8 thoughts on “there’s some new stuff in the shop

  1. amy says:

    Hi Hilary –
    I posted over at angry chicken yesterday and halfway through forgot where I was – I posted about how much my son loves the thank you card we got with the put together book. I’m a much better lurker than commenter, but amy suggested I tell you 🙂
    Anyway, my son is FULL of plans on how HIS bear will ALSO sew on OUR sewing machine, just like the postcard. “And then! We’ll take a picture mommy! Except it will be My Bear! Sewing!” He has taken over the postcard and sits and looks at it for ages.
    I’ve made a variety of bears (some still missing facial features and shoes, oh my) but I really should get a picture of his bear sewing, just for him.
    Love these cards, so dear.

  2. Daphne says:

    I want to order another set of Patchwork postcards but I’m afraid I keep sending the same cards to the same people. doh! So I guess I’m begging you for more cards.

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