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Well, no tree pics as promised. It’s dark and rainy today so it’ll have to wait. Instead I thought I’d post some of your pics from the pattern galleries. Here are a few cuties that have been added recently. And I just set up the robot and spaceboy group and would love to post some of those here too!

sknittymama’s 3 bunny sisters

imacruzen’s Make-a-long girls

button mcgee’s Christmas stitchette pillow

Here’s one! Kerflop’s Spaceboy. I love his up in the air arm!

and thanks for the jingle bell bun love! I feel so accomplished to have made at least one Christmas present this year. Now I can go back to my online shopping guilt free 🙂

10 thoughts on “flickr groups

  1. bellablue says:

    Hillary, I just wanted to tell you I received both “put together” books and the quality is fabulous. I’m near-done the kitty but need to sew the face. Robots are next on my agenda and will be gifts for the littles in my family. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next…

  2. jenny vorwaller says:

    amen to online shopping for the holidays hillary. 🙂
    and how fun to see the awesome effects of your creations! 🙂
    ps i just noticed, reading in bloglines, that you have over 1200 subscribers! HOLY CRAP! 😀

  3. Di says:

    Thanks for posting the photos – they look fantastic – great work everyone. I agree…better get off this computer and get some sewing done. Less than 2 weeks until Christmas….eeekkk!

  4. Samantha says:

    I’ve been wishing for a robot flikr group. I’m in the process of making a bunch for gifts and wanted some inspiration. 🙂 My first one is looking good! I’ve got to have dh figure out some camera issues so I can share pictures. He’s got a 70’s thing going on. LOL
    One more thing for my wish list–it’s Christmas time, after all–a great time for wishes! It seemed like it took ages to stuff my cute little fellow and I was worried about bumps and lumps the whole time. Would you consider writing a post sometime with tips and tricks for stuffing all of these wonderful creations? Dh is suggesting that the robot I make for our son should be bigger and I’m swooning thinking of more stuffing to do!
    Thanks for your wonderful patterns,

  5. Rachel says:

    Hillary, thanks for all of the terrific patterns! I love coming here to see what ideas are cooking up inside your head. And what a nice compliment to have my pillow put on your post! Those Christmas Stitchettes really spruce up my couch! Thanks!

  6. Inga says:

    Hillary, my bunnies were so happy to have visitors! Thanks for sharing them. . . Another big thank you for your delightful patterns. I’m happy to be your worker bee!

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