my halls are ready and waiting

Hot dog!!

How excited was I to stumble upon Tord Boontje for Christmas at Target! Picked up the last 2 sets they had of this garland. They didn’t have these yet but I’m going to stalk Target until they come in.

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  1. melody says:

    Wow!!! the garlands are a must have… how lovely… they’d be the perfect little holiday treat for my sewing circle friends… I’ve been wondering why I’ve been feeling the pull of Target lately (in the middle of a giant house decluttering!) but it must have been those garlands. (I also need to get Target’s frog shaped humidifier for the kids room) As far as the dishes go, the cereal bowls are a necessity …how cute are they?

  2. elizabooth says:

    OMG, yet another reason I bemoan the fact that there is no Target in Canada. I think I like the gold dishes even better — I think I may take my girlfriends up on their offer to road trip to Montana to hit the Target. And I love the garland too!

  3. Jecca says:

    Whoa! I just got some Target coupons last night and thought, But I don’t have any reason to go to Target. . . . Not anymore. Spectacular spectacular!

  4. Michelle says:

    What, you mean you haven’t already been stalking Target? I’m there like every other day, practically. Now that they opened a new one less than a mile away, I think I should just get sleeping bags for the kids and move in. Much more efficient. If you want any more of those garlands, just let me know! I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

  5. Amy R says:

    Hi from your Wheaton reader!
    Our Wheaton Target (on Roosevelt Road) has the dishes. They’re not with the Christmas stuff, but on an end-cap by the Smith and Hawken stuff. They had them in gold too.

  6. Kitty Jimjams says:

    Of course I’m pleased for you, but… I want one!! In fact I want several. When will Target open in the UK, please?

  7. Calamity Kim says:

    I’m so happy we’re getting a SUPER Target just in time for Christmas! I love his stuff and if you go to his website he has pictures of his spectacular set up that he’s doing at Union Square in NYC to celebrate the deal with Target- It’s an interactive light show with all of his cut-outs in life size! What I wouldn’t give to see it! Maybe someone will YOU TUBE it! Check it:

  8. Lindsey says:

    Saw your post earlier and just went to target to try to get the garland. Couldn’t find it anywhere though! They did have the dishes you wanted…since they’re not available online I could always pick some up and send them to you if you still can’t find them! You can always email me at lindsey892 (At) aol (Dot) com!

  9. Denise says:

    Thanks for posting about the garlands. Last Friday I was in Target when they were installing all of the hanging displays for Christmas. I wanted to ask for any leftovers.
    After I saw your post, I rushed to Target last night after work. It took me forever to find the garlands and the employees didn’t know where they would be. I finally found them near the front with the Christmas paper plates and napkins. I picked up the last four garlands and a package of the window decals.

  10. jennifer w. says:

    I’m glad Target threw us a bone here and made something available with the paper cuts, or else I would have had to resort to ripping the ceiling displays down to take home (though I’m still not convinced that is such a bad idea…)

  11. Pam says:

    I GOT MINE I GOT MINE.. and I’m with Jennifer W.. I really want to take down that GIANT ceiling display. Seriously, do we know someone at Target to score it for us????

  12. carolyne says:

    oh my goodness! we have target in Australia but they don’t have Tord 🙁 If you (or anyone else out there in blogland) are willing to track down a garland or two & send them to me, I’ll send you whatever you want from Australia! Please?

  13. samantha says:

    i got mine too! yay! also, anthropologie has had some of his designs in a cobalt/blue dinnerware set and it’s now on clearance with an additional 40% off. it might be hard to find a complete set, but if you loved the design it might be worth it for the price. (it’s the reindeer looking pattern)

  14. Siri says:

    NO FREAKING WAY! Why oh why did I bypass Target in my errand running (sans kids, even) on Saturday???? I was only a couple of doors down, even.
    As for yesterday’s post I’m a bit jealous that you have somebody who actually enjoys the search for the perfect Christmas decorations. I can’t even imagine what life like that would be like. Actually, my father in law is one of those guys. His son didn’t inherit that quality, I guess.

  15. sherry says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who fell for these. . . .I had serious second thoughts over the price, but they are lovely, aren’t they? I got the deer and the rabbits.

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