a.d. and d.

I should be working on my works in progress. I have instructions to write, props to make, locations to scout (yay!) but I’ve finally got Mr. I’ve-mastered-the-2-year-old-tantrum and Miss. cutie-newborn-feed me!-feed me! asleep and all I can muster is blog surfing and soap watching. Oh and being distracted by this page in the Walthers catalog that I’m convinced will make some sort of awesome new quilt for Oscar.

isnt’ that cool?!

9 thoughts on “a.d. and d.

  1. laeroport says:

    The last two nights I’ve been home alone, sans kids, and all I’ve managed is to watch HGTV and Judy Garland on American Masters. What a waste of time. But enjoy your distractions and have a nice weekend.

  2. Kuky says:

    Yeah I was confused too. I’m here reading and thinking I didn’t know you had a baby. I would have remembered reading about that. But I’m guessing you’re talking about Maggie huh? 🙂

  3. Lily says:

    Hillary no wonder you’re easily distracted at the moment – my gosh you’ve been busy.
    The PDF publishing sounds like a great idea – and no postage costs to worry about either!

  4. Kaye says:

    Hi there…
    I had to laugh at your post as I’m sitting here in my studio/office that is filled with WIP’s, my Hubby is napping, my Mom has taken my Little man out for the day and evening (yah..date night) and I all of this time to myself. What am I doing? Reading blogs and emails.
    oh well…its Saturday.
    Thats seems like a good excuse 🙂

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