making some progress

Props for the first chapter of the make-a-long story are going well, locations not as well. Pesky kids everywhere!

Someone was asking me how’d they assemble the make-a-long book so that it looked nicer than a bunch of pdfs printed out and stapled together. Actually I wasn’t planning on having the story photos as part of the pattern pdf. What I was thinking was that while the story was in progress it would be online only. I was going to ask Tim to set up a separate page or section just for the story to play out. Then after it’s all completed I was thinking of having just the story part printed up at maybe. Has anyone used them? They look pretty snazzy. I like that the books are printed as they are ordered and they look like they’re really nice quality.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I used Lulu to create a calendar and advertise some of my photos. I just ordered a copy today to see the finished quality. From the pictures I’ve seen of books printed from Lulu, they look nice, certainly like a book you might find in a store. I would visit the Lulu forums and chat with people who have published books. I’m sure you would get some good info there. As far as pictures go, mine came out pretty well on Lulu. Let’s just hope the acutal printed versions look that nice. Just to give you an idea, visit my blog and click on the green ant button. It will take you directly to Lulu. The whole process was SO easy!!
    I think your idea is a winner!! I would definitely buy your book!

  2. QueenK says:

    One of my friends has published on Lulu and I ordered her book from them – it is bound like a normal book with good high-quality paper. Normal weight and quality to the cover. Unfortunately her book is all black and white so I can’t speak to the picture quality you might get. Maybe you should find a photo book on Lulu and order it to see the quality you’ll get? Or you could create the book and order one yourself before you annouce it to make sure it looks right?
    I found the service excellent and easy to use from the ordering end of things.

  3. van says:

    Oh i can’t wait till you get the book out, although i was thinking you were doing something along the lines of your sweing book – that i got on Friday, thank you! –
    take candy when you go out taking pictures, then ask that the kids remove themselves for candy untill you’re done.
    Let me know if that works. hihi.

  4. barbara says:

    go hilary! i would buy your book too – lulu looks great and they ship overseas from the usa and spain! for international buyers (at least for europeans) that would definitely be a great thing, shipping unfortunately is always a factor when i consider ordering anything from the united states… 🙁

  5. Sara says:

    I’m so very excited! I found mini martini glasses the other day and thought of your project. Ok, so it’s not very kid-book-friendly, but it still made me smile!

  6. Lotta says:

    For some reason I envisioned one book. Story in the front, patterns in the back. Either way I think you are on to a brilliant idea! Lulu looks like an awesome resource. I’m sure all of your blogger fans would have ‘To buy’ buttons on our sites for your book if you and Tim designed one that we could hyperlink to your page on Lulu.
    PS – Got the embroidery THANK YOU!!!! Will be sending something good your way soon.
    PPS – Husband and I went house cruising this weekend trying to decide wether or not to buy or build up. Sigh. Why do you need a 1/2 mill to buy a decent house???

  7. Jenni says:

    Oh! I had thought it would be one book, with the story first and then patterns, etc in the back. That would be such a unique and interesting thing, and would (maybe?) interest young readers in sewing, too.

  8. molly says:

    just catching up, hillary…so excited about your new venture. isn’t it fun having a new idea like this. love getting inspired and putting it into action!!

  9. kristin r says:

    Oh that is such a great idea! I’m working on a book as well and doing something similar where I publish a new installment every two weeks. I want to keep the site going for quite awhile, but the plan is that once every two year s I will publish it in book form. I just went and took a look at lulu and their rates seem reasonable. Let us all know how it works out! Good luck!

  10. Jenny says:

    I too thought the book might have story and patterns “mixed” together, you know like those old Mary Frances books by Jane Eayre Fryer? I’m sure you’ll work out the publishing ideas and have a wonderful book!

  11. laeroport says:

    I told my daughter (the same little girl who embroidered the stitchette) about your idea and she SQUEALED! She can’t WAIT for your book project! (And neither can her mom.) And is that a tupperware mug from the 70’s on your brilliant thermos? I grew up with those mugs in our camping gear – happy memories!

  12. hillary says:

    yeah, that’s what I mentioned, having the book be first half story and 2nd half patterns but for this online version it’ll be pdf patterns and then I’d still like to have the story part printed up which is why I’m thinking of lulu.

  13. emira says:

    This is a bit off topic but as soon as I saw the little green cup on your wee thermos there I knew I had to write! I have that whole set of miniature tupperware (including the juice jug) sitting on my kitchen sideboard. My mom just dug them out of my childhood things and passed them on. I think they are just too marvellous and even my 10 year old step-daughter (who has generally outgrown these things) loves the set. Fun to see someone else appreciating it.

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