen, which is a totally trusted scientific method of determining sex in unborn children. Even so, I would totally use this quilt for a girl. Totally. (Like HB’s idea with the bow too.)

  5. Lily says:

    Um yes I am having a banana applique problem at the moment. Thought it would be relatively easy, but my banana currently looks more like a necktie!
    Well done – great job in the end. Why can’t a girl have a barn with chicks and a pig? LOL

  6. Kristin R says:

    Oh I like it. Sometime, most of the time actually, the picture in your head evolves into something better and that will actually work. I don’t know how many patterns I’ve severely altered or thrown out completely because of issues like that. Good call. Let the creativity be free flowing and if it’s not working, do something else, do not fight too much with your materials and ideas.

  7. kathy says:

    This is super sweet. I love the way all the elements came together. Changing the direction of the stripes on the upper part of the barn is the perfect touch. As usual, your choice of colors and fabric patterns is too beautiful for words!

  8. Lori says:

    So darling and creative! Do you have a quilting machine? I noticed on your detail pictures you have a meandering quilting stitch… or did you just use your Bernina?
    ps- Congratulations on your upcoming arrival.

  9. Robin says:

    Oh this is too sweet! I am about to embark on a crib quilt myself and this is very inspiring. I am in that limbo of not knowing if I’m having a boy or girl so I’m sticking to neutrals. Although in one week I’ll find out and I too might have ‘a fit of the pinkies.’ I love that expression!

  10. Carrie B. says:

    The quilt is perfect for a summer 2007 baby… did you know that in the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2007 is the Year of the Pig?

  11. elaine haby says:

    I love this fabric and colors. The finished quilt will be wonderful boy or girl. your dolls and toys have a definate personality…I’m sure there is a parallel universe out there filled with little critters.. elaine

  12. di says:

    I love the colours (very similar to your blog!), and such a simple idea. I’m trying to form ideas for a baby quilt myself, but Mum said she’s making one so maybe I can let myself off the hook…
    We’re convinced ours will be a boy too- family history more than anything else. Only another 22 weeks until we find out…! Hope you’re feeling good.

  13. sarah says:

    Did you paint the tree/birds? Love them. I am a quilter too, and the bedding is great, but I don’t know if I would be bold enough to start a tree mural. Any tips?

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