It’s a Christmas miracle!


I finally have the freebie sleeping bag pattern available for chapter 2 make-a-longers! I’m so sorry this took me so long. The morning sickness didn’t help, but really I just had a total brain freeze with this thing. I made them up really quick and then when I had to figure out how I’d done it I was stuck. I just found this project so difficult to explain for some reason. Who knows, pregnancy brain. Anyway, It’s done now (phew!) and I’m working on sending out emails this afternoon with the download to everyone who bought make-a-long chapter 2. Thanks for your patience!

13 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas miracle!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello, I have just stumbled upon your site having been googling for vintage soft toy patterns! I love it….no actually I adore it!! I have recently started a blog and also have a website but am now incredibly embarressed at the cr*!#y quality of my posts and photographs!! What is your photography secret? I am also addicted to thrift shops, Japanese books and making things. Anyway I will stop wittering on…well done for cheering me up!

  2. Bele says:

    It seems I haven’t been here for a while… Congrats on your second pregnancy!
    I haven’t been here, as I am sooo exhausted all the time because of my third baby, due in June. And I am even an “over 40” mother, so maybe we can try to be not too nervous about statistics together! But for sure looking forward to welcoming the missing piece of the family puzzle together.
    I am really amazed how many different things you do despite your sickness. Maybe I should start doing all my planned projects at night, when I am not able to sleep…
    Have a good time!
    Blogless Elke

  3. *Emy says:

    The smell of Ginger always helped calm my morning sickness. I couldn’t eat it, which is what they recommend you do to avoid tossing your cookies. But smelling it helped me throw up less. And remember once the baby is here you’ll think it was all worth it!

  4. Nicki says:

    Just wanted to thank you for taking time to do the pattern. I’m looking forward to doing the whole Make-a-Long thing in the new year, once we have birthdays and Christmas over with.
    You are a gem Hillary!

  5. Charmaine says:

    I’m with Belle and I’ve been absent for a few weeks! Look at what I’m missing out on. Congratulations on the new baby. A good friend of mine is due in early May and I know she’s excited about not having to bundle the little one up as tightly as she had to with her first.

  6. Lotta says:

    Morning sickness. Ugh. Poor Oscar, is he like “what the heck is happening to mommy?”.
    I remember when I couldn’t brush my teeth without bowing down to meet the sink. It’s what keeps popping in my head as we think about doing a third child.

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