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I got my ink problem (I had an ink problem) all straightened out and successfully printed* out some pods last night. This time on linen. I’ve been wanting to make a little something-something to send out to friends and as thank you’s. Now I just need to get a little assembly line going in the craft room. I even got ambitious and made shrinky dink pins for the first time in ages.

I love making pincushions. For whatever reason it always reminds me of my early days of craft blogging. I had the best time when I started blogging. It was so much fun to be starting out on a big new project. Every discovery was so exciting, all the new sites, cool projects, amazing new materials to work with. And then there were all the new friends, all the support and encouragement, no expectations, etc. I think my rose colored glasses may also be due to the fact that Oscar was six months old at the time. So much easier to have a new (extremely time consuming) project when you have a baby happily rolling around on the floor or bouncing away in a bouncy seat and napping three times a day. I didn’t have to be so creative with time management like I do now. Now Oscar and I are on the verge of our next phase together. Oscar’s starting preschool three mornings a week in September and I’m going to try to work on some more ambitious projects. I think I’ll change my official title from SAHM to Stay at Home/Working from Home Mom… you know, the kind you always see on Super Nanny! ha. I’m excited for him. We got him into a great program in a cool new facility and there is so much fun stuff for him to do. I know he’s going to eat it up. Me, I’ll be sitting here five minutes after he’s gone, thinking ok…when’s my baby coming back. I don’t know if I can actually get anything done without a toddler driving a car up my leg.

* for printing on fabric I treat fabric with bubble jet set then iron to freezer paper and send through my printer.

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  1. stephhung says:

    that is so true. i started blogging a few months ago, and everything is so exciting to me right now. even when i figure out small stuff, like how to link pictures, i feel so warm and fuzzy!

  2. Sara says:

    Love it. I often wonder if those pins are actually useful, though? I never know if they’re just for decoration, or are actually still usable.
    Glad to see that your printer finally cooperated! Good luck with the working at home, too! I’m sure the crafting community will appreciate it!

  3. melissa f. says:

    this is a great post… and some great fabric. i’m telling you lady jane, if you decide to give up this business of inspiring the craft world to greatness, you could make a go at fabric design 🙂

  4. Heather Bailey says:

    Oh, I hope you tried the heat gun for those shrinky dink pins — it’s SoOoOo much easier than using the oven!
    I received my “You Rock!” postcard in the mail, BTW. Thanks!

  5. Wanett says:

    I know what you mean about the MIA kid. I can’t get anything done without mine at home. I stay up later, watch Bridget Jones and talk about them non-stop until they get home.

  6. amy h says:

    So, was your printer just using the magenta ink or something? I love how the pin cushion came out!
    Good luck with the working from home! It has its drawbacks, but I love the flexibility and that makes up for anything negative (and if I were doing something more creative, it would be even better).

  7. hannah says:

    oscar is going to school??? oh my, where does the time go? i think you will really enjoy this new phase, and of course we cant wait to see what you make of it.
    the pin cushions are perfect by the way, and yes melissa is right, please design some fabric for us? ok? thanks!

  8. Daphne says:

    I like the fuschia ones, too, just for the record. And also the fact that you are hilarious. Not sure how anyone can be inspired without a toddler driving a toy car up one’s leg!

  9. sunni says:

    love the custom pod fabric and of course your adorable shrink pins! i can’t wait to see what projects you’ll cook up with a bit more free time on your hands, they just keep getting better and better! oscar will have the coolest mama in his class!

  10. victoria says:

    love the pincushion! i’ve been wanting to make pincushions out of some of my vintage fabric stash but don’t know what to fill them with–can you help? is it just fluff?
    on the baby going to pre-school thing–i saw my 3 off to pre-school with a smiley face on and with each one retreated to my car to sob my heart out for the first day! they, of course, did just fine…..

  11. Blair says:

    Oh no, I hope you’re not saying blogging isn’t fun anymore. I know what you mean, about the dating phase of blogging. Me and mine, we’re married now, sometimes I wonder if we’re running out of stuff to talk about.
    I love your pincushion. One of the first things I noticed when entering the world of blogs was how a simple pincushion was elevated to an art form. Blew me away, they were really little works of art, all of them. As this one is.

  12. Lotta says:

    Ok – I think I’m going to buy a heat gun based on one of the blogger’s comments. But I have to ask. Do you have a gas oven? My shrinky dink paper said to use only in an electric oven. Who has those?

  13. Selena says:

    I can relate to the new blogger syndrome. I can’t wait to get up in the morning to read my favorite blogs, see if there are any comments and on particularly obsessive days, check out my stats. You expressed that new discovery so well. I enjoyed reading the tutorial. I’ll add that to my list of new crafts to try.

  14. Kim says:

    I have to laugh about the “driving a car up your leg.” Every time I do any sewing or knitting, there he is, driving cars up and down my legs, climbing all over me… I think when he was smaller, he thought just the fact that I was keeping an eye on him meant he had my undivided attention. That just isn’t enough for him anymore!

  15. hillary says:

    sara – I just use them for decoration
    heather – heat gun?! now that just sounds dangerous. with me at the helm at least. I just pop them in my oven (gas) for 3 minutes and they come out just right. easy peasy.
    amy h – be wary of the cheapy ink at cartridge world!
    leslie – thanks for the link! yeah, I should have mentioned, if you’re not going to wash the fabric you can just run it through the printer. ironing to the freezer part is super easy.
    victoria – I just use cluster polyfill and jam as much as I can in there until it’s solid as a rock.
    blair – no no no, not saying that. me and blogging, we have a nice happy marriage 🙂

  16. Maritza says:

    Love love love the pincushion, complete with shrinky pins. Very cute! Great design on your fabric – those pods are so adorable. And congratulations to Oscar! Preschool already, my goodness. They grow so fast. (And I just sounded like somebody’s grandmother there. AGH!)

  17. Veronica TM says:

    The pincushion and pins are adorable!
    I started a blog a few months ago and I love it. Your blog was one of my major inspirations, and still is. It is the first one I check every morning {now after mine}.
    Can’t wait to see the new projects now that you will have more time.

  18. Wendi says:

    I really want to try printing on fabric to make a dress for my daughter with the Teen Titans on it, but I’m wondering about washability, etc. I’ve looked at the sheets of fabric you can print on, but it wasn’t clear from the instructions whether the final project was washable. This is the first time I’ve heard of Bubble Jet Set. What do you think of using that on garments?

  19. mari says:

    ok this is really, really weird. i just sat down to surf your blog b/c i wanted to make my daughter shrinky dink hairclips and i thought… “hilary made something like this, i’ll check…” and LO you posted about the pins. so cute and thanks for the info!!!
    love, love, love the pin cushions. i have an extra inkjet printer that i want to try fabric printing with, too!
    thanks for the inspirations!

  20. Shael says:

    thank-you for the link Hilary! Will it work with a photo printer or is that just a silly question?
    Ophelia hasn’t started crawling yet but she is on the verge and I am sorta dreading it…

  21. melorah-viollet says:

    i’m a graphic artist/photographer & designer of many things and i’ve been in such a creativity slump…and your site totally has inspired me! craftwise, i make a variety of things–from pillows to custom taylored clothing/corsetry for super dollfie and serendipity dolls–but i found myself thinking inside ‘a small box’ making the same stuff over and over…but looking at your site has totally inspired me down directions i never thought would be sooo much fun! just had to say thanks and keep it up. your creativity is wonderfully infectious:)

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