really big project number two

Ok, I can’t wait any longer. I think it’s about time to blog about the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately, instead of once again sitting here staring at a blank page thinking of anything to say except what I want to say which is, I’m 3 months pregnant with baby number 2! We’re so excited to have the final piece of the Lang family puzzle in motion. I’m due in June and am especially excited to be having a Spring baby. Having a baby at the coldest, darkest time of the year was really tough. So that’s our happy news and I’m so relieved to have the first trimester behind me. I can tell already number two is going to be filled with a lot more worry than the first time around. And the sick, jeebus. I don’t remember it being like this with Oscar. I’ve been knocked out for 6 weeks now. I was really hoping it’d miraculously disappear right in time for Christmas projects but it’s digging its heels in. I’m crossing my fingers and wishing on every 11:11 that this is my last week of it and that mythical 2nd trimester energy will kick in just in time to make some gifts and cookies and Christmas merriment. Any minute now I’ll be able to somehow propel myself out of the sinkhole I’ve created in the couch straight into a Christmas frenzy. I am feeling motivated to find a nice gender neutral knitting project for the baby (knitting I can do from my sinkhole) and to think really happy positive thoughts. And happy thoughts and congratulations for fellow pregnancy friend Kim!

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  1. Bertha says:

    Oh, I just KNEW it!!! Hooray! Super big congratulations!! I’m pregnant with my first, thankfully it’s almost over for me (due 1/24), but I think those first 3 months of sickness were absolutely the worst of my life, so they are still pretty fresh in my mind. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes swimmingly!

  2. Tanaya says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy News! Wonderfully happy congratulations to you.
    Nothing better than a spring baby (except a winter, or summer, or fall baby), and all healthy babies are cause for celebration any time of year!

  3. Jenn says:

    wow! that is a great Christmas project to be working on! I got sick with all three of my kids but once the first trimester ended I felt so much better. Congrats to you and your family! Happy news is so wonderful to hear!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Congrats!!! I’m so excited for you. I hope you get past the ickies soon…I’m sad to say that my morning sickness (more like all day sickness) got worse with each of my 4 kids. But it didn’t last as long :o) I was sick of being sick. I feel for you! I can’t wait to see the sweater you are going to knit!!!

  5. LauraJ says:

    The weirdest thing… Yesterday as I’m doing housework I had a sense that what if Hillary is pregnant? That would be so thrilling! I just love babies. Lo and behold I read todays entry and it was true!! You are pregnant! Hooray! And congratulations! This is wonderful!! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see all the baby related posts! πŸ˜€

  6. Courtney says:

    I have been suspecting that you were pregnant because I felt exactly the same way during my first trimester this time. It took a few extra weeks for my energy to come back, but now I am on fire, cleaning out every closet in sight (just what I need to be doing two weeks before Christmas, right?) And happy birthday to sweet Oscar. Elliot turns three next week, I agree having a baby in December was pretty dismal. I’m thrilled to be due in March just as our snow is melting. Take care of yourself…

  7. Rebecca says:

    HURRAY! Hearty congrats on the pea in the pod! I had horrible sickies the 1st few months with my daughter and a couple of things helped: ginger chews and/or ginger tea. sea bands – I don’t know *how* they helped, but they did seem to offer some relief. and my doc gave me a prescription in the last month of sickies for an anti-nausea dissolve-under-your-tongue tablet that worked wonders when things got really rough.
    Hang in there.

  8. debra says:

    aahhhh, didn’t see that one coming! Congratulations!!! I’m so thrilled for you (and kinda hope its a girl–can I do that??–I’d love to see some more girly things from you!) My second one was almost 4 years ago now, but you never ever forget that first trimester sickness. The same sickness that kept my Mom from eating Barbeque chicken for 20 years. The same sickness that drove me to force dh to get rid of the big comfy reading chair I begged for for years b/c the thought of sitting in it (as I did at the beginning of my 1st pregnancy) made me deathly ill. I still haven’t been able to finish that book I was working on at the time–ugh. I can bring it all back again just thinking about it…sorry, gotta go, but congrats again!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Alisa says:

    Congratulations! Having two kids is really cool. Harder, but cool. I can appreciate more of my first child’s personality and funny quirks now that I have a second child to compare her to. They are both completely different and completely wonderful.
    Also have fun sharing your pregnancy with Kim. My best friend and I were pregnant at the same time and it really was the best. Then something aligned cosmically and our babies were born on the same day! Nothing can be cooler. Congratulations and good luck.

  10. michelle says:

    I finally had to bribe my second child to stop giving me heartburn and nausea at the same time. I mentally swore that I wouldn’t ground him the first time he deserved it if he would quit making me sick. Either it was a lucky coincidence that it worked or I owe him big when he’s a teen.
    Good Luck and feel better soon.

  11. Rachel says:

    Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh … congratulations! I’m so happy for you … babies are awesome. (The 4 month old on my lap agrees).
    You have all my best wishes for a quick end to first trimester yuckiness.

  12. carol says:

    Oh yes! Congratulations!
    Spring babies are pretty great- you get to see their naked little feet much more than a winter one!
    I am so sincerely happy for you and your family- especially little Oscar! πŸ™‚
    Baked potatoes helped me with my sickness and no desire to eat…there, my 2cents!

  13. Josette says:

    Congratulations Hillary. My son was born in June(he’s the oldest of the two) and my daughter in December. They are about 3 years 6 months apart in age. A good time.

  14. Pip says:

    Oh, wonderful! Good news like this is welcome in the face of this past week. Congratulations, Hilary! I hope the new Wee one is showered with Wee love.

  15. rebecca says:

    Great news – congratulations! And as for not blogging much, I thought it was because you were so busy creating wonderful projects to share – I am amazed that you were doing all that whilst going through first trimester ickies and tiredness – you never cease to amaze!

  16. mamaloo, the doula says:

    I’m a little behind you, due July 9/07. Luckily, I’ don’t get morning sickness, but I did get a lovely case of Bronchitis which turned into pneumonia and left me incontinent which in turn gave me a UTI! Whee! Being pregnant is so fun!
    I look forward to reading about your progress.

  17. susanne says:

    What super fantasic news! Congratulations to you and your family! Nothing wrong with keeping the couch from flying into space–I do it and I don’t have an excuse πŸ™‚ Rest and be well!

  18. Alicia A. says:

    Congratulations! Lately, I had been wondering too…
    (I’m wishing girl as well, because the amazing girlie things that will come out of that studio of yours… ooooo!)

  19. claire says:

    Congrats! My second pregnancy was much like you are describing and I had a sweet girl! I decided it was all the female hormones raging around that made me feel so yuck. But dang, if the baby isn’t the cutset thing ever! I’m so happy for you!

  20. Debby says:

    Congratulations on the up and coming number 2. All my kids are about 3 yrs. 10 months apart and it has been a very nice age spread (didn’t plan it that way, just worked out that way). Your little guy will be very helpful and old enough to play by himself when needed. It was fun.

  21. Ronize Aline says:

    Wow! Great news! I don’t use to let a message here very frequently but I use to come here to admire your huge talent and sweetness. So today I had to let you the best wishes for the pregnancy and the baby inside. I hope to be pregnant soon then I can imagine how is to feel this “piece of Lang family” inside. Hapinness and love for all of you!

  22. Bettsi says:

    Hillary!!!!!! You know, every crafty blogger out here is going to want to shower you with goodness! Immediately I began thinking, “What can I make for the baby?” I’m so happy for you! You’ve spaced them apart beautifully. All of my children are spaced 3yr 2mo apart (by accident, not design). They are far enough apart to be in really different stages and get along in a nicer way than siblings who are closer. Oh lordy, I can’t even tell you how happy your news makes me today! Big, big congratulations to the Lang family!

  23. Beth says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I sure do you get over the 1st trimester tireds very soon. I know that part is hard (except for the end of the 3rd trimester tireds..). Just try to get all the rest you can and take care of yourself!

  24. Krista says:

    Weeee! Congratulations! Hilary Lang is due to have a baby in the same month as me ~ way too cool. And it’s so funny because my husband and I have been planning to name a girl Hillary for the last few years – but we keep getting boys…. maybe this time?
    Great news, so glad you’ve finally shared with us, it must feel GREAT!

  25. Jackie says:

    Congratulations! All the best and I hope you start feeling better really soon. With my daughter I had nausea (not so when I had the boys) and ginger tea and peppermint tea were very helpful! So exciting – a new wee wonderful to join your family!

  26. Alishia says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m there with you right now with the first trimester. IT IS HORRIBLE and I’m trying not to let it ruin the holidays but I can barely get out of bed.

  27. insaknitty says:

    oh my! congratulations! πŸ˜€ what a great project! heehee. I feel you with the first trimester blues (or maybe it’s more like greens…). hoping it all ends soon for you so you can properly enjoy the holidays. πŸ™‚

  28. sally says:

    Congratulations Hillary! Praying for a safe + healthy pregnancy!
    The 2nd trimester energy didn’t kick in until 17 weeks for my 2nd pregnancy. Hang in there!

  29. amy h says:

    Congratulations! Yes, I can attest to June being a lovely time of year for a new baby.
    I hope that sickness goes away soon, and is replaced by the 2nd-tri energy!

  30. Elisabeth says:

    Congratulations! I hope you have a girl, so we can see all the fun girly stuff you come up with for her! Since I have four boys, I have to live vicarioulsy through other people’s girl-style crafts!

  31. Shelba says:

    Well, congratulations! What wonderful and exciting news! May the rest of your pregnancy be easy and not filled with sickness.

  32. Julie says:

    More Congratulations – wishing your sickness disapears overnight and you wake to that warm and wonderful feeling of new life budding. Hope that energy rush kicks in soon for you, all the best xxx

  33. Celeste says:

    Congratulations! I too have created a sinkhole in the sofa, I’m a couple of weeks behind you with my first pregnancy. Thankfully I’ve managed to keep what little nausea I’ve had at bay with lashing of ginger ale and ginger biscuits, but I’ve still to find something to combat the lethargy and brain dead feeling.
    Looking forward to being inspired by all the wonderful things you’ll no doubt create for the little one when you get your energy back.

  34. Anna says:

    It’s funny that your son’s birthday is in early December and now your due in June because my second daughter turned 3 on Dec. 6 and I”m due with my third baby June 29.

  35. *Emy says:

    I had a horrible experience all through my pregnancy with my Daughter and I thought I will never do this again. But the moment she came out and I saw her beautiful brown eyes, I couldn’t remember what I was complaining about. It’s been 3 years and now my husband and I are trying for another.
    Congratulations to you and your family!

  36. jiru says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! I had a feeling this was why we hadn’t heard from you much lately. I’ll bet it’s a girl! Take care.

  37. Jeannette says:

    Delurking to say Congrats!
    I KNEW it the second I saw your subject heading. My boy is a June baby, and I wish June babies on every one in the world, because it was a wonderful time of the year…sitting on the patio b’feeding. Aaah. Pleasant memories.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  38. gyl says:

    (i HAD to come out of lurking to say that!!)
    I was sick as a dog with my last PG and after 6 weeks of keeping not much down at all, went on Diclectin at my Dr’s urging and my Midwife’s too!! It was a miracle worker for me! And i don’t like taking meds for anything…so i did lots of research too. πŸ™‚
    Hope you feel better SOON!!
    And many happy PG thoughts for a healthy and worry-free next 6m!

  39. hilde says:

    i knew it i knew it!!!! i feel such things from on my nose… congratulations, for you, for tim and for oscar, the ‘big’ brother, does he knows?

  40. Mama Urchin says:

    Wow, wow, wow. I had one baby in Spring and one in Winter — Spring is way easier. The beginnings of my second baby were spent lying on the couch, Dora or something in the background and the mantra, “Do not get sick, do not get sick.” I hope that time ends for you very soon.

  41. Heather B says:

    How wonderful–congratulations! I have 2 little guys, both early July babies, and remember the exact feeling of how will I make it through the holidays feeling so ill? Best wishes for that 2nd trimester energy burst πŸ™‚

  42. Melissa says:

    Wow; many congratulations!
    And now I’m even more impressed by everything you accomplish!
    Fingers crossed for the second semester surge of energy. πŸ™‚

  43. SusanChristine says:

    Congrats on #2! My second was a June baby as well – June 11th! – he never wore clothes for the first 3 months of his life – the dreaded St. Louis humid summer heat! – onesies all around!

  44. Jenna says:

    I will come out of lurking to say congratulations! I’m due in May, been feeling terrible, and amazed by all the great projects you have turned out during your first trimester.

  45. Lori says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! We just had our second 11 weeks ago. It is much easier with the second. Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and your nausea ends soon.

  46. Jenn says:

    Congrats on the baby! Hope you are feeling better soon. I just wanted to pop on and tell you that I linked to you this weekend. I used the pattern for the elfettes to make a dishtowel. It was my firt embroidery work ever and I posted it for my Sat. Photo Hunt.

  47. Tara says:

    Congratulations! I am a few weeks ahead of you and had been so sick as to not be functional. My Dr. suggested “Unisom” — a lame over-the-counter sleep aid (doesn’t aid in sleeping) and it is a MIRACLE DRUG!! I highly recommend talking to your Dr. about it as I can’t believe the results. I went from about 25% back to 100%. (And I’ve done sea bands, vitamin B, etc. before — but this is an amazing treatment for nausea!)

  48. Claire says:

    Yay! Congratulations. Just relax and let the Christmas crazies pass you by. You have a lifetime of Christmas crafting ahead of you… this year getting rest is surely more important! (This is all the stuff I told myself when I was three months pregnant this time last year!) πŸ™‚

  49. shannon says:

    oh congratulations!!!! After reading your blog nearly everyday, I feel oddly connected with you…so I am thrilled for your family. what a great xmas present for everyone.
    hang in there!

  50. Bethany says:

    Hooray! What wonderful news! It’s wonderful, having a baby in June: you escape pregnancy in the hottest months, and get to enjoy your new little love in lots of sunshine. I’m so happy for you. (And the second baby’s great, too, because you’re so much more laid-back and comfortable as parents.) Wishing all the best for you and your family.

  51. June says:

    This is wonderful news and I am super happy for you all. What a true blessing this new child shall be–makes me cry for the sheer joy of celebrating new life.

  52. Suzanne says:

    Happy, happy thoughts!!! Good things, beautifull wishes and a big hug from someone that doesn’t know you – except for reading your fantastic blog – but whose heart got filled with happiness for you and your family!
    I’m very happy for you!

  53. Amelia Johnson says:

    Huge congratulations Hillary! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well and that you start to feel better now that the cooler weather is arriving.

  54. rachel says:

    Congratulations! I started to read your blog very shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our first – an unexpected turn of events for me. During those first months when I was feeling extrememly ambivalent about having a baby your blog kept me encouraged – that it was possible to be a mom of small children and to still have a thriving creative life.
    Nevin is four weeks old now and not only do I love him, I also like him quite a bit. πŸ™‚ I loved seeing the pic of your little boy at three – a little window into what I have to look forward to. Keep on writing!

  55. Samantha says:

    Congratulations! That is so wonderful. πŸ™‚ I was much more nauseous with my girls than with my boy. And I was 37 when I gave birth this time and things went great, so let go of the “over 35” worries! It probably slowed me down a little more than when I was 28 with my first one, but it was still good. June is a great time to have a baby. So take a swig of that gingerale and think happy thoughts!
    BTW, I got my put together books and I’m thrilled! My kids are going to love their new Christmas friends. πŸ™‚

  56. Chris says:

    Another lurker who had to say Congratulations! And just to let you know that I had morning sickness for both of our older two sons (I lost weight my first trimester with both) and didn’t feel sick at all with our third son (so I figured he must be a girl). Wrong! You never know who’s in there!

  57. Lisa says:

    I’m a little late commenting, but congratulations! What happy news! I do hope the morning sickness passes – all the best to you and yours in this exciting time!

  58. jill says:

    Such wonderful news…
    And to think that I never even blinked, or noticed that you were down and out. You continued (right through your sickness) right on producing the most wonderful creations, stuffed, christmas like and birthdayish… As I continued to sit here in amazement at all you do!!
    Joy Joy…

  59. Zoe says:

    Great news Hillary!
    One day, very very soon, you’ll wake up with a craving for something weird and wonderful and the sickness will be miraculously gone.
    Take it easy and look after you and that little bump.
    Zoe x

  60. Summer says:

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now, but have never commented. I, too, am three months pregnant and due in June, so it will be even more fun to follow along during this time! Hopefully, we’ll both be over the icky part soon!

  61. Siri says:

    I know this might sound wierd but, since we bloggers are a little on the odd side anyways, I guess I’ll share this with you.
    I think I might have had a dream or something that you were pregnant. I was reading your blog recently and suddenly thought, “How cool. Oscar’s going to be a big brother” but then I couldn’t really remember ever reading about it anywhere and, after backtracking through your posts, realized that you never had posted anything of the sort.
    So, I guess I felt a little pang of deja vu when I read this post now.
    Congratulations to you and your family and now I can really exclaim, “How cool! Oscar’s going to be a big brother!”

  62. valentina says:

    oh, my goodness! congratulations! Sorry about the sick, but I’m jealous. I loved being pregnant. No worries about the over 35, you just get more attention. Maybe more sonograms, and that’s not a bad thing. Do kick back and enjoy it.

  63. molly says:

    oh, I’m so far behind. how did i miss this??!! a big congratulations. i hope you’re getting the second trimester high by now. i’m enjoying mine–due in april…xo.

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