christmasbot cards in the shop

hey party people. forgive me three christmas related posts in a row but just wanted to let you know the Christmasbot cards have been added to the shop. as far as what else is going to make it into the wee wonderfuls shop this holiday, I’ll have news next week. this weekend is decision making time and I’ll have the skinny for you on monday. hey, maybe I’ll even send out a newsletter to the mailing list. since that’s what it’s for! I always chicken out when it comes to sending out those mass emails. they make me so self conscious for some reason. why it’s any different than bugging you here I have no idea.

9 thoughts on “christmasbot cards in the shop

  1. laeroport says:

    Hillary –
    The cards are FAB! As is the article in Cutting Edge – mine arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so happy to see the article on you and your wonderful creations. Congratulations! Your fan club loves you!

  2. Jenn says:

    just remember if we didn’t want your emails we wouldn’t have signed up! as long as you don’t send me any weirdly titled ones that turn out to be an advertisement for things for me to enlarge my private parts…(I hope I am not the only one who gets that type of spam or people are really going to start to wonder about me!)
    It is going to be a wee wonderful christmas around my house as many of the presents I am giving are from your patterns. They are just so easy to give because everyone loves them no matter what type of style they have! you really do have a wonderful gift. so keep those emails coming!

  3. Grace says:

    Ha ha ha ha or is that ho ho ho….Just love Christmasbot!! very cool cards.
    Your work just cheers me right up.
    Oh and my ‘Crafters Companion’ arrived this week…..just in time for Xmas present making!

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