sue’s sister

baby present (maybe?) in the works. a sister to no bonnet sue.

ok, the first free moment in days to post and damn flickr is timing out on me, typepad lost my post, and the internet is just fritzy in general. I’ll take it as a sign that I should be working on works in progress instead of writing about them.

real quick, here are the things I mentioned before my computer turned on me, sarah’s amazing olive (in costume!) and archie (the tie!), the new make-a-long flickr group, jen’s redwork stitchette making me want to ditch all my other colors, mail order #4 (woohoo!), and well, I think that was it. ok.

11 thoughts on “sue’s sister

  1. Julia says:

    Good, good stuff…I’m loving all the versions of your projects I keep seeing popping up everywhere! And i wish i had the kind of bank account where I could subscribe to those Mailorders! Such a great idea! I love the silhouette (sp?) plaque.

  2. Cristina says:

    Sweet Sue! She reminds me of illustrator Betty Fraser’s work. Fraser paints fabric prints straight on like they’re appliqueed on her figures in her pictures for Mary Ann Hoberman’s poetry collection.

  3. lera says:

    speaking of all these fun crafts, when are fall stitchettes scheduled to be released? (i’m overdue with a baby and don’t want to miss it!!!! i check here everyday!!)

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