no-bonnet sue

I was trying to come up with my own version of the Sunbonnet Sue applique quilt patterns but I just couldn’t work the bonnet in. So instead, here’s my no-bonnet Sue. I dig how she turned out. I’m thinking a few more applique squares and then I need to think of how to work them into a quilt design. Feels good to be getting back to this abandoned color scheme.

47 thoughts on “no-bonnet sue

  1. Heels says:

    Love the Sunbonnet-less Sue!
    I just got my patterns in the mail and I wanted to tell you that you are truly onto something with your packaging, etc. It’s very, very well-done.
    Thumbs up!

  2. monstergirl says:

    I’m a long-time lurker, breaking out to say WOW your “Sue” is fantastic! Can I have your permission to ‘steal’ the idea? I agree with the poster above that she looks geisha-like and I can sense a project brewing: I have a bunch of Asian fabrics, a neice/nephew on the way, and a SIL who would groove on a Japanese Sue baby quilt. Please? I won’t bite your idea without permission.

  3. erin says:

    Oh – she is great! I love the idea of updating traditional images. Great job Hillary!
    PS – got the stitchettes in the mail yesterday … yippee!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful! Truly…I wish I’d thought of her. I very much admire all you do.
    Because I don’t embroider, I didn’t order the Stitchettes, but yesterday I told my mom about them and she smacked me in the head (in that maternal way) and said “Why didn’t you get ME some?”
    So, um, I know they’re sold out; will there be a reprint so I can redeem myself by Christmas?

  5. Jenn says:

    That “No-Bonnet” Sue is WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it. Great update to the old style and something I would definitely use. Would love to have this pattern!

  6. Stephanie Cullison says:

    OMG. I love her striped stockings and her polka dotted hair. Lovely as usual. You always come up with new things to make. I am constantly inspired by you! YOU ROCK! LOL…..sorry….I had to say that :o)

  7. Dawn says:

    You inspire me with everything you do, we are like-(crafty)minded, and I enjoy seeing what you come up with next and you insure me that possibilities are endless!

  8. JanetinPortland says:

    WOW! It took me a few days to comment…I’ve thought about this myself. How do I make a modern sunbonnet sue? Hoodies, baseball caps and beanies are too unisex. The big sailor/summer hats on the embroidered dolls are really just about perfect, but I think the no sunbonnet is better because she is so different. She does look a little Asian to me, but is there something Amelie about her, too? Very sharp, very female, very cute and wonderful color and fabric choices. She’s a keeper! Just wonderful and thank you so very much!

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