Antique Mall Finds

I was going to sing you a sad song of my latest bout of blog fatigue but instead, some color.

20 thoughts on “Antique Mall Finds

  1. erin says:

    good thing I wasn’t thrifting near you – I would have knocked you down to get my mitts on that sewing book (ok – not really, but you get the idea!). great finds!

  2. AmyDe says:

    Cute books – what neat finds! Thanks for the stitchette patterns as well – I just got the second set and cannot wait to make them up for my kids for Christmas! I’ll post pictures when I finish!

  3. Trieste says:

    YOu should check out a childrens author named Enid Blyton. She was a british author in the 30-60 ish. Not only are the pictures amazingly cute, the stories are wonderfully simple and cute. We lived in Africa for a while and she was all the rage. Something like R. Dahl

  4. Julie says:

    Great finds – I love the illustrations on the sewing book – those dresses either have very starchy skirts or they’re wearing rather uncomfortable knickers! Hope you’re not too down x

  5. Lotta says:

    Love the sewing book. Love the colors. I think if were ever to win the lotto and get to hire a decorator I would just hand them one of these books. Make it pretty like this.

  6. Judy Wick says:

    Does anyone know where to find the Betsy books, (betsy goes to preschool, to the dr., etc.) from the late 1960’s early 70’s. Am told they are out of print now

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