chick drummer

The fourth member of the Lang Family Band has revealed herself…
HERSELF! We’re having a GIRL!! I’m so surprised, stunned, gobsmacked even. I sat in the ultrasound room in total silence. Then I started muttering… are you sure? are you sure? I really never entertained the possibility of this being a girl. Through a combination of old wives tales, psuedo science and voodoo magic I’d become utterly convinced it was a boy. After leaving the doctor’s office like a zombie I realized what a fool I’ve been. Really. How on earth would I know. Evidentally I’m not the only one to do this because the ultrasound gal was all ‘yep, yep,Β  we get that all the time.’ duh. So wow! After the shock wore off, and then the embarassment, and then some mourning for this boy I’d been waiting for, I’ve become so excited! One of each. A complete set. We’re so lucky! Now I just need to absorb it all. I really never imagined myself as the mom of a girl. I was keeping Tim up all night. He’d doze off and then I’d yell out paper dolls! …that little pink ironing board from land of nod! …pigtails!

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  1. kristin says:

    You got that dress at Target?! I’m NEVER in Target, but I was yesterday, for toilet paper of all things. And I just had to wander over to the kids clothes. That dress jumped out at me, but they only had 3 left on the rack, all size 3 and I needed a four. I love the colors – the colors of my daughter’s room. Actually, yours might be the shirt, but they had the dress to match as well. Congrats on the girl!

  2. Cerri says:

    Congrats! As a Momma of 2 girls, I have to say that I love having girls! (Well, most of the time Ü )
    I can’t wait to see the things you will create for a little girl!

  3. Alisha says:

    Congratulations! A lovely girl. Now you can make all of those girly things you thought you would never get to. Just think ruffles, and more. I can’t wait to see what you dream up for her!

  4. golly g says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you. Girl toys and clothes and games are sooooo much fun. How lucky to have a boy and a girl. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you create for your new little baby girl!!!

  5. hannah says:

    oh my gosh hillary!!! so glad you are having a set. the same thing happened to me, i thought for sure arlo was a boy, i felt in my bones, but nope, she proved me wrong. can not wait to see all the cuteness. prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by cute!

  6. debra says:

    EEEEeeeeekkkk!!!! Congratulations! Girls are so fun. I was a terrified at the idea of having a girl after having a boy first. I just imagined our relationship would be something like my relationship with my mother–yikes. Anyway, I love having a girly girl and so will you! Oh, and her first time in pigtails…that day will change your life forever πŸ˜‰

  7. mijk says:

    I didn’t know it and I had a boy. And the only thing I thought when the baby was born and she was put on my chest. was “that’s strange I dont’t see his penis.” Even then it just didn’t occur to me that it could be a girl..

  8. Sarah says:

    Congrats! What a perfect little family now! And think of all the DRESSES you can make!!! and all the dolls you make will be loved and CHERISHED!!!! How much FUN!
    And the best part, is that your little boy will be the sweet, protective older brother. That’s the BEST combo!!

  9. carol says:

    fun! now you can narrow down your name search!
    now we all need to watch out because I KNOW we are going to see a lot of cute stuff for girls…can’t wait.

  10. amy b. says:

    Congratulations!! How exciting!
    We never found out what we were having and I was 0 for 3 at trying to guess, even though I was sure I knew each time.
    It’s so fun to have one (or more, in our case) of each!

  11. claire says:

    Yippee! You are gonna have SO MUCH FUN! I have a “complete set” myself and it is one of the coolest things in the world to be the momma of a boy and a girl. The relationships are SO DIFFERENT and so very sweet. Yay! Wahoo! COngratulations!

  12. DianeM says:

    Congratulations on the news! You will love being the Mommy to a little girl…they go from being your daughter to being your girlfriend. Smiles!

  13. Esther says:

    Congratulations! It will be fabulous, must admit I absolutely love having a daughter. Possibly because I was brought up with five brothers and never really got to be girly πŸ™‚

  14. heather s says:

    Congrats indeed! I find my own little ruffle-monster to be very inspiring, hope you do too.
    Just be prepared for the requests: “Mommy, can you knit my princess bear a pink truck?”

  15. kristen says:

    ah, I’m going to be going through the same thing soon! except, rather than hoping for a boy, I’m hoping for a baby girl named Olive. Is it wrong to hope for one sex based solely on a name?
    think of all the dress up fun times you will have with your baby girl!

  16. Grace says:

    congratulations! We have one of each too (girl is older), and I have to say, I love my girlie girl! Oh, and the stitchettes I ordered arrived yesterday and I love them. Thank you!

  17. leigh says:

    I assumed my second would be a girl , as pregnancy, cravings, etc were the same again. But he wasn’t.
    Do you think we maybe assume what we’re familiar with?
    great news … and a lovely dress!

  18. Cristina says:

    Congratulations! Yes, that Genuine Kids rolls out the cutest girls stuff at Target. Sometimes I’m tempted to buy the sale items just for the fabric and trim. Thankfully, I have a friend with twin girls I can occasionally go cute for when shopping for boys gets dull.

  19. Lisa K. says:

    Hooray for you and the soon-to-be Baby Girl Lang! Lucky y’all, and lucky, lucky her.
    I almost felt bad for Tim being awakened by all the girlie exclamations until I remembered that once, I woke Ryan up to show him how perfectly a bundt cake had popped out of its pan.
    Congrats on the great news.

  20. nancy says:

    Congratulatons! I know the feeling; I just had a girl earlier this month after having two boys! Have fun, can’t wait to see what you come up with for your baby girl!

  21. Bethany says:

    Hooray! I’m so happy for you! I was the same way — I couldn’t even picture having a girl after having our little boy — and now I can’t imagine our family without her. And it’s so cute hearing our 3-year-old son refer to me and his sister as “the girls.” Plus, yeah, it opens up a whole new world of sewing! Congratulations!

  22. Ronize Aline says:

    congratulations, Hillary! I’m sure this girl will be your princess!! And it’ll be such a great new experience to have a child with other needs and desires and likes and, whatever, a mini-Hillary, don’t you think? And with your talent you’ll have so many possibilities to create sweet stuffs for her…

  23. Alison says:

    Congratulations! And I totally understand the mourning period. It’s not that you’re not happy with what you have, it’s just having imagined having something else that needs to be let go of. Gorgeous dress too.

  24. Veronica TM says:

    Congratulations, Hillary! I have only one girl, and I love every minute of time with her. Can’t wait to see this beautiful relationship develop {with lots of cuteness, of course}.

  25. Veronique says:

    Congratulations, you are going to have a great time, girls are fantastic! I’m having the reverse issue at the moment, I’m three months pregnant with my second, and the first was a girl, and I just can’t imagine having anything but girls, really I can’t. But of course there is that 50% chance thing, and so I might get a boy, and I don’t know anything about boys, they terrify me, aren’t they like small versions of men? And what do you do with those? Any tips?
    I can’t decide whether to find out the sex of the baby before delivery or not. I didn’t know about my daughter, and it was lovely to just find out as she popped out. I’d like to do the same for this second baby, but if it’s a boy it might be better to be prepared…
    Beautiful dress by the way.

  26. Tara says:

    Congratulations! I just had the exact same experience only we have a daughter and expected another girl. It also took the three of us about a week before we stepped out of the fog of “a boy?!” It’s scary to think about but it will be so much fun for you and for us. (Let me know if you need any girl insights!)

  27. Azziria says:

    When the midwife said ‘It’s a girl!’ DH and I actually both said at once ‘What on earth do we do with one of those?!’. We already had a boy, we knew how to handle one of those, and we’d both been utterly convinced that this second baby was another boy.
    Seven years down the line we’re still trying to figure it out – but it’s been a marvellous 7 years πŸ™‚

  28. OMSH says:

    I am so thrilled for you. As a mother of two, hearing I was having a “boy” was the same level of shock for me.
    Change is good.
    Life is good.
    Babies are Perfect.

  29. Corinne says:

    Wow…congrats…girls are so fun. (I’m sure boys are too!) I was in shock with girl…then suddenly
    it dawned on my all the fun, just like you mentioned above! Enjoy, enjoy, I can’t wait to see what you make for her!

  30. elizabooth says:

    Congrats! I agree girls are really fun. I only have a girl, so I can’t speak from the experience of having one of each, but I think you’ll really enjoy her. Hooray for girls! And boys too!

  31. --erica says:

    congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had three boys before our little girl. I had convinced myself that there wasn’t really a different. Oh, was I wrong! She is such a joy! πŸ™‚
    best wishes!!!

  32. amy says:

    Congratulations! We did the samething when the technician told us our baby (due in April) was a girl. With two little boys already in tow, we were just used to the idea of third little boy to round out our brood. My husband comes home with more baby girl stuff than I do these days…it’s very cute to see daddies so excited about tiny daughters on the way.

  33. emily says:

    oh, Hillary!
    This is so exciting…paper dolls, indeed. You know that little gal will have a complimentary set of Black Apple ones when she’s ready πŸ™‚
    big time xo, very excited + happy,

  34. raine says:

    Oh, congratulations!!! I was in the EXACT same boat! I was convinced our second would be a boy, and we’d have 2 boys running around, but so happy was I to discover a wee girl was on her way.
    Of course, the wee girl is not so wee anymore πŸ™‚ In fact, it is ironic you bought that dress, because I JUST POSTED about how big my girl is getting, and she’s wearing that exact same dress πŸ™‚
    Here’s my post:

  35. June says:

    This is so very wonderful! I’m so happy for you–you are going to have an absolute dream of a time. One of each is so perfect–somehow, that’s how it worked for me, too, and in the same order–my son first and then my daughter. How very blessed y’all are!

  36. molly says:

    oh yay! girls are great. girls outnumber the boys in this house, and like you and girls, i can’t imagine myself as a mom to boys…so we’ll see what this bump in my tummy turns out to be.
    and trust me, you will learn to embrace pink!!

  37. Eren says:

    Totally jealous of you! All boys here and wishing we would have just one more to see if we could add a little more pink in the family. Doll houses, tea parties, ribbons, etc. Girlies would be so fun. Congrats!!!!

  38. melliemortimer says:

    Yay! Having one of each is so fun and will be such inspiration for your work, don’t you think? Congratulations!

  39. Lori says:

    Congratulations! I went through the same thing last year only in reverse. We had a girl first and were hoping for another girl and found out at the ultrasound that it was indeed a boy. Shock and surprise and a little disappointment…. what am I going to do with a boy? (FYI- the spouse felt the same way… he really likes the little girls.) When we finally met him last September, he was absolutely perfect! I can’t imagine having anyone else for a second child. Having both a boy and a girl is so much fun. Enjoy the similarities and the differences!

  40. Courtney Sue says:

    I have to add to the already long list of Congratz to you!
    My parents thought I was going to be a boy for a long time, and had a boy’s name all picked out for me, so you’re not alone!

  41. valentina says:

    Please don’t put a dress on her before she can walk, it’s ever so impractical. I’m probably the only one thinking that way here. That said, I want that one you got, and stat! Do you need something from Switzerland?

  42. Jenn says:

    how great! girls are so much fun. I love my boys but it is nice to have a girl too…to spend girly time with and have doll tea parties, etc. I can’t wait to see all the things you make!

  43. Claire says:

    Yay! Congratulations! Being a mum to girls is the best! (of course, I have nothing to compare it to). Welcome to the world of high emotions, high drama and high loveliness!

  44. GM says:

    Congratulations! Baby girls are delightful (I have 2…well, one isn’t a baby anymore). Now I just can’t wait to see all the girly things you make! Hooray!

  45. Robin says:

    Congratulations!! I found out just on Monday that I’m having a boy — and I had the same feeling of “are you sure?” because I thought it was a girl. The girly stuff is too fun. What a sweet dress! Do you think you’ll stick with the barn quilt?

  46. Gina House says:

    Yea!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! As a mom of two boys, I have to tell you how exciting it is for women I know to be having a girl. It’s wonderful and I absolutely ADORE the dress you bought. What a lucky baby-girl-to-be!

  47. DesirΓ©e says:

    Congrats!!!Girls are so much fun!!!I have two girls who are now age 18 and almost 16 and it is just wonderful!!I love everything about being a girl mom.(I know boys are alot of fun too because I am a nanny to a 15 month old baby boy.)

  48. Carolyn says:

    Oh yay!!! I can actually say I know exactly how you feel because the same happened to us a few weeks ago! I was convinced it was a boy but lo and behold, there she was on the screen, a girl!!!
    Hooray for you and your little girl!!!

  49. di says:

    Wow- congratulations! What a surprise for you.
    We had our 19 week ultrasound this week and we found out that we’re having …… A baby!! Yep- we didn’t find out the sex. We’re just going to have a surprise, although we think there’s a good chance it’ll be a boy, based on Scott’s family history.
    Love the new sharp and clean website look. Only one comment- on my PC (using Internet explorer)this comment box and the commments above aren’t showing full width.. Just a couple of letters dropped off one side (sometimes the left, sometimes the right). Hope that helps with de-bugging!
    Take care

  50. Beth says:

    Congratuations!! I always thought I wanted a boy and then had Emma. Now I cannot even imagine not having a girl.. dresses, pigtails, patent leather mary janes…oh how fun….
    Oh and I want that dress in my size as well.. but perhaps it would not be as cute as on your wee one to be : )

  51. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! I was also wrong about both of mine. I was so convinced the first one would be a boy and we waited until birth to find out she was a she! The second one was definitely going to be another girl, but it was during an ultrasound we found out it was a boy. Of course, they were making a video, so you hear me kind of in shock and them saying isn’t it great! Well, we too have a set. You’ll love it!

  52. Patricia says:

    Congratulations! I could’ve written almost the same exact post three years ago when we found out we were having a girl (our first is a boy). After all that wore off I realized that having one of each is perfect! And it really is… πŸ™‚

  53. cheryl says:

    aloooha from hawaii and CONGRATS on having a Girl as your bun-in-the-oven! i am having a Girl in March and JUST registered for the SAME-SAME dress on my baby tar-jay registry – too cool! i can’t wait… i am such a girly-girl that my friends can’t imagine me *not* having one – teeheehee! take care and ALOOOHA!

  54. hilde says:

    Girls rule!! I am so happy for your baby, she will love having a creative mom like you! But think about this: at the age of 3 those little princesses start deciding theirselves about which fabrics and colours you should use for your projects…soo much fun πŸ˜‰

  55. Stefanie says:

    As a momma of a baby girl they are so much fun and the clothes are so much cute and pretty. I have no money because I enjoy buying her clothes so much!

  56. ~ bridgette ~ says:

    I was a foster parent and it was the only time I ever mothered girls. Pigtails are the best! I can’t tell you how much I miss the ruffles, mary janes and pigtails.
    Like everyone, I can’t wait to see what new girly projects you will be whipping up in the next few weeks.

  57. Heels says:

    My first was a girl and my second is a boy and still now, even tho he’s almost two, when I’m rocking him back to sleep in the middle of the night, I sometimes forget that he’s a boy.
    I’m still that incredibly surprised.
    After the 20 wk ultrasound, I politely requested another one at 27 weeks, ostensibly to check to see if my breech boy was still breech (I make breech babies), but really to check to see if the boy parts were still there. I just knew it couldn’t be possible.
    Girls are swell.
    (So are boys.)
    Girls are really swell! Congratulations!

  58. leilalu says:

    watch out, before you know it, you’ll set out to buy clothes for your son and then you’ll be drawn to the girls section. Girl clthes are WAY too fun.

  59. elise says:

    before my first ultrasound, I was convinced that I was carrying a girl. I had already named her Sally and was imagining myself making paper dolls, etc.
    when the technician said ‘boy’ I had no idea WHAT I was going to do! how was I qualified to raise a boy?
    it turns out, quite.

  60. Hindsfeet says:

    Congratulations! Having six daughters I agree that they are very fun to shop for, though I can’t compare it to shopping for boys. She’s going to love having you for a mommy! My girls love looking at your creations.

  61. Lotta says:

    Drool’n over that dress. And oh yes, a case of the pinks, I know it well. After buying boy things for so long I don’t think there was a baby item in our home that didn’t have pink in it for the new baby girl. I’m slowly introducing primary colors into her wardrobe. By the way, the new look of your site is great!

  62. robin says:

    oh -this is quite funny and maybe a little embarrassing that i would be dreaming of a relative stranger (not true if you knew how active my dream life is) but would you believe that the other night after catching up on a lot of your blog entries, i dreamt you had a girl?? i understand that the funny part to you is this sometimes comment leaver would be dreaming about you and the gender of your soon-to-be, but for me i am just baffled that i had any intuition at all… i’m like ALWAYS wrong about these things. congrats. from a mum of 2, girls rule.

  63. elizabeth says:

    big congrats!!! i felt the exact same way after i found out i was having a girl the second go around (my first was a boy). so exhilarating to say the least. can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you come up with for your new lil pink buddle of joy!

  64. Siri says:

    Congratulations Hillary and Tim! Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to live vicariously through you and enjoy every bit of it. You already do girly stuff so well: not TOO girly, just right!
    Love the doll quilt idea as well. Brilliant.

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