missing gene

I have been wiggling my nose at this since Peapod dropped it off this morning and still nothing. No magical pie appearance. Guess I’ll have to get the books out.

By all other criteria I feel I am your typical craft blogger. I obsess about decorating for the holidays. I go overboard on baby gifts. I spend way to much money on japanese fabric (thanks a lot mariko and kelly!). But the cooking gene…didn’t get that. Everyone else makes beautiful, delectable-looking dishes and takes wonderful photos of it all and seems to enjoy it so much. To me cooking is like doing laundry. I hate it. Such a task. Washing, peeling, cutting, stirring, washing, ugh. Perhaps this gene will kick in later in life. Cooking is something I’d definitely like to like to do. I love watching Nigella, maybe that’s a good sign.

What I’d rather be doing is playing with my new toys from the craft store trying to make funny little ornaments for my tree which is going up this weekend!

p.s. All Stitchettes ordered yesterday have gone out in the mail. Thanks! Other shop updates, Patchwork Cards are sold out and Craft It Up! Stickers are back in stock.

15 thoughts on “missing gene

  1. martha in mobile says:

    Someone once told me “The only time I don’t like doing dishes is when I am not doing them.” At the time I laughed, but it is so true. It has helped me do dishes ever since (works on cleaning the bathtub, too). Now to my store of supplied wisdom I will add “I would definitely like to like to cook.” It makes me laugh and it is true, too!

  2. Mindy says:

    Oh that is an easy call…..
    Slice up your apples really thin…leave on the crust. Mix them with a couple of tablespoons of flour and sugar. Add a bit of cinnamon and pop into the middle of the pie crust. Fold the edges over to make a tart and TA DA an excellant masterpiece! No recipe book needed!!

  3. Karen in Wichita says:

    Here’s my extremely expert pie advice: the Pet-Ritz frozen crusts are better than the refrigerated roll-up kind.
    (That said, I’m being adventurous and making my own today, because our pies will be surplus at the family Thanksgiving this year, and my mother is positively appalled that I don’t make my own crusts. Even she admits that Pet-Ritz is all right, though. But hers *are* better.)

  4. Mike says:

    Someone once said “Stick with what you know.” Okay…nevermind. It IS fun to learn new things. Have a great time decorating the tree this weekend. We’ll be doing the same.

  5. becky says:

    My advice is to add cardamom to your pie. Delightful!
    I love to cook and craft but I find that I spend more time reading about these topics than doing them. And thus, I’m good at cooking (since I do it daily) but less proficent at my crafts.

  6. amisha says:

    i feel your pain on this one… i always feel like i *should* enjoy cooking, but it freaks me out. i’m dealing with my obsessive holiday-cooking issues by obsessively blogging my pie disasters 🙂

  7. gyl says:

    Oh yucky cooking! All the work…dishes…critisism of something I DIDN’T want to do anyway!?! No fun. I try to avoid it, but that is even more work!! LOL!
    I am so there with ya sista!!
    Great all ’round craftiness BTW!!
    Happy Turkey Day!

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