Hello! We’re just back from a week long vacation in Wisconsin. Oscar was a little worried about what this ‘cation’ (somewhere around this house is a huge pile of his discarded first syllables) business was all about. He was wary of all the packing and driving but once he realized it meant having his grandparents and aunt and uncle at his beck and call and throwing rocks in the lake, playing in the sand, helping grandpa fish and feeding ducks he was on board. The day we were leaving the temperature dropped 20 degrees and it’s been cool and rainy here since. Guess Summer is over in Chicago — this week at least. I still have vacation-head and I need to snap out of it. No amount of willing it to be will bring back Grandma coming in at the crack of dawn to scoop up Oscar so we can sleep in. It’s back to reality. I did get some work done while we were gone. If you call sitting on the deck all day lazily embroidering work.

But now we’re all unpacked and into our routine and getting ready for what this week is bringing. First day of preschool tomorrow! And then sometime by the end of the week, the first installment of the make-a-long story with its patterns will be up. yikes. I just realized last night that this tight deadline I set for us is not allowing any time for proofing or testing. Maybe there’s a guinea pig out there? Someone who has some free time on their hands this week and would like to make a doll – basically overnight – and help me proof the instructions? If anyone is interested please email me at hillarylang at gmail.com. I’ll try to come up with some super fun goodie bag full of thank you treats. Thanks volunteers!!

21 thoughts on “‘cation

  1. Valentina B.C. says:

    Dear Hilary,
    I’m finally writing you a short post-note to thank you for all your beautiful & peaceful photos art&crafts embroderies, bunnies & kitties dolls etc.
    In this world gone wrong it’s so comforting to know that I can take a look at what you are doing at your graceful talent and have a short moment of happiness.
    Today is 9/11; it has been a few months since I have been visiting your web site.
    Thank you so much.

  2. madmommy says:

    Yes, the dawn grandparent scoop is the best reason for vacationing with family (there are other wonderful reasons, but that is certainly the best).
    I hail from WI myself and wish I could move back there, the fall colors are so spectacular. Kansas fall colors are yellow, yellow, and brown, lol.

  3. IamSusie says:

    We love Wisconsin! I don’t think peoiple realize how beautiful it is up in Wisconsin. We try to go camping up there with the kids every chance we get. Hubby likes to get bacon cheese from the cheese shops up there. (mmm…cheese)

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