le hook up

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this French childrens fashion magazine Milk ever since I saw it mentioned on Rosa’s blog. It finally occurred to me, duh, to appeal to my Parisian cousin and voila! here it is, all glossy and European and cool. Now I need to find something wonderful to send her in return so she’ll continue to support my new habit. More pics here.

18 thoughts on “le hook up

  1. Jane and the ducks says:

    Oh, oui! That’s a great magazine! I always get a copy when I visit France. My mom just sent the new issue. And to answer Elaine’s question, French kids do dress up… often they are better dressed than their parents!!!

  2. Blair says:

    I used to get a whole slew of comp subscriptions to Euro childrens magazines when I was designing fabric, although I’ve never heard of Milk, so maybe it wasn’t around back then.
    Those were the days…

  3. Innamorata says:

    This is a post for the frenchies as me 🙂 !! I’d be glad to send Milk (number 13 is out !) and an other one called Marie-Claire idées and that i’m sure you would love !
    Well, you have my e-mail on this comment 🙂
    ANd this is the occasion to tell you how much i admire your work..And also i wanted to ask if you know minilabo http://www.minilabo.fr, they have been doing dolls and bunnies which are very similar to yours and they work as hell here !! You should put copyrights on your creations !! hope to read from you soon.

  4. Laurel Cameron says:

    My son was a model for this beautiful magazine. I believe he was supposed to be in the most recent issue (whichever issue came out during the summer of 2006). Can anyone help me find this issue and tell me if my son is in it??? If he is, I would like to get a few copies and will pay for them, gladly.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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