fat & happy

Thanks for all your birthday wishes over the weekend! That Amy sure is sneaky. It was a swell birthday and two birthday dinners, two birthday cakes (thanks Katie and Tim!) and a box full of cookies (thanks Amy!) later I’m stuffed and happy. I got some great loot too including these antique mall finds from my in-laws. I picked them out last Fall during their visit and like a good birthday girl, had completely forgotten about them, so I was very happily surprised.

The gal on the left is a napkin holder and the fellow on the right a crayon box.

This weekend I finally found the right fabric to finish up my baby quilt idea and a certain little someone’s preschool starts up again this week so I have high hopes of a finished project soon.

24 thoughts on “fat & happy

  1. hilde says:

    Oh please, sent one plastic raspberry to the other side of the world, for ex. Belgium? hm hm? I’d love to have just one…
    Btw Happy Birthday!!

  2. kat says:

    Ah I forgot we are birthday neighbours!!! Happy Belated Birthday…I know what you mean about all that bday cake. Had to start back at the gym today!!!

  3. Siri says:

    There’s a crayon/pencil holder similar to your at my parents’ house. I think it might have been my dad’s when he was little. There’s a bunch of cool old toys of his there. I can only imagine that they’re a small portion of what he actually had. Maybe I’ll take some pictures of what’s there when I’m back at their house in a couple of weeks.

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