Who Am I?

I’m loving this groovy book I picked up at the Oak Park Library book sale this year…

"Dedicated to all the boys and girls who are trying to discover who and what they are."

I think maybe I’m plaid shirt guy who kinda looks like he’s trying to sneak away from the festivities…

Who are you?

22 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Candlestring says:

    I totally remember this illustrator from another book I had as a girl. In my book two friends had a secret hiding spot behind a loose brick. I think it included a marble and a stick of gum along with other treasures. I wonder if I can find it – I have it somewhere…
    Thanks for sharing – too cute! I think mom dressed all of us growing up in the 70s like those kids.

  2. suzanna says:

    Oh man you found a good one!! Looks a little like Ezra Jack Keats stuff. I’ve been wasting time going to Borders. I need to start hitting the library book store more often!

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