paypal hates me, but just a little

** another (last) update**
I seem to have gotten to the bottom of this and it only affected 3 orders. People who paid with eChecks on the 27th whose emails the paypal system dropped. Theirs were not on my downloaded activity that I was checking orders against. Good gravy! Anyway, it seems all squared away. Of course, if you’re still concerned about your order feel free to email me. Sorry for all the boring paypal crap. I actually have a craft to post today! Need to get my camera out.

So far so good. Only the one missed order that alerted me
to this so far. Please do email me though if you’re worried. And if
you’re Canadian, I’m sorry I have no idea what’s up with the mail. So
pokey! Seems Australian orders haven’t landed yet either.

If anyone ordered their Spaceboy and Robot Put-together book (or anything else) between November 27-30 and hasn’t yet received their order can you email me your paypal receipt to hillarylang at so I can doublecheck that I got it. I had that paypal problem with the email notifications not coming through and now it seems there’s another problem. That some of the orders didn’t make it into the downloaded activity spreadsheet I was going from. If there was a single person at paypal that gave a damn, believe me they’d be getting an earful. But since they’ve got ‘only game in town’ customer service I’m just going to have to figure this out on my own. So sorry for any mix-ups that might have happened!

9 thoughts on “paypal hates me, but just a little

  1. Liesl says:

    Yeah, I’m having PayPal troubles lately too. They’re not terribly helpful, are they? Really puts you in that holiday mood when you can’t even speak to a human being…

  2. Jo says:

    hello Hilary , My aussie order came through mid last week. fantastic service – i wasn’t sure if it was “the done thing’ to comment and let you know – sorry.
    This is my first ever blog comment…….
    ps I have already started spaceboy and think I am in love.

  3. Margy says:

    Hi Hilary,
    I received my booklet as well today. I was the order from Belgium. Thanks for the quick service.
    Can´t wait to start teh robot.

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