construction man

Happy crazy candy day! Oscar finished off his busy day of sugar ingestion in an open mouthed coma in the car on the way home and I’m feeling the same way. So, more soon, including those make-a-long patterns. But for now, me and my little village person are turning in early.

22 thoughts on “construction man

  1. katie says:

    That’s so funny–my 3 yo son was a construction worker, too. Or, a “scruction” worker. I machine appliqued a dump truck on his shirt and he wore his jeans with the hammer loop (and a hammer), plus the obligatory hard hat. It was a lot easier than sewing something!

  2. Bettsi says:

    Ack! Oscar, could you be any cuter? Hillary, it looks like you’ve found the perfect costume type for him. Simple and not full of things he won’t like. (thinking Ewok, of course!) Next year, a NASCAR driver!

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