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Hey b-land. How’s your day going? I can’t believe I’m only 3 hours into mine. I have the only toddler in the world who cares if he has snot running down his face. I dread when he has a cold because he hollers out in agony every five minutes for me to wipe his drippy nose. So a few things real quick before I need to get back to wiping…

Made it to the thrift store for the first time in months yesterday. Slim pickings but did find this amazing fabric.

I finally got myself down to Borders to get all my Christmas magazines and also the Winter issue of Cutting Edge magazine. Hot dog! I’m actually in there!! 🙂 The photos are wonderful, the ornaments look so cute how they set them up, and from what I hear (I can’t bring myself to read it yet) the article is really nice too. So exciting! ** update: hey, I just read through the rest of the magazine and definitely pick it up because there are some really cute fabric card projects by Teresa Levy, Jenny Hart and others.  **

And lastly, I’ve been meaning to share this fun mail for weeks…Child Health Posters in Color. They’re an ebay find sent to me by the kind and hilarious Lotta. Thanks so much! Now how do I enlist this little girl to help me with nose wiping.

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  1. meg says:

    Myself, I’m taking a break from the toddler who melted down because Mean Mama wouldn’t let him sweep the street. Anyway…
    Congratulations!! That must be so exciting. I’m going to have to pick up a copy and check out the spread. :0)

  2. claire says:

    Oh, your kid can’t stand snot either? Mine will get sooooo frustrated when he can’t breathe out his nose and just cry and cry. He also insists on sleeping with us in those momnets so husband and I get to share the joy. Yay for us. On a less snotty note, how exciting about being Cuttung Edge! And I love your stack of mags there!

  3. Jenn says:

    I think you should design a lovely, quilted snot-catcher. kind of like the peepee teepee (have you seen those? they are a little “teepee to go over a boys “sprayer” so you don’t get sprayed when you change them). you could make a nice ribbon tie…just have several on hand and change them when they get too yucky. problem solved! trust me, you want a kid like yours. mine does not care so he always has a nice, shiny snot face. he will wipe it on me once in a while. I think he is hugging me but he is really using me as a human tissue.
    I will have to buy a copy of the magazine! love, love the ornaments.

  4. laeroport says:

    They didn’t send you a complimentary copy of Cutting Edge ahead of time????? Geez! I posted your press on my blog a few days ago. Congratuations, once again! It was a lovely article and I look forward to making the ornaments. 🙂

  5. Courtney says:

    Um, I think you lead with the story about BEING FEATURED IN A MAGAZINE and follow up with the snot one! Congratulations! (about the mag not the snot). Elliot calls out “booger” every time he needs a wipe. When I took him to pre-school this morning I coached him to say “can I have a tissue please?” I’m curious if it worked…

  6. Beth Salwaechter says:

    Congratulations on the magazine. That is wonderful, I must go buy it.
    Well, you do not have the only child that hates snot/boogers. My daughter will actually let me get a q-tip, dip it in vaseline and clean her nose out for her. She will cry if she gets too stopped up/dried up. Well, I guess it is better than them having snot run down their face : )
    Congrats again!

  7. amy k. says:

    oh congrats!! I need to get it tonight! and the ornaments, so very cool!you star!!
    wow, the health/kid illos are so good-what a score.
    and I too have freaky about snot kids. it’s the worst. well, the chapped lips that bleed when picked are probably worse than that, that comes next. .

  8. Liz says:

    I just got home, and happened to buy Cutting Edge today. I was so excited because I remember you mentioned being in it. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I love the ornaments! 🙂

  9. Danielle says:

    My 2 year old is the same way! He goes, “Ahhhhh, oooohhhhh, heeeellllp it!” and then I half to run and wipe. I taught him to wipe his own nose, but he says, “mommy help it!” so I do. Busy job, especially today. :o(

  10. raine says:

    maybe my tactive of, “put the snot in the tissue” will help teach him to blow – it does wonders with my toddler! for some reason she will refuse to blow until I tell her that, then she’s all into it. Of course, she opens up the tissue to see all the snot, but at least it’s out of her nose!!
    that fabric is so beautiful. i got new fabric yesterday myself, though none as gorgeous as that!

  11. wzgirl says:

    Gorgeous fabric!! I’ve been to all of my local Targets – but can NOT find those wonderful cutouts that you mentioned a few days ago. Are you sure tha they are from Target? Where did you find them????

  12. debra says:

    Congratulations!! I didn’t realize you were going to be in print. Isn’t it elating?? It is a good thing we are headed to Austin next week so I can get to Borders. Your work is so amazing and unique, you totally deserve it. So, in between wipes of course, just bask in the glow….

  13. jessica says:

    i will have to buy this magazine. congratulations! oh i love this poster of the child sitting on the bench…how healthy! eating an apple and reading…way too cute.

  14. Debby says:

    How come I never find cute or, for that matter, even interesting fabric at the thrift store. I need to get out more I think. Also, congrates on the article. I must admit I do enjoy reading your stuff.

  15. Lotta says:

    I think you need to snip down a couple of tampons and pop them up Oscar’s nose. Seriously. Isn’t that what they do for Football? I don’t think Tim would mind do you? 😉
    Those posters were just meant to find there way into your hands. And I need to head over to Borders to get that magazine so I can show people that I kind of sort of know this amazing artist that’s in there!

  16. Mike says:

    I ran to my local Michael’s craft store on Saturday to get a copy of Cutting Edge. Well….they didn’t have it. As a side note: that place is beginning to tick me off. I may not be going back. It’s not the same store it once was. (Hobby Lobby is way better) Anyhow…I found the magazine at Target! They did a great job with photos and story. Congrats! Too cool!

  17. Jane says:

    Oh, I am so glad I am not alone with a funny toddler… mine comes (also every 5 minutes) screaming NOOOOSEEEE… and when no tissue paper is close enough, she reaches for my pants, nice!

  18. Alison says:

    Oh my, they’re delightful. Couldn’t find the mag locally, so I subscribed… However, they forecast it will take about a month for the dang thing to arrive. I foresee some last minute sewing!!!

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