73 thoughts on “and puppydog tails

  1. QueenK says:

    I’ve known SO many little boys who wanted a doll that looked like them – this little guy is perfect!! He looks just mischevious enough to be fun, but not enough to start pulling the girl dollies’ braids and making them cry.

  2. Amelia says:

    what a gorgeous little urchin! I just adore him and have a little boy who would love a doll like that. You’re on a winner!

  3. LoriB. says:

    He is soooo cute! It’s so hard to find adorable stuff for boys. Would you consider making him into an embroidery pattern? My little boy is so jealous of his big sister’s girl embroideries I bought from you. And maybe offer a whole line and make them printable patterns so I won’t have to set a timer to make sure I don’t miss out on the sale-I am aiming high-ha-ha!! Thanks for all the great inspiration-you are so creative.

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