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The Fall Stitchettes will be for sale on Wednesday, October 11th at 4:00 PM Chicago time. I think I’ve figured out the golden hour. 4:00 here is 5:00 in NY, 2:00 in LA, around 10:00PM in Europe and 7AM in Melbourne. Hope this time works out for everybody. They will be for sale in the store here and will be $12 plus $2 for shipping in US/Canada and $4 for shipping everywhere else. I’ll send out a reminder email early next week, if you’d like to receive one please sign up on the mailing list here.

We are not going to be reprinting the first set of Stitchettes at this time. We’re moving forward. Next up with be Winter ones. I’m so excited about those! Snowballs and pom pom hats. So sorry to Southern Hemispherers that we’re out of synch!

In other shop news, we just got in a new batch of Put-together Books and they look wonderful! I’m so relieved. Reprints are nerve wracking. If you haven’t picked yours up yet now’s the time. Just take a look all the cute, stylish, helpful, delicious little friends you can make. Thanks so much to everyone who has added their pics to the flickr group! ** update: I forgot to mention, I have plenty now so we’re selling wholesale as well. If you’d like some for your store just let me know (email below)**

And lastly, a little Make-a-long info. All the backpack freebie patterns went out that day last week when I announced it on the blog. If you never got the email, please check… 1. that you’re checking the email you use for paypal and 2. that you can receive mass emailings. If you have aol it is likely sitting in your spam folder. If you want me to change your email address on my list you can let me know. Also, if you ordered Olive & Archie and are waiting for the pattern to appear in your inbox or your mailbox please email me because that is not how it works. The instructions on the order page to click "return to merchant" from paypal have become bigger and bigger and are now actually their own intermediate page before ordering. Hopefully we’ve made this as clear as possible now but I just want to make sure everyone who ordered their pattern has it. So.. let me know. My email is hillarylang at gmail dot com.

ok! I think that’s everything. Except a Big Fat Thank You once again to everyone!

I think the sun is coming out. Perhaps I can get a post with pics up today too.

10 thoughts on “Shop News

  1. Amanda says:

    Hilary – Just wanted to say a BIG thanks for sending out another copy of the lost stitchette pattern to me. I would like to send you a little thank you for your trouble – would you be sweet enough to email me your address so that I can put some goodies in the mail for you?

  2. Anna says:

    I can’t WAIT for the stichettes, YAHOO!
    I missed out last time and I will not let that happen again.
    ****Will you reprint the Spring stichettes????

  3. Melissa says:

    Hillary, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the space boy doll pattern to be coming out for my son’s Christmas gift this year. Could you tell me if you will be doing a pattern at some point and time? If so, when that might be?
    Also you did some fabric robot dolls but I don’t think I’ve seen any patterns yet from you for sale, would that be coming anytime? Thanks!

  4. Melissa says:

    Is it too late to get the free backpack pattern if I am just now ordering the archie and olive pattern? I hope the answer is no:)

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