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It doesn’t take much to fall behind around here. 2 weekends away and a weekend hosting in-laws and my over-ambitious schedule for Fall is pretty much shot. It’s all rainy and dark today and what I really want to do is watch some crap daytime tv and maybe knit a little hat for Maggie. But I should push through the lazy and get this train back on track. I’ve got some fun wip’s to finish and then some stuff from my travels to show, including new vintage kids books, a mountain of cast off buttons and a new Country Craft magazine from the Japanese book store that had some cute this’s and that’s to see including…

these cute piggies

and this adorable lion

Oh, and the Stitchettes are all out and on their way!

27 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Lori says:

    I love the pictures you posted from the Japanese magazine. Do you have an ISBN# or name? I would love to buy a copy. I don’t know if YesAsia has it in stock. I know about always being behind. I always have good intentions of starting the holidays in July… I bought my fabric in July, but haven’t started anything yet.

  2. Beth says:

    A little off topic, but…I just bought Olive and Archie! I’ve started them both and Olive is almost done. No face yet, but I keep walking into my sewing room to look at her and smile!! Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern and inspiring me to sewing something I usually don’t sew.

  3. kristin r says:

    Hmmm… yes… falling behind seems to be the trend and every morning I start out saying “today will be the day I catch up, this list isn’t too long” and then it’s 10pm and time for bed before I know it. It doesn’t help that here too it has been gloomy. It’s a day that is good for tea and knitting and not much else, especially studying for midterms/outdoor instalation art/collecting materials for plant dyeing…. It needs to get sunny or I will be forced to pull out the rain coat and boots! Thanks for sharing the images with all of us, they are so cute! I love those little piggies.

  4. ET says:

    The animals are so cute! You have a great way of presenting your artistic ideas and winsome crafts. I live in Chicagoland too; can you share your favorite Japanese craft-y haunts in the area so that we can check them out? Like for buying Japanese craft books and magazines? Thanks!

  5. E says:

    Dear Hillary-
    I am a devoted reader of your blog who also has a blog. I just wanted to let you know about some disturbing news I just found out about. There is a website called “bitacle” that is publishing people’s blogs word for word and putting them on their website with advertisements that they are making money from. I just happened on this info in another blog I read. I looked up my blog name and sure enough, my entire blog is there. Even posts from yesterday! Yours is on there too. I just wanted to let you know that this is going on. Maybe I am late in finding out, and everyone already knows, but I had no idea and was really upset about it. I sent an email to requesting that they take off my work which should fall under copyright, even if you don’t expressly say so on your blog. Anyway, there are several websites like “plagarism today” that give tips on dealing with these things, and what you can do that may be effective in stopping it. Just wanted to let you know about these sleazy people. Maybe if lots of people do something about it, like emailing them and letting google, MSN and Yahoo know that we aren’t happy, they can be shut down.
    On a happier note, I can’t wait to receive my new stitchette order!! Thanks for all of the fun info and inspiration.

  6. hillary says:

    I’m stumped. I don’t get the sleazy reference. It’s a blog search engine? I don’t see how it is any different than bloglines or google. I set up my blog to be public so that any search engine can pick it up. If you are upset about your blog being picked up by search engines you can set it to be private, well at least you can in typepad.

  7. Selena says:

    I love this lion. I had a pet lion when I was a young girl that I have given to my daughter. The Lions mane is all but worn away now and I would love to make something like this for her.

  8. Fittsy says:

    I received my Stitchettes last night and plan to give them as a Christmas gift. (Hopefully my sister will teach me how to use them as well!)
    Thanks for great work. They’re darling.

  9. Sara says:

    Google caches your pages, true. But they don’t add advertisements to it. Technically, this ‘bitacle’ site is violating your CC license, because they’re applying ads to your content, which they lift and host on their own servers, thus making commercial use of it.

  10. Sara says:

    Actually… scratch that. I can’t find any ads on the bitacle site, with adblocker turned off. Judging by the hate sites that abound about it, there were some at one point.
    On another note entirely, I got my fall stitchettes today. Lovely! I can’t wait to start on that cabled cardigan! Hee. Thanks again! I definately need a solution to display these postcards, now!

  11. Kelly says:

    The fall stitchettes are here!! Thanks for packing them in the jiffy bag. The top layer was torn off, but the bubble wrap kept all contents safe and dry. I know they’re more expensive, but so worth it! Thanks.

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