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I’m about to go drop Oscar off at preschool and will have a few minutes to blog when I get home before I get to work on stuff. However nothing is coming to mind at the moment to write about. Want to mix it up? My inbox is often full of questions. Want to throw some down here and I’ll answer the first 5 questions I get. And if there are none, well then have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂


thanks for the questions!

Kathy’s question: When will the next set of Stitchettes be available?

Soon! Very soon! I hate to say when exactly until I know for sure. I’m hoping late this week but more likely will be early next week. I’ll announce a few days before the sale is to begin so people have a chance to check their email. And if you’d like to be notified by email, please sign up on the mailing list.

Laurie’s question:What is your most favorite craft to work on? The dolls, quilting, etc…

Whatever I don’t have to work on! I actually don’t have a favorite. I really need the variety of projects to keep me interested in all of it. Most of the time I flip back and forth between things. Really helps me get a project done knowing the next one will be completely different. These days it’s been dolls dolls dolls around here. I’d love to work on a quilt.

Brandi’s question: What is your favorite brand/type of pen/pencil to write/draw with?  (That’s a lot of slash options!)

Man I wish I had a better, more exotic answer to this but the answer is whatever pencil I can find. I have pencils, sharpeners and erasers scattered around the apartment and I’m always hunting for one or all three. And I have kind of an insane amount of colored pencils. Everytime we go on a car trip or out to my parents or are away for even a few hours I’m convinced I’ll get some drawing done in the car so I go out and buy colored pencils. And then have to smack myself in the head for forgetting for the upteenth time that colored pencils don’t erase!! I know some do, but I never buy those. That’d be too clever. For my lists I use my Sharpie marker because I need to be reminded in BIG BLACK letters of all the things I should be doing!

Beatrix’s queston:What are your favorite on-line resources for craft supplies/fabric?

I’ve been meaning to add that to my f.a.q. for a long time. Some favorites off the top of my head are

for felt…   

for fabric…

for art supplies

jess’ question: Do
you have any tips for beginning quilters who don’t have a lot of time
or quilting gadgets, a quilting machine, etc at their disposal?

Hey, wait a minute, this is a hard one! Well, not that hard but I’m always reluctant to answer quilting questions because there is so so much to know about quilting and I’m a beginner myself. Actually I don’t have any gadgets. I have a cutting mat, a rotary cutter and my regular old sewing machine. I’d definitely start with a small project. A baby quilt or placemats or a maybe a tote bag and I’d start with a basic design so you don’t get all bungled up with complicated piecing on your first outing. Do you have the Denyse Schmidt book? Looks like lots of cool, quick projects in there. Maybe the oven mitts! I’ve been wanting to make those for a while.

jane’s questions: Is
there a craft you tried that you really hate (a la crochet)? Are you
the only crafty one in your family? What did Tim think when he realized
what a crafty maven he’d got himself involved with?

Hmmm, collage? I wouldn’t say hate is the word but more like failed miserably years ago and haven’t tried again since. Paper and glue, not the best mix for me. And for the record, love the crochet! Suck at it, but love it. And yeah, pretty much alone in the craftiness in my family. My Mom knits and my Dad does woodworking but I didn’t come from one of those ‘there were always art supplies around, everyone was always working on a project, circle of needleworkers in the kitchen’ kind of families. I’ll let Tim answer that last one. It is kind of funny because I don’t think he had a clue before we got married. The sewing machine was packed away and there wasn’t much evidence of crafting. He was sucker punched.

Alright guys, thanks for the questions! How lovely to have blogging for the day checked off the list so early.

oh wait, have to have a picture. From the "farm" yesterday. Nothing like thunderstorms to clear out a crowd!

17 thoughts on “lazy blogger

  1. jane says:

    Is there a craft you tried that you really hate (a la crochet)? Are you the only crafty one in your family? What did Tim think when he realized what a crafty maven he’d got himself involved with?

  2. milly says:

    Are you going to make the original stitches available again.I would love them. I found your site after they were sold out

  3. jess a. says:

    Thanks for the great answer! Quilting is one of those things that I’m really curious about, but it seems really daunting to the uninitiated. I’d heard the Denise Schmidt book mentioned — so I’m going to look for that at the library. 🙂 And I may invest in a cutter & mat, since that has uses beyond just quilting (like the fact that I can’t cut a straight line even when I’m using a pattern!)

  4. Gina says:

    This may sound a little weird but just last night I was actually thinking of emailing you to ask you a question and then you write about it on your blog??? I know I didn’t make the top 5 but if you get time I would really appreciate your advise. I am making some note cards and want to send them to a printers. I want the look of the fabric and threads to be on the cards so do I have to do anything special to get this, like taking a digital picture before it goes to print or do I just leave it in the hands of the printer? Do you have any other advise about taking my images to a print shopr? Thanks

  5. emily says:

    ho ho! aren’t you the clever devil. maybe “ask Hillary” should be a new segement on W.W.?
    Dang! that is a lot of pumpkins. I hope you got a nice variety of oblong + round + malformed ones…

  6. Liz Cadorette says:

    In answer to the question about quilting gadgets — you can begin quilting if you have regular scissors for fabric, a needle, thread, and fabric. Fabric can even be just thrifted flannel shirts to start with, if you like. Remember that quilting as an American art form began from old clothes and a need for warmth! They didn’t have machines or fancy tools — just needle, thread, scissors or cutting implements, and their hands. I still find handwork very satisfying, which is why I adore applique so much.
    Things that help, that aren’t high tech or terribly expensive, are freezer paper or cardboard to use for templates, and as you mentioned, a rotary cutter and mat. One clear ruler that is long enough to span one folded length of fabric is also useful — and by that I mean, if you have 45″ wide fabric, folded in half that’s 22.5, so a ruler that’s about 24 inches long is ideal. The Olfa company makes wonderful clear rulers that also have indicators on them for cutting at 45 degree angles and such — but even these gadgets are just extras.
    I’ve seen your quilts, Hillary, and I think you’re quite a wonderful beginner, if that is how you want to classify yourself. 🙂

  7. Caitlin says:

    Hi, I am always reading your blog, and am very jealous of the time you seem to have. I wanted to let you know how beautiful I think everything you make is, but I just never had.
    But I got so excited to see your Put-Together book in BUST magazine, so I just had to comment today! I was all “hey! I know where that’s from!”

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